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    Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Yeah, as someone who grew up with the Genesis games, and where Sonic Mania was the first Sonic game I truly enjoyed since 1994's release of Sonic and Knuckles I prefer the 'classic' approach to storytelling - no text, just very short segments as zone transitions that IMO give you enough to go on in terms of the plot. I was never a big fan of long cut scenes, spoken dialogue, etc in platformer games.
  2. Hopefully another sprite based 2D Sonic game with TRUE classic physics and level design (à la Sonic Mania).
  3. Hopefully another sprite based Sonic game developed by Whitehead and Stealth. Not necessarily a direct follow up to Mania plot-wise, but the same in terms of physics and overall level design - but this time with completely original zones, and zone transitions for all zones. Add a gimmick or two and maybe a character, but continue to let players pick and choose which character or combo of characters to play as. No forcing. Hopefully no voice acting, or if there is voice acting hopefully it can be disabled. EDIT: Oh, looks like the rumors point to it being some racing game. Well there goes my interest. Good to know in advance so I don't need to pay attention to SXSW now.
  4. Well, as a Sonic fan who found Mania to be the first enjoyable Sonic game (for me) since the release of Sonic and Knuckles for the Genesis in 1994 (which I had my parents preorder from SEARS as soon as we got the catalog), I do find Forces' strong performance disappointing. The reason is because Sega executives now will probably have no interest in releasing a follow up to Sonic Mania (and by 'follow up' I mean a new game made by Taxman and/or Stealth that uses sprites as the graphics, TRUE classic physics like Mania, precision platforming like Mania, choice to play as a single character through the entire game, or combo (Sonic and Tails)) This news pretty much dashes my hope that we will ever see another official 2D sprite based Sonic game with proper physics and other paradigms that are truly classic in nature. I hope I am wrong and Sega does release a follow up. But I'm guessing they saw Mania merely as an appetizer to onboard people to Forces, nothing more. And so with Forces' success, they'll focus on only publishing more boost Sonic games in the future. Sega will probably work with Taxman one more time - to port Sonic 3 and Knuckles to the Retro Engine for PC, Android, etc. But that is it. If Sega does announce a follow up to Mania in that style and they have Taxman and/or (preferably and) Stealth develop it, then I will have more longterm faith in Sega. I'll follow SXSW in March, and hopefully we'll get some news then.

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