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  1. You forgot he played an "ocarina" for the Mystic Melody. He wants to be like Link but he's already better: Sonic, unlike Link, managed to get the full triforce once, Link rarely does it.
  2. I'm a bit disappointed that Tails seems to not be playable then, but at the same time this new feature seems interesting. It does not save you from being killed by hazards, it only saves you from bottomless pits, making them less annoying. Well, the ideal practice would be to make some lower routes instead of pits, but since the game is a port of an already existing game, this sounds like a decent compromise for a quality of life feature. Especially if lives are removed, being stopped by a bottomless pit makes little sense now... Sonic was originally designed so that you could still continue playing even if you get hit, and this new feature kinda fits that concept. If it influences the rank (meaning that the number of uses has to be 0 if you want to get an S) and it leaves you with no rings after saving you, I think it would be balanced too and it would not remove all the challenge.
  3. Yeah but classic gaming mascot being transformed into a werewolf (and it being the main gimmick of the game) is not something very common, and it happend relatively close in the two franchises.
  4. I don't know if that can be compared but it already happend once that they took inspiration from a Zelda game instead of a Mario one, and it was Sonic Unleashed (Zelda Twilight Princess). The influence was minimal but it was definitely there, mostly because in both games the main character becomes a wolf.
  5. Regarding Shadow the Hedgehog, I noticed one thing... "Cyberspace" Is this consistency, or coincidence? I mean it's a pretty generic name.
  6. A bit off topic but I'm glad that someone finally realized that walljump doesn't fit Sonic and that wallrun is a better option. More specifically, it's about a decade that I'm suggesting that 3D Sonic should get a wallrun move, I even suggested it to the team who was developing Sonic Freerunner (an old BlitzSonic fangame), but they didn't like the idea; a few weeks after, Sonic Lost World was announced and it featured parkour, by the way. Even a few weeks ago I was discussing wallrun in this forum, in a thread about implementing parkour in boost gameplay... I'm glad that this fangame will finally show to the world that wallrunning as 3D Sonic can work. Back to Rangers, I was thinking that having free roaming sandbox stages (or open world in this case apparently) with portals to a virtual dimension that lead to more traditional linear levels made of blocks of land in a void space makes me think of Super Mario Sunshine and those "mystery of" levels. The "cyberspace" theme was used in just a few games in the past... aside of the Sonic Simulator, there were Techno Base and Cyber Track from the Advance games, one arena in Sonic Battle, maybe something else that I'm forgetting of, but not much; it's still a pretty unexplored theme despite all the focus on technology the series always had.
  7. What are the chances that the forest island is only one of the many zones of the game? The leak said that there was a "Ubisoft tower" at the center of the map, so maybe in the final game it can be used to teleport to other towers that are placed in other zones? Though if that was just one zone, why did it have all the emeralds? And why were they required to fight the boss, if that was not the final one? Unless you collect all the emeralds in the first zone like in Zelda Breath of the Wild you collect all the tablet powers on the plateau. I'm curious to see how a city or a technological zone would be done in an open world setting. Regarding the cyberspace, if there is one level for each emerald then they are probably going to be all similar and Tron-like... but they're just 7 "special stages" after all... I would not care as long as the final game will feature other zones aside of the forest, and I really hope so, because if it's real that you can finish the forest in 20 minutes, there's no way that the game ends there.
  8. Hey people, I've definitely deciphered the glyph! here's the solution: *trollface*
  9. The only thing that concerns me about this concept is that in order to draw circles, you need a flat terrain... so I fear that level design will be compromised for allowing Sonic to draw lines and circles and summon spells, making it more similar to a musou/warriors game than a platformer... but since we don't even know how it does play yet, it's too early for assuming stuff. Though, the more I think about the game the more I realize there is a lot of potential in it. For example, it would be possible to let us pilot the Tornado and reach every part of the map by flying... they might even hide some secret levels/challenges above the clouds and make it so that the level design is similar to the one of boost games, but instead of being over a bottomless pit, by falling you would land in the overworld.
  10. I'm happy if Tails ends up being playable for real (and given those screenshots, I believe he will). Assuming he's not just a skin, it's another step forward, multiple (non-clones) playable characters in a boost game, something that seemed impossible so far.
  11. Unless they somehow changed the date of the post to make it believable, yes, it seems to be legit or at least credible enough. I still don't know how to feel about that because they say it's boring, but the idea seems interesting in theory. I'm glad that (if this is true) it's not the same boost gameplay over and over.
  12. "Rangers" also seems to imply that there's more characters than just Sonic... but considering we had "even heroes need help" and "Resistance" in the past and excluding the avatar, it was still Sonic only, I wouldn't get my hopes up for playable friends.
  13. It's not me, but it may be my fault because I brought in the open world thing in the first place. Maybe it's a troll lurker who read the thread.
  14. We don't have enough details to reach a conclusion yet, but I'm starting to think that it might be an open world Sonic game. The new alien technoligy theme that the game seems to feature makes me think of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the Sheikah technology. Maybe it's just an artistic choice, but if they really took Zelda Breath of the Wild as their source of inspiration, open world might be likely. Since the boost games are often criticized for being hallways, and since sega has a track record of addressing criticism with extreme solutions that instead of fixing the problems end up creating new ones, I hope that, if they are really going for an open world structure, they at least put some effort into designing it well and won't make the usual errors. Again, we know nothing and it might be still all hallways and 2.5D, this is just some speculation of mine. Also, maybe not, but I got the impression that the blue trail is not boost but something more similar to Advance 2's Boost Mode or the time travel from Sonic CD (Sonic starts to glow after running for a while, it's not an instant thing), so maybe they're going back to that type of mechanics where the player is rewarded for maintaining the speed.
  15. Sonic: Breath of the Boost

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