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  1. NO, No unless by some super chance that some other devs happen to come up with same idea, and the same game play, I really think it would have been a VERY different game. What's more even putting a pin in the actual history of the game's development, you only have to look at the historical-social context of both countries at that time to know that the approach to the game and style would have been HUGELY different.
  2. I have to disagree with some of this, as sonic is the japan idea of an American character. and that would bring a HUGE change in terms of character design, and aesthetic, and in sonics personality.
  3. I really don't want another boom, but I think this a case its a wait and see as one will never know till it comes out, lets just hope its not another boom. shame Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson are never asked to be involved in this sort of thing, as art wise and personality wise they got sonic spot on as sonic the OVA backs that up as Sonic team, yuji naka and naoto oshima where heavily involved in that and it really shows. and TBH no one else has ever really got sonic like they did, nor his world. he's always MR happy, and as someone who was there at the start of sonic 1990s mania that's not how sonic was. He had a bad attitude, the sort guy that is hard to get along with, but he's really good at his Job, and that shows depth as not everyone is perfect in all aspects of there lives. Huge shame there never asked to work on sonic again. But yeah sadly this film is case of wait and see.
  4. when I played sonic 3 and knuckles and found the super Emeralds it made me wonder did south island have its own set of emeralds? I always believed echidna gave them as sort gifts to other islands as a sign of allegiance to the echidna clan and only to the island that they deemed worthy . Of course as they had the master Emerald they had control over there gift emeralds. As a safety valve. I mean I know this farfetched but hey your only young once. dream big.
  5. Nike custom shoes. and they really do rock
  6. Ohhhhh Thank you soo much and I'm ever so sorry, my mistake.
  7. Finally after 26 (27 this aug) I have got my hands on a pair of sonic style Shoes , I know they've made the Ainppon/Sega shoes, and Sonic Plush Slipper shoes . But non of those were really meant for running like sports shoes. Well I have finally got myself some sport shoes that are in Sonic's style. But it does make me wonder why they never sold a real pair, I mean even at the height of sonic madness. But even Now with how big collectables are these days, You'd think That Sega would jump at the chance. But enough of that, here they are and I'm over the moon. So here they are
  8. No think you Yeah I agree, and I see you work in Role-play, might give that a look at some time, sounds cool
  9. Thank you sooo Much Yeah I've always been very shy about my spelling skills. I also Had a Very bad experience on another site that put me off forums for a long time But I feel its time to get out there, and this place always looked way past cool. Ps Love the Gif
  10. Hello my name is Diamond Star, nice to meet all of you. I myself have been a huge fan of sonic since the 1990s, also big Fan of STC, ahh yeah sonic in the 90s. But I have to say I Love Sonic stadium, I have real fond memories when I first discovered it in 2006, The same year we were all going crazy for Sonic 06, ohhh if only we'd known what was coming, But enough of that. And now I have Finally decided to become a member of this fine community. So Hello to you all and I hope we all get on.
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