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  1. I think that Generations is partially not canon... I mean, the base story, the birthday party, Time Eater and all, that's ok, but most of the specific events in the game are just meta and not really important lore-wise. Sonic goes through completely different zones depending on the version of the game (HD or 3DS), and it's really the same game, it tells the same story. I wouldn't worry much about the details.
  2. I think that the Babylon Rogues and Team Classic (Classic Sonic, Ray and Mighty) are the most obvious choices. As for the other (excluded) characters, I think they shoud release them separately and give the ability to switch between the original members and the new members somehow. For Cream, if they find a third member, Gemerl could be the Speed or Power type of her team, if they want to give her a new one (I said this in multiple threads, I just think a comeback of the gizoid would be awesome). Stage-wise, I think a new location (with 3 tracks) would be nice. Not necessarily coming from an existing game, even an original one. If it has to be from a game, I'd like to see something unexpected, something maybe from lesser known games. From personal bias, I'd hope for Jungle Zone (from the Master System version of Sonic 1) or Music Plant (from Sonic Advance 2)... I would like to see a 3D redesign of Music Plant and especially it would be nice if the zone became Vector's natural habitat, considering he seems to be the music guy. Sadly this is most likely not going to happen. I think that DLC is possible regardless of the claims of the developers. If the game sells well and it's well recived (which I think it's the case, right?) they will most likely support it with new content, free or paaid. It happend with Sonic Mania already.
  3. My favorites are Music Plant and Sweet Mountain. I think the two zones are concceptually very similar, the only difference being the theme (music and sweets) and the main color (pink and orange). Gameplay-wise, I also like Music Plant a lot: it feels like a casino level but with more flow. Anyway, I like Sonic Advance 2's gameplay in general so that's a reason too. On a side note, I don't like Toy Kingdom, because it feels like a watered down version of Music Plant with very repetitive level design (filled with crushing blocks). Music plant IMO also has better... music, indeed.
  4. I watched some gameplay on youtube and I like the track design of some of the new tracks; Market Street is probably my favorite. I like how messing up tricks can punish you, so you have to think and not spam. Though I dislike how each time you are hit/get damage, you stop completely and lose all the rings. I haven't played it yet but that looks frustrating. Overall it seems a decent game and it's apparently cheap too. (but I haven't played it, I only watched it). I hope it will get some DLC support, despite they said that they won't. I especially wish they put in the missing recurring characters plus maybe some unexpected one (but it will most likely not happen sadly), but a couple of additional tracks would be cool too.
  5. Opinion: If they want to continue with this team gimmick, they should definitely find a way to include everyone from the recurring cast. - I think that Team Rose should get a new third member who's not a chao/omochao. I think they should group her with some character that actually makes sense, it shouldn't be a meme team. If none of the existing characters fit the role (not even Cream, I think she works better as her own thing than paired with Amy), just introduce someone new, or even put the default avatar from Forces into her team, with a wispon that makes him fly to compensate the lack of a fly type (or use a female avatar if Team Rose needs to be more "girly"). - Technique/Fly type missing. - I think they should definitely find a third member for a Blaze-Silver team. Vector makes no sense, he is already the most iconic character of Team Chaotix, and Team Chaotix better to stay as it has always been. - Power type missing - I think they should bring Gmerl/Gemerl back and find a third member for a team of Cream-Gmerl. I'm not reading the IDW comics, but I looked at that artwork where they fight side to side and I think it it's cool and it can work in mainline games too... (it would also make sense considering the Gizoid's role in Sonic Battle/Advance 3). I think that the badass look of Gmerl balances the cutesy of Cream very well, and the other way as well. As always, I have no idea of who could be a third member for this team, but it's possible that none of the existing characters fit, so maybe introduce someone new here too. - Power type missing, or speed depending on if they consider Gmerl a power or a speed type. If the last two teams can't work, just make Silver a power type (he can lift cars and trucks!) and put Cream in Blaze-Silver's team instead (there is at least some relation between Cream and Blaze due to Sonic Rush's story), but it would be a missed opportunity to not bring Gmerl back, at least IMO. ------------------------------------------------------------- On a side note, do you remember when Sega made a poll on Twitter asking for our favorite feature in Sonic games? There were some random features such as time attack, but the bigger competition was between Chao Garden and the Avatar (with the Chao Garden winning by far). I'm convinced that they made that poll to decide what character to put in Team Rose in TSR, Chao Garden won the poll so they put the chao in a car, but I think they cosidered the Avatar too. I think the avatar would fit very well in Team Rose because Amy played a big role in the resistence and the Avatar got all the spotlight in the game, so there is a connection somehow. I don't really know what to think of Big the Cat honestly (Without Cream the Totoro reference is gone, and he looks out of place IMO), but if you remove him from Team Rose, where would you put him then? Maybe in team with a modern version of Mighty and Ray? (but Mighty is already a power type and Big is definitely not fast).
  6. This fast? I mean, it's Sonic but.... Jokes aside, I talked about this (the next game being influenced by Mania's success) literally 3 posts above yours, and then the news comes out. Let's see if they will develop a decent game for real this time.
  7. I like Sonic for the unique fast paced/physics based platforming gameplay. I also like the characters a lot, I like all of their unique designs and their gameplay (especially when you play the same level with different characters and you can take advantage of their unique skills to take different routes or shortcuts). I don't like when a character is scrapped or neglected, because they are one of the main reasons for why I like the franchise and I easily grow fond of them as soon as they are introduced in the series (with some exceptions, but well, I'm even starting to like the Deadly 6 who I initially hated). I also like the musics and the art style... it depends from game to game, but I usually like it in most of the games, I even enjoyed Sonic Rush's weird music style. But that's not all.... The thing that I like the most about Sonic is the sense of adventure, the sense of travellig... very few games addressed this correctly. I think that the best example of this is Sonic 3 and Knuckles. All the levels are connected with transitions, and during the level you see the background change, you see details from the background come closer to the camera, as if you are getting closer to them... it really feels like you are actually exploring Angel Island and it's very rewarding. It's hard to explain with words, but just having level transitions is not enough to recreate the same feel, everything must be done right from an artistic point of view.
  8. I'm optimistic and I'll say the next game will be better. I'm not sure it will be good, but better than forces, I'm pretty sure about that. After Sonic 06 we got Unleashed that, regardless of the mixed opinions about the werehog and stuff, it was still a huge improvement over the previous game; and that change of direction was because of the complaints after Sonic 06. Now they have failed hard again, and they will most likely change direction once again. The next 3D project will be influenced by Sonic Mania in some way... probably they will pay homage to the Adventure series similar to how Mania pays homage to the classics... maybe not that much, I mean, probably the game won't be filled with remixes of old zones from Sonic Adventure since old zones have been part of the complaints too (Green Hill, Chemical Plant). This said it may still be bad or mediocre, just better than Forces at least, and that would be a first step already. The point is, the Boost gameplay always had huge limitations, and without introducing gimmicks such as the wisps and the avatar, there's not much you can do with it without being repetitive. After the WOW effect is gone, the Boost formula is just a nice rollercoaster with little interaction. They tried something different with Lost World, but it wasn't well recived, so they switched back to boost; now they'll try something even more different, with Mania as source of inspiration (since it has been a success), instead of Mario Galaxy. I think there is a chance that they will finally do something decent for once (and I don't even like Mania that much, it's just that I see more potential in bringing concepts from Classic Sonic to 3D Sonic than in copying Mario).
  9. From the trailer it's pretty clear that Eggman is going to clone Sonic by analyzing those blue fur/quills he leaves around. It's gonna be Shadow or Metal Sonic, but since he seems to be "cloning" him it's most likely Shadow. But seriously, I'm fine with the design being changed, I disliked it as well, but now I'm concerned about how the real final design will look like... there won't be another chance.
  10. OMG I don't know what to say about this... It's so random... Sonic's design looks horrible as always, but I like Eggman/Robotnik's mecha design, such as that car thing with another car thing inside... I'm glad they didn't use the Transformers (movies) style of mecha because I hate that. It probably won't be an excellent movie but I think it can be at least fun if you completely forget that it was supposed to be Sonic while you watch it. I expected a Dragonball Evolution tier of trash, but from the trailer it seems this will be at least a bit better. At least now Mario and Sonic both have a weird live action movie so they can compete again 🤣. Though, the movie would have been a bit better if Sonic's design wasn't that awful (and that joke about the child in the bag is not funny, it's disturbing actually. I mean, they think he kidnapped a kid and put it into a bag, and we should laugh about that?).
  11. I'm glad Kirby has finally been added to Speed Battle! And I even spent 10/15 minutes of my life to make it... Around february I returned to play this game, because I wanted to unlock Lunar Blaze (they recovered my save because I still had my player ID so I got all my progresses back!). Despite how much I dislike the unfairness of this game, I like those special characters, so I decided to unlock them even if I don't care of the game anymore (unlocking them is pretty easy anyway, even if you missed some of them you just have to wait for the special event a couple of times and eventually you'll get enough cards to unlock everyone, as long as you have some red star rings to spend into it; all you have to do is play a bit every day and be patient). I'm glad Cream is finally getting some attentions; it appears that there will be 2 events for special Cream, the next one will start the week after the end of this one and there will be some eggs to find additionally to the regular "missions". About the outfit, I was kinda hoping for something more creative, they basically just edited her default dress and gave her a hat (compared to the other special characters who all got completely original stuff)... but she still looks nice and anyway better this than nothing (I think they improved the render compared to the default one, I think there is something off in the regular Cream render, especially with the face). The fact that the outfit is so similar to her default one makes me think of a "super form" more than a costume XD I bet the next special character will be this summer and it will be the last one, then they will loop back with Halloween... in the meanwhile, they'll probably add 2 more super rare characters since it seems each rarity level is going to get 8 characters and super rares are still missing 2 slots (I may be wrong though). If we're getting 2 more super rares, I hope for Infinite and Gmerl, while for the summer special character I hope it's Surfer Jet.
  12. I won't lie, the Market Street track looks awesome! I think you can actually run on the rooftops if you fall on them after a jump, and probably you can bounce on those awnings too. Though I'm not excited for the other two, but I admit Ice Mountain has a couple of interesting moments. If most of the tracks are like Market Street, then it's a win for me (but I'm still a bit disappointed for the roster).
  13. That's cool then... as an item it's actually original enough too.
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