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  1. Finally home from dentist!


    1. TailsTellsTales


      Was it scary? I never been to a dentist and trying gain courage to try it. You must have been crying. Also do they really rip your mouth open in a uncomfortable matter?

    2. Kellan


      “You must have been crying.”

      Ok, you clearly have some sort of misunderstanding on what going to the dentist is like. Going to the dentist is scary for young children in the same way getting a haircut is: It’s a new situation and that makes them uncomfortable. TV shows like to exaggerate that experience for the sake of comedy, but it really isn’t that bad.

      No, they don’t “rip your mouth open”, they just ask you to say “ahh” for a little while. And unless they end up needing to do fill a cavity or something, seeing a dentist is never anything more than minorly uncomfortable.

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