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  1. Those new character icons give me memories of the Sega forums.... There was an user who created badges similar to those for people to put in the signature (I can't remember who though).
  2. It's incredible how much a little gameplay thing in a game can change the life of a person. Game design is really interesting. Sonic 1 SMS is one of my favorite Sonic games, it had a couple of issues too but it's overall a great game despite it being 8 bit and not having many of the features the main Sonic games have. Also my first Sonic game as well.
  3. The Master System remix is awesome, wow. It's nice that they revisited some less popular tracks rather than Green Hill and Chemical Plant once again... I hope they continue with this in the future because they sound great, and especially some Sonic games never get the love they deserve and this is a good way to give them some. There are many other songs that I'd like to hear remixed like that (8 bit and Advance games). The Sonic 4 one is cool but it feels a bit repetitive and loop-y... I know it was this way in the original game, but maybe they could have reimagined it to be more consistent and to mesh better with the different acts... but it's still not a big issue.
  4. I knew about that, I discoveret it myself while running through Quartz Quadrant (if I remember). That was the first step to the modern boost, people don't believe me when I say it. I did it in the remake, and I was not sure if it was possible in the original game or not... so this is the confirmation that it has always been possible in all the versions of the game. I miss having a top speed gimmick that rewards you for keeping the flow; as long as the level design is done well, having a boost-like move doesn't make a game "boost to win", Sonic CD is the proof of that.
  5. This exists already. Anyway, Pumpkin Hill is a good choice IMO, I'd especially like to see a classic version of it.
  6. I'm a fan of the Advance games, and 2 is my favorite; Music Plant would be my pick as well. Honorable mentions to Ice Paradise, and Leaf Forest. Sky Canyon is already 2D Windy Valley so better to bring back the original if anything.
  7. Aside of the obvious feeling sad for I was looking at the several preview covers of the next issues on a random website, and I accidentally found this: Yes please...
  8. I'm under the impression (also because of that animated short) that Classic Amy's hammer is meant to be an actual toy, that can't deal damage, unlike her modern counterpart. I know that in Sonic the Fighters she uses it, but that game has many weird things, including that attack of her that generates random objects. So I'm not sure how a Mania Amy would play... each character in Mania has a unique move or ability, so she can't play exactly like Sonic. Maybe super peel-out and a jump trick of some type, or a double jump even? Also, still headcanon of mine, but I think that Amy is able roll but often avoids to because she doesn't want to ruin her dress... even in Sonic Advance 1 (the game where she can't normally roll) she can roll if a level gimmick forces her to. I would like to keep this trait of her represented in her gameplay, that's why I prefer if she has the super peel-out instead of the spindash. On the other hand, I think that her Advance 1 hop does not fit her, and would be more suited for a certain bunny character if anything (I have my moveset idea for her as well). I'm not sure if there are differences between the Dreamcast version and the Gamecube/PC port, but it seems that Amy has her hammer in Sonic Adventure 2 as well, it's just hard to see because of the light orb that covers it (it appears when she rolls and jumps). though the design of the hammer is not the modern one yet, it's still a toy-hammer design. In the meanwhile, while testing Amy's animations, moves and stuff, I spent some time to defeat the first boss of Sonic Advance 2 (in time attack mode) without using the hammer, that means, only by tripping into the boss (because both the rolling and jumping animations include shades of yellow in the sprite, that means that the hammer is used in them). In order to do this, first you have to collect 50 rings or more (up to 140 I think), then you need to reach boost mode and trip on the boss with the correct timing. If you are too fast, you'll enter in the boss' sprite and when the trip animation will end you'll get damage, losing all the rings; you have to balance the speed in order to hit the boss exactly at the edge of its sprite and then end the attack animation outside from it, taking care of the boss' hammer and the slopes as well. A perfect run is pretty much the only way to do it, and it's very challenging. (I didn't try with the other characters but I think you can do it with everyone, but with Amy it's funnier because she trips by face on it). I did this because I was just curious to see if you can defeat a boss by using the boost mode attack only anyway (and yes, it's hard but possible, but probably only with the first boss of the game).
  9. Little Planet and Angel Island don't really need any explanation. Angel Island is just another island, and until near the end of the game, it's doesn't even float in the sky (plus when it does, it's pretty clear why it does). Little Planet is a small planet, and the name says it already. Lost Hex instead raises many unanswered questions. Is it a planet? Is it a sort of after life place (heaven/hell)? Are the zeti demons or aliens? Why do they never attack the earth/mobius? Why are wisps on Lost Hex? Why is it "lost"? Does it appear only one time each 100 years or what? The story of the game feels so random because it happens in a not well defined context, and everything is so generic (like sucking out energy from the planet). There's nothing really wrong in it, aside of most characters having flat personalities and Tails being out of character (Sonic depressed for not being able to save Tails is out of character too IMO). It's not wrong, but weak, generic and weak, nothing really stands out, and the narrative is unsatisfying because it leaves too many questions unanswered. Sonic and Eggman forced to work together was the only interesting part, but it was performed way better in Sonic Adventure 2. Actually, I addressed the criticisms in that post you quoted before. They said it doesn't have emotional payoffs or tangible consequences, which is not true, because the game is based on Sonic 1's environmental message of the natural paradise being destroyed by technology, which alone is already a tangible consequence, and the wisps being trapped, enslaved and corrupted is another. There are a couple of scenes with focus on emotions as well, and the friendship of Tails and Yacker grows through the game along with the translator being perfected, so there is a sort of character growth and development of a friendship. The game's story is not as bland as haters say... it's filled with those bad jokes; the core of the story is simple but good, it's the jokes that ruin it.
  10. To be fair nobody hates Sonic 1's story either. Not every Sonic game must have an Adventure-like story. The story itself is simple but solid, the problem is the scripting. Nobody is saying it's well written, but at least it makes sense, unlike Generations or Forces'. The only hole in Colors' story is that beam that went on the moon, that was obviously something they were planning for an eventual sequel and never got revisited. I mean, you can retell Sonic Colors' story without the jokes, and it would be a decent story. You can't retell the story of the other pontaff games without them still being flawed, unless you rewrite the plotholes and the out of character stuff. The closest thing to being decent is Lost World, but it's still missing a lot of bassic stuff such as, what the heck is a Lost Hex and why does Tails know about it. Unless you write extra parts of the story from scratch to explain the missing part of the plot, the story will still be flawed.
  11. The point is that if you remove all the bad jokes and poor writing, the plot of Sonic Colors is not much different than the plot of Sonic 1, which I think is allright. Replace little animals with wisps, and those planets with South island. Sonic becomes more serious in the cutscene when he and Tails discover the Nega Wisps factory, and when they fear Yacker fell into that factory as well. There's a bit of emotional moment too when Sonic puts Tails into the elevator against his will to keep him safe. It's not much, but it's still impactful enough, and lets you understand how much Sonic takes care of Tails like a brother and doesn't want him to get hurt. Generations instead is just about a chili dog and... Sonic friends repeating "homing shot" obsessively. Time Eater is just the mandatory final boss but there's little to no story around it, it just exists and the only major event in the story is the plot twist that it's not a monster but an Eggman robot; that's it. I somewhat feel like Lost World and Forces' stories are also weaker than Colors', despite their attempts at being more complex, because I think that Colors' problem is not the story itself but the scripting and the amount of unnecessary filler cutscenes. Lost World has Tails completely out of character, a lot of main plot elements unexplained and left open, and Amy and Knuckles completely useless, so much that they are annoying and feel shoehorned; Forces' story is very childish, it faces thematics such as "I'm stronger than you" and "Friends are good" and the story is full of holes. Between Forces and Lost World, I think that Lost World is definitely the game with the better story, but I still prefer Colors despite the bad humor.
  12. I disagree with this. Not only it was very useful in Aadvance 1 (but this really depends on level design), it was also very fun to perform, and in a videogame, something that's fun is never useless. That's the move that I'd never remove from her gameplay, because it's the most enjoyable of all her moveset (both in 2D and 3D). Along with the ability to jump higher by hammering a spring.
  13. I got inspired and I decided to draw this. This is how I would simplify Amy's gameplay to single button. I included rolling and curled jump, she plays like Sonic with her own twist; I kept the hammer because without it she would become a Sonic clone. She has Super Peel-Out instead of the spindash (you will run uncurled after releasing). Holding the jump button on landing, the same input for Sonic's Drop Dash, has the opposite effect on her: she stomps the hammer on ground canceling any horizontal momentum but causing a shockwave that damages everything in a range. Since it will stop you in place, you can easily chain it with a Super Peel-Out. Hitting an enemy with the hammer will cause the enemy to be destroyed without bouncing on it. Down + Jump while rolling will trigger the same high jump that was in both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance. Maybe you'll jump higher the faster you are. EDIT: I forgot an arrow, you can switch from rolling to spin jump by pressing A (not Down + A, A alone).
  14. I'm not a fan of Generations and Mania, for similar reasons. The two games have gameplay brought back from previous games with little to no innovation, and their story is too silly/random to create any player involvement (for me personally at least). Colors on the other hand had some innovative gameplay and very good presentation, little nostalgia pandering and a return to the "classic" style of badniks and a classic vibe (artistically speaking) while still keeping a modern style. The game itself had many issues and the gameplay was very limited, but I enjoyed Colors more for waht it brought to the table rather than living on something that was already succesful in the past. Also, I don't think Mania's physics/gameplay are perfect... it plays well but for some reasons I think it doesn't have enough flow and I find most of its level design boring-annoying. It's just Green Hill and the act1 of Studiopolis that I have fun with... Chemical Plant too kinda, minus the Puyo boss. I'm sure Mania is overrated and I'm sure it's possible to do a better game in every aspect. I would take the Advance and Rush games over Generations and Mania at any time. To leave a thought on the topic, I think it's less that they are bad games and more that people use Mania as an excuse to trash other Sonic games just for the sake of trashing. I have been annoyed of this since when Mania was announced and people started with this behavior.
  15. I'm pretty sure a thread like this existed already, I remember some ideas written in it, and I wrote something myself too. If anything, the two threads can be merged. Anyway, I don't want to be annoying but when a new thread is opened, it's better to put some content in it rather than just "talk about this."; you could have added your own game idea in the first post for example. Anyawy, my idea (written in the other thread) was: let's think of a game structured similar to the classics (1 hour and half playthrough to finish it, several zones, little cutscenes and mostly in-game events), but that's just one chapter of the full game. The game is made of many chapters, like 4 or 5, and after you get to the end of a chapter, you unlock the next one; each chapter is treated like a stand alone game, with its secrets and 100% completion, not required to get to the next chapter, but required to unlock all the special endgame stuff. Chapters are different stories, but all connected to a main story that's resolved in the final chapter. The several sub-games have the same overall platforming gameplay, but each one has its own twists: different sets of playable characters, different gameplay gimmicks, unique setting. The idea comes from how Kirby Superstar was structured. I think that the formula would work great, if not better, for a Sonic game, given how the more traditional Sonic games are very short, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles is longer because it's made of two games/chapters already.
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