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  1. I've never watched the series aside of maybe one episode and half, so I can't say much about it, but from all what I know about the series, my favorite part is Sticks' design. I don't know how she is as a character, but I like her design, it's pretty unique... offcourse not completely unique, she resembles Marine a bit, but still unique enough, and fits with the main series (not boom) designs of the characters. Another thing that I like of this series is the design of the random animal people, I wish they used that type of design for NPCs in the main series too (also for the humans, just base their body proportions on them but give them human traits).
  2. I know about that, but what I'm talking about is different. You see the trap from below the wall, the far left lane is safe; when you slide under the wall, the safe lane was moved to the far right and the far left lane is now a hitbox: it flipped the trap when the wall was covering the trap and you couldn't see; this has nothing to do with skills, this is just the game cheating. It happend to me a couple of times, and if I remember well it was always in one of the Green Hill tracks (can't remember what precisely). A similar thing that occasionally happens (rare), is that you place a trap that usually spawns on all the lanes except yours, and it instead spawns mirrored (the safe lane is at the opposite side as it should be, and your lane has the trap) or even covers all the lanes completely (and when it happens on a loop you can't jump over it). It happend a few times with Spring Cream too, that I placed an hedge maze, and it was made of all grown up plants and they covered all the lanes (so, completely impossible to dodge), also it damaged only me and not the other players. You can be a good player as much as you want, but when the game does this to you, there's nothing you can do.
  3. After I lose 300 trophies and I'm kicked out of the chart, I still get cheated races for a few days... no matter how low I fall, I still get them until the "curse" is gone, and as I said, it usually lasts a few days. I don't think cheaters exist at all. The game manages most of the stuff server-side, and it would be incredibly hard if not impossible to cheat. Also it's not just "cheaters", sometimes it's the game itself that plays against you... bad camera angles, unresponsive controls*, lost connection**, and other stuff. I've even seen some fishy tricks such as, there is a line of tornado traps under one of those walls you are supposed to slide under; you see the lane without the tornado, you slide under it, when the wall covers your camera and you can't see, the game flips the trap and the safe lane is now at the opposite side, so you get damaged. Also, those cheated traps only affect you, the other players don't get damaged by the spammed traps. They're not real cheaters, it's just a punishment to you. And not all the "cheaters" have high rankings... often they have low rankings so when you arrive 4th, you lose 30+ trophies at once. Usually they are lower level than you too. And the pattern at which this happens is schematic, it's the same all the times... it really seems like a script is activated and then you are doomed.
  4. I'm very sorry for that 🙁 The game will make you win a bunch of races and satisfy you until you get addicted, then it will treat you like trash and frustrate you like there's no tomorrow. I suggest to leave until it's too late, but it's your own choice really. First row: 1 - the game applied a different camera angle to make the race more confusing and obstruct my view in loops 2 and 3 - 2 races with a "cheater" who spammed tornado traps and controls became unresponsive so even with skills they were impossible to dodge 4 - same as 2 and 3 but 2 "cheaters", a Longclaw and an Amy... the whole race I was haunted by thunders and Longclaw's traps Second row: It's all from the same race, one of the most ridicolous races I've ever done in this game: the character was impossible to control (it only ignored and misread input) and the road was full of Big traps the whole race. I said "cheaters" but they're not... the game punishes you when you get too many trophies, and when it wants you to lose it will put you into those matches. It's not about cheaters, it's a "balancing" feature of the game... you are stuck at the amount of trophies the game wants you to have, there's no skills involved. The game becomes more and more strict in forcing the outcome of a race on you with each new season/update because they collect data and adapt the game to block the new exploits the players will find to overcome the cheapness of this game, so far that it became nearly unplayable recently. It would be if it was fair, it's not. Also I'm almost certain that you don't face live players, it's all a lie. Opponent will slow down to come near you and hit you, and they have several other unrealistic behaviors that an human player can't do. When necessary, every opponent can spam attacks infinitely, even outside of those "cheated" races from those screenshots. It's really a suicidal ability. I occasionally use her, but often the game uses my Hedge Maze against myself by misreading my input and forcing me to hit myself. I like the gameplay concept of this game, that's the reason why I'm still playing it, but Hardlight is trash. I wish there was a fanmade clone without the unfairness, even against bots only (not that you face real players in the original anyway).
  5. The Deadly 6 are more fitting with Yooka Laylee's art style than Sonic's. They actually share an extremely similar art style, especially the way how they're colored.
  6. I like this idea, though I have a different vision on the whole "dark form" thing. IMO positive and negative chaos energy both give more power to the user, though their effect is different. While positive energy allows characters to go super, negative energy transforms them into monsters, bigger and more twisted as much energy is used; they may lose the ability to control themselves and become mindless beasts too. I think that Light Gaia and Dark Gaia are a nice example of this applied to existing characters: You need chaos energy to activate the Gaia temples, and I'm pretty sure that Eggman used chaos energy to awake Dark Gaia and transform Sonic into a Werehog. Light Gaia doesn't really grow up to Dark Gaia's dimensions, he stays the same size, but uses the Gaia Temples to make a big golem-like body. Also, Sonic becomes a werehog... I think that it's one first step of a "Dark Sonic" transformation. Another character who used dark chaos energy is Chaos. He became bigger and more monstrous each time he absorbed the energy of an emerald, until he became a big kaiju. But look at his Chaos 1 and 2 forms. Bigger arms... then Chaos 2 grows even more in the same way, and his body becomes more curved. This reminds me of what happend to Sonic in his Werehog form, and because of this I think it's the same type of transformation, and it happens due to dark chaos energy (Gaia's energy is probably similar to or even the same as chaos energy): (his body doesn't become curved but he uses both arms and legs to run, the center of mass is still moved forward and it's possible that if he continued the transformation futher he would have become a full time four-legged monster). Now imagine how a Perfect (Dark) Sonic would look if he went the same "evolution" route as Chaos... I'm not sure I would like to see it.
  7. The wrecking ball thing used as a regular gimmick in Green Hill looks very interesting... now that moving/crumbling platforms and loops became generic standard elements of Sonic's level design, having a zone-specific gimmick for Green Hill makes it feel more complete somehow... Though they removed it because apparently didn't work well? Or maybe it was not intuitive enough as an hazard for being in the first level? Anyway it explains why some parts of the level are shaped the way they are, because there was supposed to be a ball there.
  8. In my headcanon the Lost Hex is a different dimension that's not directly part of Sonic's world, though it's somehow connected to it through the Chaos Emeralds... maybe it's even "created" by them. I think that the chaos emeralds can create warp portals that lead to the lost hex and hide themsleves inside it as a form of protection. In other words, I think that the Lost Hex is where the special stages are set in. (Hidden World to be more precise, and places like "Dessert" Ruins). It's possible that those places are also affected by illusions too, and maybe that's where Eggman started with the development of the Phantom Ruby.
  9. Sonic Lost World 3DS. There are some levels which I dilsike, but others are fun to play. I don't play it since a few years now, but I remember playing it online against some insane players and having a lot of fun. There were a lot of shortcuts that required a lot of skills. Not a big fan of it, but I also enjoyed Sonic 4 episode 1 a bit. It's nice to play it mindless without much effort, only to kill some time. Physics and level design are bad, but abusing of the floatiness of the physics by jumping in the middle of a quarter slope while going fast, or doing the air dash trick that lets you kill chains of badniks without the homing attack, can be satisfactory and fun. Episode 2 has those sections that force you to use the tag team move with tails and I like it less because of that, it breaks the flow.
  10. Replying to the thread's title, I think that yes, Sonic actyally has too many characters, but I don't want them to be removed... instead they should stop adding new ones and use more the ones they already have. Not only they should use them more, but also they should use them in a better way, with more effort and creativity. I said they should stop adding new characters, but one time characters are exceptions... stuff that appears only in one game is fine if it's needed in order to tell a new story (Yacker, Chip, the Avatar and some others); but characters meant to appear only in one game should never return outside of nerdy cameos and minor references (or maybe in spin-offs with big rosters like olympic games and other not-canon stuff). Also it would be better if the one off characters aren't playable, because when a character is playable and plays good, people will ask for that character to come back in another game. Their role should be connected only to the plot of that specific game where they appear in, and they should have little effect on the general canon outside of that, so that if the character is missing in the next game it feels perfectly normal.
  11. I don't think Eggman needs many funds for his plans... he has an army of robots that can build wathever in a matter of minutes, and I'm sure that he can extract the resources he needs (even from other planets/worlds) and get what he wants in that way without need of money (though he builds casino so maybe he needs some funds after all, or maybe it's just part of his obsession of wanting to build Eggmanland). Also I think that the world's governments don't try to capture him because he's too powerful and no military organization can compete with his technology (GUN is the closest one but even that was unable to stop him), so they just avoid him and only in case he attacks, they try to defend themselves as much as they can.
  12. I generally like all the characters, but there are some that I like less than others. Here a list of my least favorites (I'm only counting the most recurring ones, because stuff like Princess Elise or Hatsun the Pidgeon will probably never return so it's pointless to talk about them; also game characters only): Amy: I'm not a fan of all the characters who are based on someone else instead of being fully original and then get the main-character treatment; I also don't like when fictional stories have female characters who are meant to be equivalent of the (male) main character but female. From Minnie Mouse to Ms Pac-Man, to wathever you can think of. It's an incredibly boring stereotype and I'm not interested in that. Amy is a bit more than just "female Sonic", she recieved some more development through the years and several games (and her modern design along with the hammer helped to differentiate her a bit more), but I still see her as a female counterpart to Sonic who exists just to be "the female" of the group. She has changed personality several times through the franchise's history, and the one she currently has is IMO pretty bland, though she gets shoehorned a lot in main roles. I don't hate her, but I would prefer if she was used less and became more side character than, I mean, the unofficial leader of the resistance. Gameplay-wise, I like her, I liked her in Advance 1 and partially in Sonic Adventure too (but there she was slower and the puzzle based levels didn't help). Shadow: Sonic but dark and edgy; I liked him in SA2 because he was supposed to be a one time thing (you know, like Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine). When they revived him (nullifying the epicness of his sacrirfice at the end of SA2) and rewritten his backstory introducing alien and even more government stuff, they IMO completely ruined the character and the purpose he was created for. Now he's meet a similar fate as Amy: he's shoehorned in most Sonic media because he looks cool, but his personality became bland and he's just there for the sake of it. He really jumped from one of my favorite characters to one of my least favorites. Gameplay-wise, he has some potential to be kinda unique, but he's always just a Sonic clone... I know he's supposed to be "Dark Sonic", but he has chaos powers and those hover shoes that can be used for creative gameplay ideas... they just don't do it. Metal Sonic: I never liked this model of "Mecha Sonic" much, I always prefered the one from Sonic & Knuckles as it looked more like a deadly machine. Anyway, Mecha Sonic, Silver Sonic, Mecha Knuckles and so on, I prefered when Eggman created one different "Sonic" model in each new game, it was interesting to see what Eggman came out with each time. Now that they are sticking with Metal Sonic, it's just boring. Also he's another of those characters, "Sonic but evil robot", I already talked about that. You know what, call me crazy but I'd much prefer if Metal Sonic's role was completely replaced by Orbot & Cubot. Yes, Orbot & Cubot... they have simple and geometrical shapes, they can assemble to bigger mechanical bodies and become minibosses and bosses just like Eggman with the Egg-Mobile. Use them and be creative, SEGA. The Deadly Six: I find the Deadly Six uninspired and quite boring (and stylistically unfitting/clashy with the design of the other Sonic characters). I don't know what else to say... I just prefer other villains and other characters in general Vanilla & Chocola: This is probably the first time I mention this online, I never complain about this because they rarely get a role nowadays. I don't dislike them, though, while it makes sense for them to show up occasionally (at least Vanilla, when Cream is involved), I still think that's totally unnecessary to have them around. Vanilla is Cream's mother, ok... it's a nice little trivia to know, but her story was in Sonic Advance 2, it ended in that game, Sonic saved her, now there's absolutely no reason to have her around, because she has no fighting skills and usually having her around means damsel in distress cliche. Chocola is even more unnecessary because it's just Cheese 2.0. Having Vanilla around in games every time Cream is involved is like having the GUN president around every time Shadow appears because he works for him. Maybe if a game has hub worlds with NPCs it would be ok to have her at her home if it's part of the game's world, but that's it, I prefer her and chocola not to be involved in the main plot of a game (unlike Sonic Heroes); if anything give Gemerl more screen time instead. But in some cases I properly dislike some. Examples: Eggman Nega: No need to have an Eggman recolor, especially when he occasionally comes with a Metal Sonic recolor too. Totally pointless character that IMO should not exist. The Blaze's dimension equivalent could have been Captain Whisker alone without having to say he's been built by an Eggman recolor. Say he's been built by a pirate scientist hundreds years ago and if they have to show the scientist's design by flashback, make him look nothing like Eggman. Classic Sonic as a stand alone character: just no, there's one Sonic.
  13. That's great, really! The only problem I see is that backwards + X while stationary may limit your movements if you just want to walk around and not crouch. They can put a small input lag to movements when you start them by tilting the analog down, but it may be annoying when you have to react to something fast, like a trap or a bullet. Definitely interesting and very intuitive though, and releasing "backwards" to release the spindash would bring back that pinball-like feel, you know, this thing, the ball launcher:
  14. Japanese Kirby fans know that feel:
  15. I have to disagree on Forces Speed Battle. The game is nice on paper, but it can get extremely frustrating to play. Well, I suppose it's fun to play casually, but if you want to go more hardcore with it, it will make you rage insanely. It's incredibly unfair and races are manipulated... they say there are cheaters (some users also occasionally change their nickname referencing cheaters), but I don't believe in it, because I play this game since almost the beginning and I know that it has always been like this. Actually, I'm more and more convinced that this game does not have real time multiplayer, and you run against bots based on the user's statistics similar to the toad rally in Mario Run where you race ghosts and not actual players. -You play too much? You get punished and your next races you will be destroyed unfairly (the "curse" can even last for one or more days). -You don't play enough? You will be declassed and will lose until the game thinks the amount of trophies you have matches what they want you to have. Skills play a minimal factor in this game, actually, and even character stats are meaningless at times; it's all decided by the algorithm. Also, the game messes with your psichology as well, it uses several lame exploits to trick you into doing stuff that will damage your stats or resources... for example, it will often reward you with trophies or cards that will bring the total amount to something that ends with 9; like, you need 300 cards to unlock a special character? It will bring you to 299, so you will buy another mission to get that one missing card; and so on... or it will reward you with a 24 hours chest, then after you open it, it will get you stuck with an "open 12 chests" mission and you can't finish it unless you do several unnecessary races (that will trigger the "You play too much" punishment) or actually wait 24 hours. It gets really ridicolous when it wants you to lose at any cost... it will disconnect you from races so you lose by default, will make your opponents run twice as fast as you (without boost), will teleport any attack into you, keep an opponent stuck in front of you so it will steal all the rings and items on your way and leave you with nothing, it will give infinite weapons to one or more of your opponents (the attacks will only affect you obviously, they will pass through without getting damage), and so on... the most ridicolous of all is when the game makes you play from an almost isometric top view, or a camera stuck near your character's butt that will make you unable to see what's coming (or bad camera in loops, that too). I arrived last, Storm had infinite thunder clouds and near the end, since I managed to still keep my 2nd position despite the game's camera cheat, it filled the whole track with them until I was actually last. It's not an isolated case, it's rare but sometimes happens and definitely it's not a glitch nor a cheater. I wish a fair version of this game existed, even fan-made, because I like the gameplay concept but the unfairness makes it unplayable.
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