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  1. 1 hour ago, dbzfan7 said:

    Sonic Boom Tails. Hell I don't know if I can even call him that. Just call him Jimmy Neutron. They are basically the same egocentric assholes who have tons of experiments that backfire and hurt themselves, or others around them. Except it's in character for Neutron to be this big headed dickweed because he literally is super big headed. Character driven comedy should never sacrifice a character that makes them an asshole, unless they are supposed to be assholes. Ugh he's the mix of everything I hate about modern Tails rolled into one.

    Dude, no need to be so harsh.

  2. Recently I was just listening to the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra. I'm wondering what some people's favorite songs are. Mine is Gourmet Race. I don't really know why, it's just catchy. What about you? Main series and spin offs included.


  3. The Sonic franchise has a lot of annoying characters. Big, Chris, and Sticks, as examples. To me, Big is the most annoying. What about you? Games, cartoons, and comics count! Just not the bible, since who reads the bible. The reason I think Big is the most annoying is because both his interactions and voice. If your best friend is a frog, you know you're an idiot. Also, what the hell is up with his voice? It's hard to describe, so I'll just try not to go into it. And why does he have to fish? Swim to get your damn frog! I'm confused more than anything.

  4. I say this because of how Tails reacts to seeing Classic Sonic from Mania. I'm sure you already know, but if you don't, I'll explain what happened. At the end of Mania, Sonic gets sucked into a portal. This leads into Forces. When Tails (modern) is being attacked by Chaos, Classic Sonic pops out of the portal that he gets sucked into in Mania, and defeats Chaos. Then Tails says "You're that Sonic from another dimension!". Forces is after Generations, and in Generations Classic Sonic is from the past, and those games he is from is the 16 bit games. But this is a different Sonic, so this makes it so it is a different Sonic. I know this is probably just a bunch of stupid crap, but take my word, it might be true.



  5. Not much people have mentioned this movie, but if they do they make fun of it. I want to see if anyone likes it. I think it is a very fun movie. The voice acting is a guilty pleasure for me. The animation fits the fast paced, cool Sonic is known for. Most of the ideas are cool, like Metal sharing emotions with Sonic. But the Sara and President is kinda a stupid idea. I like it for the most part, but the beginning is a little boring to me though.  


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