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  1. hey, thank you all for helping and giving ideas to try to fix the problem but sadly none of the ideas fixed the problem, the games still wont launch, they close right after clicking start game, idk if their is any other way to fix this, if there is please do help. thanks a lot, Deavil <3
  2. which mode do i run this for? i tried to run the game in every mode and none of the modes will open the game, the launcher keeps closing stright after i press the play game button
  3. hmm not really, about the sonic riders game it wont even install, whenever i press the install game button the launcher just closes, where do i find the compatibility mode?
  4. Hey, i wanted to ask something, i would like to know if old sonic games still work with windows 10, games like sonic riders and sonic mega collection plus, im asking because both games wont launch for me whenever i click "play game". thanks for the help, Deavil
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