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  1. -Sonic 1 8 bit I grew up with this game and I love it. I think it's a good platformer all things considered. It has some flaws and the collisions aren't perfect, but it's still a wonderful experience to play. It's short and has tons of replay value. -Sonic 3 alone The best main Classic Sonic game in my opinion, not much else to say. I don't like the Blue Sphere special stages too much though. -Sonic 3 & Knuckles Technically an expanded version of Sonic 3, though I prefer Sonic 3 alone for a couple of reasons: the confusion between chaos/super emeralds and the doubled amount of Blue Sphere stages required to complete the game; the lenght... it's too long for a Sonic game, it's stressful to complete in one go (usually I complete a Sonic game in about 1 hour and half, this requires more). -Tails' Sky Patrol Not a traditional Sonic game, though I love this fun little game. There are some unfair parts, but once you learn the levels and do a couple of runs, it becomes addicting. It's shorter than a regular Sonic game (4 zones only), and this increases its replay value. -Sonic 1 Not a favorite of mine at first, but after playing it several times, I started to appreciate it for its simplicity. A nice Sonic game, fun to play occasionally. -Sonic & Knuckles I don't know why, even if the gameplay is the same as Sonic 3, I still prefer Sonic 3 by far. It's because of the locations and the level design, and some other things. -Sonic 2 8 bit I consider it to be worse than Sonic 1 8 bit, but still enjoyable. The reason why I placed it here is because I enjoy to play it for the challenge, in fact it's probably the hardest classic Sonic game. -Sonic Mania Not a big fan of this game... the gameplay is fine but as a "modern" game (I mean, it came out recently without the hardware limitations the original classics had), I expected much more. Even trying to enjoy it as it is, without expectations, I still have some problems with most of the bosses, that I consider annoying and often unfair. The level design also becomes boring pretty fast (with a couple of exceptions, such as Green Hill and the first act of Studiopolis), and the whole setting of the game (teleports, illusions) is way too random for my tastes. -Sonic CD The level design... it's just... a mess. I played this game and I even got the good ending, both by destroying the Metal Sonic holograms and by collecting all the time stones. Still, the level design has no flow and it's too much annoying. I like the time travel gimmick and all the depth the game has because of it. The Super Peel-Out is an unnecessary move IMO. -Sonic 2 Initially one of my favorites (probably because as a kid I played it with savestates), I replayed it some years ago in an attempt to replay all the classics, and I found myself very frustrated by this game. Annoying level design, cheap traps/hazards, and the worst thing is when you want to complete it 100%. Getting the special stages is very annoying, some checkpoints are hidden in later levels (and this goes against the main function of the checkpoints) and the special stages are very unfair, and completely based on memorization and trial and error (it obviously requires you to replay the game countless times in order to learn). Just no. ........not to mention Tails in the special stages when you play as Sonic & Tails. -Other 8 bit platformers Some of them are even good, though I'm not much attached to them, because I didn't play them as a kid, and they look a bit generic to me. I prefer by far Sonic 1 and 2 8 bit regardless of gameplay solidity and level design... they are just more memorable to me. -Sonic 3D Blast I have never been a fan of this one... I found it to be repetitive and the gameplay was meh. -Knuckles Chaotix I don't know what to say about this one... all the levels feel the same, and the level design is meaningless because you are going to skip it all with the rubberband thing. It's a bad designed game IMO. -Sonic Blast (8 bit) This game is pure frustration and annoyance; it's boring and doesn't play good enough. The level design is a joke, especially that water zone. -Sonic Spinball and the other spin-offs I think they are all uninteresting, and Sonic Spinball is bad IMO. I have never played Sonic R but it doesn't look much interesting from what I have seen.
  2. I also think that the game is good, but I stll prefer the other two in the trilogy. Advance 3's level design is too repetitive, the same part is repeated multiple times with little to no difference, and spreaded through 3 acts instead of two. Also, there are many parts where if you fall, instead of ending into a lower route, you end into a return route where you have to go back to where you failed and repeat until you pass (or repeat again if you fall again). Finally, there are hub worlds... personal preference, but I don't like having to navigate a tricky hub world in order to select a level, unless the hub itself is interesting enough such as Delfino Plaza in Mario Sunshine, but this is definitely not the case in Advance 3. Ignoring some issues I have with some specific bosses and levels (such as the one in Chaos Angel placed entirely on a moving platform with misleading hints which lead to being crushed unfairly), and the occasional glitches that happen more often than they do in the previous games, plus some physics/gameplay changes that IMO are a downgrade compared to Advance 2. It's definitely a good game, it's fun to try out all the character combinations and all the tag team moves, though I think it's overall more flawed than the former Advance games. Regardless I would still play it over all of the modern mainline games starting from Adventure 1 onward.
  3. That was a specific episode of the anime... there was a villain who splitted Kirby into two, one half male and the other half female. It's still Kirby.
  4. I'm a Kirby fan too and I know what they're talking about. It's the final scene of Kirby 64 (true ending). There's a ceremony to celebrate the heroes for saving Ripple Star (Ribbon's home planet), and at the end Ribbon kisses Kirby. While Kirby blushes and all, the scene is not intended to be anything, it's just a gag, and this is never brought back in subsequent games, nor in Kirby 64 itself (not even in Kirby Star Allies where Ribbon returned). I think it's meaningless and it was never intended to make Ribbon a love interest for Kirby, I think it's just a gag for comedy purposes; the kiss is not a love kiss but a "thank you". On the other hand, there was another character that was said to be in love for Kirby (I think this comes from comics and different media, not from the games, but it's probably canon since there are some cutscenes and elements that reference it). Chuchu, the pink octopus blob thing, is said to be in love with Kirby. Though, Kirby doesn't seem to care, at all... he doesn't run away, nor shows any sign of sharing the feeling (aside from his facial expression in the sprite when the two characters are together in the game). Chuchu's personality is not much different than Amy's during the fangirl era: she wants to stay with Kirby and gets angry when someone or something blocks her from being with him... she can become violent at times, but she tries hard to hide this side of her personality. Though Chuchu appears rarely in the series, and even when she appears, she is never considered a "main" character... even in Star Allies, she only appears during a specific move of the Cleaning ability (while the main 3 animal friends are together a playable character). I think HAL realized it, Kirby doesn't need a Minnie Mouse/Ms Pac-Man because it would shift the focus of the series and change the image of the character, and IMO the same goes for Sonic. You know how Pac-Man is shown to have a family in many of his games right? Imagine if Dixie Kong was Donkey Kong's girlfriend... it would have been completely different right? They made her the girlfriend of Diddy Kong instead, and the main character does not seem to have any. I think that the relationship between Amy and Sonic is fine as it is and doesn't need to go futher. The point is, Amy's character is based on that relationship, and if the relationship can't go futher, you can't have much character development for her. That's why I would rather let Amy appear less and become less important, than let Amy be everywhere and be dull/pointless or out of character like she recently is (they changed her personality completely and the love for Sonic is only slighty referenced at times). Also, I think she's recently stealing Tails' role as the clever of the group, and as a side effect, Tails is becoming just a joke, a MacGyver parody. Tails should have been the one who organized the resistance in Forces, and since he's a bit shy, it would have made sense for him to have Knuckles as the face of the group despite him being behind all the strategies. Amy should have been the one desperate because Sonic was missing, the one being scared when Chaos came out, and the one who met Classic Sonic and went with him indepedently from the resistance. It would have been way more fitting for both characters if their roles were switched. I don't know what do you think about anime and how many of you watch/like them, though, if you have seen Attack on Titan, well, Armin is definitely Tails. I can't believe they made a game with a similar theme (war, population being harmless against the threat, small group of people with above-average fighting skills who tries to fight the apparently invincible enemy) they didn't put Tails in the equivalent role, but put Amy in it instead.
  5. Some Sonic 1 8 bit facts: -The special stages in the Game Gear version are different than those in the Master System version. -If you find all the hidden life monitors in each level (there's just one in each, including boss levels), a bonus additional life monitor will appear at the start of the final boss level. There's a life and a continue hidden in each special stage too but if I remember well they don't count for this trick (I'm not completely sure though). -If you jump with the right timing after defeating the final boss, you can enter the teleporter before eggman... nothing changes though. -The version of the game pre-installed on the console (Master System) does not have the credits screen with Sonic singing at the microphone, it ends at the score screen with South Island and the Green Hill musics instead. I'm not sure if it's due to pal-ntsc differences or it's like this in every region. -In the boss act of Labyrinth (Master System), it's almost impossible (but still possible with some frame-perfect timing and some luck) to exit the area where the life monitor is hidden, because of the spikes and the fact that you have no rings. They fixed that in the Game Gear version, though they made it almost impossible to exit the water in the Jungle boss act after collecting the life monitor, where it was perfectly possible in the Master System version. They fixed an issue and introduced a new equivalent issue in a different act. Other games: -The drop dash is not a completely new concept in the series. In Sonic Lost World, you can roll into a ball and run through the level in that form, because there are no rolling physics and rolling is used as a reskin of the boost. If you jump in this state and stop/slow down Sonic mid-air, he will stay curled up in a ball just like during any other jump, but he will keep the rolling boost state, so once he will land, he will be propelled into the facing direction. This feels extremely similar to how the Drop Dash works, though the activation requires a more specific situation. Another game with a similar gimmick is Generations 3DS. When you play as classic Sonic, you can gain speed by performing a roll, then a jump and a roll roll again (hold down + direction during the landing). This will give you some small speed boost, and if you chain it several times in a row, you can go very fast on a flat terrain. I'm not sure why this happens, it doesn't seem to be intentional, it's likely an exploitable physics issue, but it feels similar to a weaker (but combinable) drop dash. Probably the speed boost comes from the jump rather than from the roll: you can gain speed in air; though I think that rolling after landing is necessary to keep the speed, else it would slow you down to the running speed cap and the trick would be impossible.
  6. It looks so fake... I mean, Sega did some unexpected questionable decisions in the past, but a massive collection with all those games all bundled together seems unrealistic, especially since Mania Plus seems to be included in it, and the game is still marketable alone. Also it seems like Colors is missing from the collection... I doubt they would put in all those games but skip Colors... 06 may understand but Colors...
  7. Amy is probably my least favorite character among the recurring ones, and I may be the minority but I think the series would benefit if Amy became a side character with less presence in the series opposed to a main character such as she seems to be now. I agree with people who said that Sonic is not about romance, and "sonamy" would be unfitting in the series because Sonic is the main character, and the main character being involved in romance would mean that the romance would be always in the spotlight. Recently Amy is getting the main character treatment like Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, but I think she's kinda shoehorned as a main character, she doesn't add very much especially since her personality has been toned down a lot, and the things she does (organize stuff, hack computers) is something that Tails would be way more fitting doing instead. I'm all for a return of the treatment Amy recived in the classic era, where she was considered a side character and mostly appeared in spin-offs at best, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman were the core cast. As for the romance, I'm not a fan of it, but if the series has to have romance, I'd rather take Silver and Blaze's relationship as canon than Sonic and Amy's. I hope nobody will be offended by this because last time I criticized Amy on these boards, a user attacked me and accused me to have some weird complex against female characters, something that's absolutely not true, I just find Amy uninteresting and I don't like her much, I have no problems with the other female characters in the series.
  8. Aren't you saying something like "it wouldn't be dark, it would just be stupid", right? If not then my bad. There's a reason why I dislike sarcasm.
  9. I agree that it won't be too much dark, but would it really be worth? All what it would do is to give us a female version of Infinite, at the expense of a familiar character that we won't see anymore (in her original state). People would probably dislike her like they did with Infinite, and the next game, the character would just disappear forever, in both versions (since the change is permanent). If the plan is to get rid of Cream, that's the perfect strategy. Transformed into a brainwashed villain for only one game, it would even be fun, but a permanent change IMO would be a very bad idea. If we really have to make an edgy background for Cream, I'd rather make a story where Vanilla is killed by a bad guy and Cream changes completely due to the trauma... a bit like Maria's death to Shadow, but due to the different personality of the characters, it would affect her differently. Still a bad idea to me, but more suited to the character, and it would allow her to join Sonic in his adventures since she wouldn't have a family anymore. My personal hope for her future is that they expand the lore of the Chao and link her and Cheese with the lore of the echidnas. Cream likes to raise chao as pets, but chao hide an ancient secret of some type, some power or something... one day, Tikal appears to Cream and gives her a mission, something that she can't do personally because she's a ghost and is guarding Chaos and the Master Emerald from inside, so, Cream is the chosen person to perform this thing for her. I don't know, I think Tikal and Cream are similar in a way, and a story where Cream becomes the heiress of Tikal's mystic "something" would be very interesting for character development, especially if it gives her some responsabilities which are initially too big for her to handle. As for Gemerl, while I like the design of the character and I wouldn't mind to have it involved more, I think it should stay at home to defend Vanilla. It would also be cool if it secretely follows Cream and comes out only when she's in danger to save her, as a sort of white knight, but an excessive use of this plot exploit would become old pretty fast. Maybe make it so that she dislikes being followed by Gemerl because she thinks she's able to make it by herself, make a sort of friendly conflict between the two like this, a conflict that at the end brings them both in trouble and forces them to cooperate.
  10. Not to be the devil's advocate, but in Sonic Forces, Eggman takes over 99% of the planet because not only Sonic's friends were unable to win against him, but Sonic as well. So it's not like the friends were helpless without Sonic, it's that they were all helpless including Sonic. And they stayed helpless until the end, they only won thanks to that prototype recovered by the avatar that stopped the sun illusion.
  11. I'm not a big fan of Sonic Mania, and part of the reason why I didn't enjoy the game is because of the bosses. Basically, the only boss that I like is that one in Chemical Plant that's surrounded by a bubble of that blue stuff. It may be a variation of some other existing boss behavior-wise, but it's the only boss that actually feels like a Classic Sonic boss in the game, everything else is meh... And even that boss has some cheap attacks, sometimes it bounces too fast and can't be avoided. The running boss in Studiopolis is cool in concept, but the gameplay is atrocious because jump physics are unnatural and it's all about waiting the right missile, very boring. Another opinion, different subject: I think that in an Heroes-like team system, Silver should be considered power type. Power types are based on Knuckles; they can glide, they can punch stuff and throw the other team members. Silver can glide, can throw other characters with psychokinetics and he's considered slower than average... he fits well if not for the fact that he can't punch stuff. They can let him use some force fields instead of punches and get the same effect...
  12. This type of threads again? Even if the character got almost removed from the series lately? mmhh... (It's since the Sega Forums that occasionally one of these discussions randomly spawns from time to time) There's a detailed explanation of why she doesn't fight in Sonic Battle, and it's not that. She has some morals about pacifism and non-violence and stuff... She's not the type of character who cares about reputation as far as I know. (Sega said a lot of questionable/stupid stuff including that running on ceilings was introduced by Sonic 4). Anyway, she occasionally fights when she has to, and usually she fights along with Cheese, physically as well. She can roll into enemies and in the Advance games she can also attack by stomping/bouncing on top of the enemies uncurled. That's kinda true, but that's also part of the character. She's serious and determined when she has to act, but when things get worse than expected and she loses hopes, she may cry... ok, that's her weakness... she's overly emotive and occasionally needs someone else to motivate her when she gets depressed due to a bad situation. According to the games, this happend only a couple of times (extra boss of Advance 2 and probably a scene in Rush, but I can't remember). I don't think Sonic X counts at all, since the event in the anime is likely just the transposition of the same event in Advance 2. Anyway Tails got kidnapped as well in the same game, and if we count other games as well, Sonic himself got "kidnapped" twice, put in jail in Adventure 2 and captured by Eggman in Forces... other characters have been captured as well occasionally, Tails probably being the one with the biggest record if we also count Sonic Lost World. That can be a bit annoying, I agree, but you can't change that unless you change her background. It's the way how her mother educated her... she's more childish than your average Sonic-character-child because she lives with her mother all the time, and her mother grew her up like that. It's also the reason of point 5, and usually, in the games where she plays a role, her innocence and inexperience is put in contrast with complex situations and the character is forced to open her eyes and grow up a little bit. Sonic Battle is the best example,: in that game initially she doesn't want to fight, but later she is put in a situation where she is forced to, and has to grow mentally to understand that in some situations fighting is better than letting the thing get worse and letting your friends get hurt. She fits the Sonic series perfectly, way more than most of the overly edgy Dragonball inspired characters of the post-Adventure games. Sonic and Tails have been in shows for kids before, and they even have their edusoft stuff such as Sonic Schoolhouse and a game with Tails about learning music. Most of the characters in the series are cute talking animals, what do you expect... especially in the classic side of the franchise. In conclusion, I think that transforming her in a whole different character (a robot or something else) is like scrapping her completely and replacing her with a different character, and that's not a good thing. She's fine as she is, all they have to do is to involve her more, avoid the politeness/cutesy cliche as much as possible and explore the more serious traits of her character instead, the potential is there. I agree with your post and I also thnk the same about her potential in Sonic Forces. I had this idea of a story arc about her village being under Eggman's attack, where initially she's held back by her mother who wants to protect her, but as the resistance fails and most of the village gets destroyed, seeing all the people suffer, she decides to act against her mother's will and to fight Eggman's badniks alone (with Cheese) to defend the civilians, gaining the trust of them and Vanilla, who comes to the conclusion that while she wanted to protect Cream, at the end Cream protected her instead, and maybe it was wrong to be so protective with her limiting her freedom so much. In my opinion this would have been way more interesting than the whole Classic Sonic and Tails story arc in the game, and in a way it would have been reminiscent of Tails saving Station Square in Sonic Adventure. Lastly, I have an observation to make: I'm under the impression that Sega slowly started to change Cream's personality and representation a bit... first, she talking to Dead Adder saying that she doesn't fear him in that mobile game, then all the talking about her potential in the IDW comic, and for the first time in the Sonic Channel artworks, she's finally put in a pose that's somewhat kinda cool and not the usual cutesy pose she has got in all the previous years. They probably realized that Sonic X/Heroes Cream was not the best iteration of her and went back to how the character was in the Advance games, more competent, determined and brave... I hope this means they have plans to use her in more games, I'd prefer if she doesn't get replaced by Omochao and 3 chao in a car anymore. (unrelated, but... why the heck they never got her ears right in any 3D model of her? They look good in the 2D artworks but in 3D they are always awkward and look too flat).
  13. I agree and I loved the MDK games. They were called Minecrawlers in the series, all the levels of the first game were placed on a different minecrawler each, though in MDK2 only the first mission took place on a minecrawler, the rest of the game was on several space locations, the Jim Dandy (the main characters' spaceship) and some alien locations. I always loved the concept behind the Minecrawlers and I wouldn't mind that being brought back, even if in a different game (Sonic). If they do this, I'd prefer if they take the MDK route and use those abstract environments for the inside of the vehicle, instead of it being just a land version of Flying Battery/Egg Carrier. It would be interesting to play with the contrast between the inside environment and the outdoor environment, especially if they look and feel completely different.
  14. I think Shadow should not be a villain. He's not evil; though I agree that he works better when he's an "enemy". I think that he should still be a friend of Sonic, but due to his loney nature, he would barely show up and prefers to do stuff by himself, in his own way. Due to a different vision and different morals, Sonic and Shadow would often end in a conflict: they have a common objective but two different way to reach it; Shadow wants to stop Sonic because in his opinion, Sonic's solution will cause trouble and not solve the problem (something that I think happend in the IDW comics already right? I think that's cool). Also, I think that Shadow needs a real rival/enemy; not Sonic, someone who's actually evil, what Eggman is to Sonic. I think that Sonic Forces is a huge missed opportunity... The story could have been done way better, the potential was there... I would have prefered if Infinite didn't die at the end (well, he just disappeared, it's not clear if he died or not, though he never appeared in another game so far) and the fact that Shadow killed his group of merchenaries should have been the reason of him turning evil... because of this, Infinite should have hated Shadow more than anything else, to the point of constantly trying to get a revenge on him. This would also have explained why during some adventures Shadow is not present, despite the world being in danger and all... Shadow could have been busy fighting Infinite somewhere off-screen (lore-wise).
  15. On the subject of Pumpkin Hill, I have this (probably unpopular) opinion: Pumpkin Hill is the most creative setting in Sonic Adventure 2, it uses a theme that the series rarely uses, a spooky yet still kinda toy-ish type of level. I think that the location would have worked great redone in classic style, 2D, with a daytime act 1 and nighttime act 2. It's a pity that not even Generations 3DS revamped this zone, and they went for the more generic San Francisco city levels instead. I was hoping that the prediction of a Pumpkin Hill track in Team Sonic Racing was real, because I was interested to see a modernized version of this zone.
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