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  1. To be fair, there was a time when searching anything Sonic on Google Images would spawn some weird things in the results, such as pictures made in MS Paint of an obese Amy in a diaper, or pregnant characters with a dissection that lets you see the baby inside... and almost always those were results from Deviantart. That happend, sadly... I can't remember when it was, but probably around when Sonic X aired, in fact there were also badly edited screenshots of Sonic X (still in MS Paint) where part of the characters were recolored and those were called original characters. I don't know if any of you have ever seen those, unfortunatelly I have seen some of them... Those were likely made by some kids and not all the Sonic fans were like that, in fact it was probably just a minority, but that stuff came out in Google's results so people noticed them and made fun of them. Today a lot of things have changed, both people and Google/social networks, so it's a lot harder to see stuff like that unless you specifically search for them (and I'm sure that most people wouldn't search for that type of stuff, at least I hope), and even if you search for them Google will likely give you some popular results and keep the weird stuff away.
  2. I agree with the first part of the post, about child being part of Cream's character and actual age not being important. Though, I don't think her having a mother plays anything significant in defining her character, or at least it was probably not originally intended to. In most of Cream's early games, if Vanilla appears, she only appears once or twice in some cutscenes at best, but she does not play any important role in the story (excluding Advance 2 where she's the focus). For example, in Sonic Advance 3 Vanilla only does a cameo in the secret ending, otherwise she's completely absent through the whole game and not even involved in the story, while Cream is still one of the main characters of the game; in many other games Cream appears without Vanilla. In the live action movie, Sonic himself has an adoptive mother, kinda, though the thing does not affect the character too much aside of giving him a more detailed backstory. BTW I'm not disagreeing with her acting and being treated like a child, my issue is with some specific traits that I feel are ruining the character, especially the excessive passiveness (that IMO is not a required trait for child characters, and was not part of the character in her early games). It's ok when the older characters assist and protect her, but when they completely steal her role and manipulate her to the point that she becomes pointless that's definitely wrong. On the other hand, I like how they brought back being brave as a trait of her. That trait disappeared since Advance 2. After Sonic ignored her asking to save Vanilla from Eggman, Cream decided to go save her mother by herself and kinda succeded, at least until the true ending happend. That was cool, especially considering how she's supposed to be a weak character (despite she's OP in gameplay but I doubt about it being canon). I wish Cream was more often like that. Just don't translate "brave" with "arrogant with the villain", because that's IMO out of character.
  3. Though she doesn't have to be passive. Surely she wasn't passive in Sonic Advance 2 (the small cutscenes it had), nor she was passive in Sonic Battle (despite how I dislike her obsessive pacifism in that game), nor she was passive in Sonic Rush, where she was almost hyperactive instead, and persuaded Blaze into becoming her friend plus hosted her at home against her will, even before she became a friend of Sonic & Co. Tails is 8, Amy is 12, Charmy is 6 just like Cream, none of them have to be passive in order to exist. It's not like they have no parents, it's just that their parents are not mentioned because they are not useful to the story. It's unknown if they have parents, we don't need to know; it's even unknown if Cream has a father, because Vanilla was shown only due to her being kidnapped in Sonic Advance 2, we had no reason to know about Cream's father because he has no role in the story, so he just isn't mentioned.
  4. I'm probably the only one exception who would have preferred if the story was about Team Dark with Cream replacing Omega, rather than having Amy in it for the sake of they are all girls. I don't get the hate of Gemerl by Cream fans, I already said it in the past but honestly think that Cream and Gemerl are a cool team and IMO Gemerl could help Cream to show up more if done right (I think that Gemerl being overprotective is actually a flaw that can be used as a way to put the two characters against each other in a friendly fight). I think that Vanilla does more harm to the character of Cream than Gemerl does. Like, imagine if that scene at the beginning of the issue was Amy interacting with Cream directly, instead of talking to the phone with Vanilla. "We need Cream and Cheese, let's go to their home and meet them directly". I'm not saying that Vanilla should not exist at all, but her presence should be a lot less frequent, because she limits what Cream can do, and when the interaction with Cream goes through Vanilla, Cream becomes a very passive character that's almost just a plot tool rather than an actual character. This said, I think that hating Gemerl because of Cream is not much different than hating Vector because of Charmy... it's not even exactly the same thing, but I think it makes the point clear. What's the point of a character who can't fight and can't be hurt, or can't even directly interact with other characters? This is what I mean when I say that I don't like how Cream is portrayed in recent stuff. Especially when she does the boaster against the bad guys but at the end she does near to nothing to fight or defeat them (in the metal virus arc she did it at least twice, the worst time was at the end of the arc against Zavok, when she says him to give up because his evil friends were all defeated). That's very annoying, it's like, Shadow level of boasting, but without even trying to be credible. I like Cream, she's actually one of my favorite characters, but sometimes I feel like the Cream I liked was only in the Advance games (and I mean the platformers, not Battle) and all other iterations of her I don't like, they almost never get her right (at least IMO). Sorry for the rant, I don't mean to bring negativity to the thread, just my two cents about Cream since @DabigRG quoted me from the Cream thread.
  5. Flaws... Mania is not one of my favorite Sonic games, there are a lot of things which I don't really like much, mostly design choices. But actual flaws... I dunno... I agree on the boss desgn, I liked none of the bosses in the game, and some of them are IMO unintuitive and unfair. I agree with the "wait for the weak spot" thing, bosses in the classics (and advance) can be attacked continuously, and the more skilled you are, the more hits you can deal; in Mania you have to wait a pattern most of the times and you can't deal extra hits regardless of your skills. Exceptions exist, but more or less that's it. Ray makes the bosses way more fun because he can cheat a lot with the flight and can allow you to deal multiple hits by breaking the game, but that's not a good thing, that you need to break the game in order to get any fun from it. I also agree on the Blue Sphere thing, pointless and annoying, I avoid the sparkles as well. About lives system, I liked how lives were handled in Encore mode, where each character was 1up, and the total amount of characters was the total amount of lives you could collect before actually losing (the system is cool but IMO it still needs improvements). I don't like the classic lives/gameover system, I think it's outdated and makes no sense in modern gaming (it only really makes sense in arcade games where the goal is to get an high score). Another thing that I consider a flaw is the way how special stages control. I don't know, controls just feel bad and become inconsistent when you reach the max speed (handling changes completely all of a sudden). I also agree with the thing that in some levels there's too much automation and sometimes you accidentally touch something and you are sent to the other side of the level without any chance to control the character, making exploration annoying or outright impossible. Ironically, those DIMPS games with similar problems, often offer you several tools to break the automation (tricks or tag actions), while Mania has a much simpler moveset and there's little that you can do in those situations (unless you break the game with Ray, once again). I also don't like the dropdash much; it sents you fast enough that it will make you unable to see what's coming next, so you can really take advantage of it only if you learn the level layout (most of my dropdashes ended into hitting a wall and losing all the momentum). Also, I'm not sure, but I'm under the impression that it sends you at a fixed speed and doesn't take your former momentum into account, making you even slower in some situations... but I'm not sure about this. I agree with those who prefer the insta-shield and spindash, though I also didn't mind the slide attack and air dash from Advance 2 that, used together, did more or less what the dropdash in Mania does in but in a different way and with much more control on it. Speaking of Advance 2, that running boss in Studiopolis is one of my least favorites in the game, and I like the running bosses from Advance 2. It's not the concept that I dislike, but the boss design and the physics; I would rather play the Egg Saucer a hundred times than play this boss once.
  6. I finally discovered how to use the status updates!

  7. @iambitter21 That picture is cool, though Isn't it exactly what Sylvania Castle from Sonic 4 ep II looks like? My picture are many pictures because one is not enough: Highway, but unlike the usual highway levels that are deep into a big metropolis filled with skyscrapers, this one is in the middle of a grassland with hills and a lot of nature. The theme of wind energy generators is the recurring visual element of the stage, and some gimmicks could bring this visual concept to gameplay as well. The street and artificial elements have a big emphasis on the white color, along with some smaller red/yellow/green details such as stripes, signs and panels; the natural part is obviously mostly green, with flowers of several colors and some brown parts where the ground without grass is visible (such as cliffs). Farming might be a secondary theme too (cultivated fields and irrigation canals/ducts might be part of the stage as well); maybe as a variation for act 2. Thinking of existing zones with similar themes, probably the closest one would be Planet Wisp, but also Emerald Hill (+ highway theme).
  8. I've got it, mostly for collection value. Though, I'm having a lot of fun replaying Sunshine. I know that a lot of people are hating it, but I like it, no matter how much they ruined the controls in the port (yes, they did an horrible job with the controls and the inverted analog axis is annoying). I don't know why, I just love that game, can't stop playing it. I only played one level of both 64 and Galaxy. 64 is nice but I finished it too many times and now I'm tired of playing it again; Galaxy always bored me to death, and it still bores me... I don't like it. I've purchased this collection because of Sunshine and I'm glad I did, I'm enjoying every little bit of it so far and I know that I will replay it multiple times in the future (or mess around in an already finished savefile just for fun). I still have the original gamecube game, though being able to play it handheld is something I was waiting for years. All the ports though are very low effort and full of flaws, and I kinda feel bad for giving money to Nintendo for this game... if it didn't have Sunshine in it, I would have never got it.
  9. I'm pretty sure the first Sonic game I've finished was Sonic 1 for Master System. I can't remember my age, but I was very young and at some point it even made me cry because I wanted to finish it but around Scrap Brain I lost all my hopes and felt desperate; in fact I was very close to the end but at the time I didn't know. It's also the first game that I finished with all the emeralds too.
  10. For me it was Sonic Generatiosn (both versions). It's not the worst game I've played, it's actually decent gameplay-wise (not perfect but still enjoyable). My issue with the game is that it was a random collection of stages with not much depth nor substance. The story was almost non-existent, it had that "nothing of this is canon" feel that really made the game look like if it was a fanmade mod of Sonic Unleashed. And the final boss (at least in the console version) was and still is the worst final boss (or boss overall) I've ever played in a Sonic game. While it was decently enjoyable, it was still a very unsatisfying experience for me.
  11. When did you race against me? If it happend in these days, it would be strange because I'm using regular Cream all the time (except when a mission asks me to use a different character, or like today I played a few matches with Shadow for the sake of it). I switch to Spring only in the second half of the season, when the regular version can't win anymore, though when possible I prefer to use the base version because I like the set of items more (Chao-nado is fun to use and less dangerous than Hedge-maze, that can easily be turned against you). I can't remember if I used Spring Cream for a mission or what, but I think that since the new season started I never used her... not completely sure but 90% sure at least. If I used her against you, it was likely a bot with my username. By the way, I think that the game changed recently... I don't know how, but it feels very different. Overall it's a bit less frustrating but still unfair at times. I managed to reach 6.501 last season and I got the "curse" only twice in the whole month, I recovered the lost trophies in a relatively short time unlike the usual 2/3 days. BTW I finally level 16'd every Super Rare character except Zazz (who's very close anyway) and the new ones (Zeena and Tikal). I reached my goal, now I can leave whenever the game annoys me... though I think I will continue for a while... I don't really care much of the new special characters, but when the game doesn't treat me like trash It's still kinda fun so until it goes back to pure frustration, I will continue. EDIT: They granted my wish, the game went back to pure frustration, it cheats insolently and blatantly to the point where it doesn't even feel like you are controlling the character anymore. And it's already 2 days of curse and it's still going. Back to good old trash eh? I went from 5.879 to something around 5.640 in a few races, then I lost my patience and I started to lose on purpose to see if the curse continues even when I'm very low in the chart. It continues... I'm racing against lv12s (player level, not characters) and still can't win. I'm still playing for now but I'm closer and closer to leaving, and if I leave this time it won't be a temporary thing like the last time, it will be permanent. Hardlight Studios is already in my black list of companies I will never give a cent to and will never play any other game made by them even if it's free, when I'll leave Speed Battle I'll never play any other Hardlight game forever.
  12. That's a nice thing, but not what I mean. Vanilla does nothing aside of being Cream's mother. She doesn't even do anything to/with Cream... it's only implied that she educated her but it's almost never shown. With a character like that, the "damsel in distress" cliche is the only thing you can do, and it's already been done a few times. If we take IDW into account, not only she does nothing aside of getting infected, but also she tells Cream to stay home, that she's not a hero, to leave the adventures to the other more skilled characters, so basically she's an obstacle to Cream getting involved in the plot. I get that having a family to protect is actually a nice thing, but this does not justify the members of that family to just existing and not contributing with the story. Vanilla could have a work, do something in life, be an influent person (maybe she has noble origins), I don't know... we know nothing of her life aside that she does tea parties with Cream and Gemerl. If you can't develop her as a full character, then better to go with the Fang/Nack route and just forget that she even exists unless a very specific context of the story needs her to cameo for some reason (and I mean let Cream be a totally independent character like Charmy, Tails and Marine, who are also kids but can be around even without the need of their family to be mentioned). I think that's the intention, else stories wouldn't focus on chao races.
  13. If this resistance/restoration thing will continue in the games as well, I don't know if it would work, but I wouldn't mind Vanilla to be rewritten into the leader of the restoration and Amy going back to her former self. Basically what Jewel did in the comic but since Jewel is not (yet at least) a game character, Vanilla is the closest character IMO. Currently Vanilla is probably the most pointless character in the whole series, her role is just existing, and "look, Cream has a mother", so I wouldn't mind if they actually gave her an active role, even if as a background character. This would also help Cream in getting involved more in the future, being the daughter of the Restoration's leader. I don't know, just an idea. Overall, I'm happy they did that with Jewel and that maybe Amy will finally go back to her former personality, because that new version of Amy was bland and annoying; I hope this will influence the games too.
  14. It's a weak game, no doubt. Though I think that for a cheap mobile game it was ok enough, if you see it as a cheap mobile game and not as "Sonic 4". I had some fun with Episode 1 (messign with the glitches was part of the fun indeed), though I remember being bored by Episode 2. EP2 was technically a bit better, but in fact it was more annoying IMO: the level design was more strict, less freedom allowed; some places forced you to use the team moves with Tails, that included a complete loss of momentum and a one second-ish long start animation before performing the actual move. Bosses were all annoying and unfair. Though I disagree at the statement that Mania did everything better and all. Mania is a solid game, but I was unimpressed by it: it felt to me like a "fan remix" of the classic trilogy + CD rather than like an actual new game, yes even with Drop Dash and the new playable characters. The game that felt like a proper "Sonic 4" to me was and still is Sonic Advance 1... it may not be an ambitious project like the classic trilogy was, and it may have some flaws as well, but it's the only game that IMO took the core elements of classic sonic and put some innovation into them to make it feel like an actual new experience.
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