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  1. Sonic Radio Station

    Ok it’s up. Enjoy everyone.
  2. Sonic Radio Station

    Well I’ve run it the last 2 days. Seems people like it. The crowds are smaller than usual but always a few there, plus SonicBot will be on.
  3. Sonic Radio Station

    Hey guys, I'm out of town this week so I decided to convert my YT and Twitch channels into a Sonic Radio station for the time being. If this is a popular idea I'll run it much more often off my 2nd laptop, so drop us a like and a sub if you enjoy the channels. I have roughly 1700 different Sonic songs from nearly 50 OSTs so there is plenty of variety. You can find the links in my signature. The plan is to run it starting about noon ET and keep it on until I return at the end of the day, about midnight, and need my laptop. I've been popping in from time to time through out of the day to see who all is there and make sure it's running properly, so I hope I can see many of you there!
  4. If you love Sonic music and would like a Sonic radio station, check out my YouTube and/or Twitch for an experimental Sonic Radio station. With good support I will make this a more regular thing.


  5. It's time for EGGMANLAND!! Sonic Unleashed for the 360 part 4 is on the way! Come join the stream for some awesome fun and Werehog adventures! We will be starting tonight in about 5 minutes!

  6. About to stream Part 3 of Sonic Unleashed for the 360! Come join the stream for some awesome fun and Werehog adventures! We will be starting out in Empire City tonight in about 5 minutes!

  7. About to stream Part 2 of Sonic Unleashed for the 360! Come join the stream for some awesome fun and Werehog adventures!

  8. Modernizing Adventure Era Mechanics

    I think Sonic Adventure got it right in the sense that you played as the same game play style until you chose to switch. I start as Sonic, and go in what ever order I feel like, and once I'm done with a play style, I'm done with it. The most annoying thing to be in SA2 is that you keep switching around, it really doesn't feel like it flows well. Even Sonic 06 was better in that regard. Except for a few random places where you switch for literally a few seconds to another character, you stayed mostly in the game play style you started with. Once Sonic Team introduced us to a couple million different characters, there was really no going back because a lot of people still like certain characters that aren't Sonic. It's going to be impossible going forward to make everyone happy because I personally don't enjoy a game nearly as much where I can only play as Sonic, rather than one where I play as many. Many others will feel the exact opposite. I don't feel like there is good solution either, maybe something like S3&K where you didn't have to play as the others to complete the game, but those that want to have that option, but that's not going to be very easy to do on a 3D game.
  9. About to stream Sonic Unleashed for the XBox 360. Please join one of my channels for an awesome time! 

    Oh yeah! That's right baby! AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


  10. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    Well same for back in the Adventure days, Lani Minella did an amazing job as Rouge, but Omochaoi... OMG...
  11. Going to be streaming Sonic Adventure 2 Last Story on my channels soon! Joni us for an awesome time!!

  12. The Future of The Boost Formula

    I have never been a fan of the boost mechanic. Even playing Sonic Unleashed Day stages, I find that without memorizing the levels, you can't really use it effectively, which defeats the purpose. If they want a boost type environment they can just add in some high speed sections like Sonic 06 did, but do them right and that'll be sufficient. I don't think anyone wants the whole game to literally turn into "boost to win," the common thing that people who don't like Sonic games refer to the franchise as.
  13. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    I also reply verbally to Omochao whenever I accidentally touch him, usually with very unflattering comments. Usually because his advice is totally pointless, or just stating the obvious, in a really really annoying voice. *Touches Omochao on the last level* Omochao: Did you know that if you push A while in the air you can do a Homing Attack? Me: Did you know that if it was allowed I'd homing attack on your head all day long? Ok maybe the advice isn't quite THAT useless, but close enough. Amazing how the best Rouge actress can produce a voice that awful.
  14. How many Sonic games are actually challenging?

    I still remember the first time I beat Sonic 2 for Game Gear 100%, I really felt like I'd accomplished something. Sonic 1 for Master System is also difficult, it's a little different than the GG version, and I find it a lot more difficult. Sonic Spinball goes from the easiest game in history (first 3 levels) to one of the hardest (Showdown) I oddly enough find Sonic Adventure 2 pretty challenging, relative to other games, some of the levels are just really annoying. Unleashed is more annoying than difficult. Even Eggmanland isn't that bad once you get used to it and memorize the better paths, I actually die WAY more on JJ Day. But getting the medals and the final bosses are very tedious. Sonic 06 can be a hard game, but I find it extremely easy, probably cause I've played it so much. Sonic 2 for Genesis would be a lot harder if it wasn't a breeze to skip the hardest levels.
  15. Cream the Rabbit and the Ninja Kingdom

    I think any games that involve more Cream the Rabbit are awesome! I would totally be in favor of this.

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