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  1. I have some! Here´s my levels so far: Welcome to my 3D World: 9PC-X68-R8G Superball Power! (V2): QMS-V00-Q0H Mario With A Twist: 2L4-JNS-BBG
  2. If Sonic Mania is even canon in the first place, i have a headcanon that there are 2 classic Sonics, Past Classic Sonic and Alternative Dimention Classic Sonic, then again this is just a headcanon, so who knows..
  3. There are 2 Classic Sonics, one from the Past & one from an alternate dimension, The one in the Genesis games & Generations was the one from the Past, the one from Mania & Forces was the one from an alternate dimension, thus making Mania not canon (but Forces is still canon)
  4. *7 Years Later* Sonic Forces: Am I a Joke To You
  5. -Super Mario Odyssey is one of my least favorite Mario games, but it´s at least better than Hotel Mario or the educational games. -Mighty No. 9 wasnt that bad -Water levels arent that bad for the most part. -PSASBR deserves a sequel, Sony has a huge story, and SEGA shoud give it a try too for the same reason, they have tons of games. -Roblox is one of the most unappealing games i ever saw. -Minecraft however, is one of the best games of all time, no irony or memes involved, it has so many replay value... -Sonic Mania was mediocre, relies to much on fanservice and nostalgia pandering, rehashed levels included, it´s just eye Candy, far from special. -i didnt like Ocarina of Time, too boring and repetitive, so in a way, minecraft is better than Oot, come at me Bros. 😄
  6. Sonic Adventure Duology: General: Updated Graphics, Control Tweaks, just remake stuff... Red Star Rings are added in both games. Chao Garden is now it´s separate game, thus being removed from both SA1 & 2 The homming attack works more like it did in Lost World There´s a boss rush mode for both games, accsessed after beating the respective games Game´s got Brand new voice acting, the original voice actors still reprise their roles tho. Sonic Adventure: There´s now a part where you gotta control Sonic before the first chaos fight. After beating the game, you can accsess BETA Windy Valley There´s more pinball tables in Casinopolis Tails´ flight is nerfed. Sonic Adventure 2: Knuckles´/Rouge´s Emerald Radar is fixed and Works more like in SA1
  7. I got plenty ideas. Sonic Shifted Zone 1: Seaside Tropics Zone Bouncin' Wrecker Type: MiniBoss (4 Hits) Is kinda like the first boss from Sonic 1, except instead of just avoid the wrecking ball and hit Eggman (or the GH-91 Wreckin' in this case), you instead must Bounce the Wrecking Ball so it hits the Boss in the head, since you can't hit him anywhere because he's covered in spikes, after every hit, he'll try to Throw the Wrecking Ball at Sonic, in the Last hit he'll spiked balls non-stop, plus the spikes in his head will retreve, making you able to finish him off by hitting him in the head. Egg-Trap Type: Boss (8 Hits) Well, he uses the same wrecking Ball as the first boss of Sonic 1, except you are constantly running, like the First boss from Sonic & Knuckles or every boss in Sonic Advance 2, This time he moves it rapidly left or Right in the Floor causing Fire due to the friction with Sonic must avoid, he also shoots homming missiles, and just like the Heavy Gunner's boss fight, you must hit the blue ones and avoid the red ones to infringe damage, all of it while avoiding the wrecking Ball Zone 2: Marble Zone (From Sonic 1) A-M Blower Type: Miniboss (4 Hits) Again, you're running, trying to hit the Boss from the back, while he escapes from you, he blows Water at you wich instead of damaging you simply pushes you backwards, he's covered in Spikes, so you gotta hit a switch on his head, wich retrieves his spikes, but also makes Sonic go flying a few steps backward and the boss throws lava instead of water, after every hit, he'll throw many huge Lava lasers, making you crouch or jump, also Sonci has a new ability of running while crouching Hot-Egg & Magma Blower Type: Boss (8 Hits) There's 2 platformes and lava in the middle, there's Eggman ship floating avobe and a Updated Aqua Blower both attached by a really hot tube that makes you lose rings when touching it, Magma Blower, the Tube shoots flames, the Magma Blower will ocationally cool off, and stop heating the tube (doesn't do any damage tho), making them turn over, allowing you to hit Eggman, in the last hit, the fight then will turn into the Marble Zone Boss Zone 3: Capital Skyway Zone Shockwave Magnetto Type: MiniBoss (4 Hits) There will be breakable platformes, with spikes (& a sometimes rising spring) under it the boss will atract you and then shoot you into the ground breaking the platforms either that or use spike balls instead to shoot you, you must use the spring wich just ocationally rises upwards to hit the Boss. now... im dry of Boss Ideas, or at least Sonic Shifted Boss ideas...
  8. Now a expansion over my Mario & Luigi type game idea. The battle system is almost the same as Mario & luigi except there's no health points, instead their replaced by rings, wich are essentially the same but you get them by either grabbing them on the world map, or by defeating enemies, and they also serve to buy items like Chillidogs, when hit, unlike the platformers, you only lose certain ammount of rings, just like HP, (if you get 1 of damage, you'll lose 1 ring) but when you have 0, then you're done in another hit, plus your stats will low extremly. Maybe a something like Sonic & Tails, Going to an island called Locko Isle, to retrieve a Heart Shaped stone as power full as the Master Emerald, made to stop the mobius war 500 years ago but due to it being extremly dangerous, it got burried, Eggman wants it to use it's power to take over the world (without someone like Knuckles trying to stop him), however a new villan, Mr Badwrench (inspired by one early design for a SEGA mascot, with an early coinsidered localized Eggman Name) also wants it for the same cause, but in their own ways, but Sonic breaks it after a Battle with Eggman and it shatters into pieces all landing in a nearby island called Happiri Isle, now Sonic & Tails must get the pieces before Dr Eggman or the Mr Badwrench The story doesn't Take itself seriously, in fact, you'll be facing TONS of goofy and Cartoony situations, like Sonic losing his powers, and everyone somehow not recognizing him even tho they clearly saw sonic loosing his powers, or when Eggman makes a evil 3D printer, wich prints an awfull Sonic oc due to one of the Members of a Sonic fan club accidentally making the machine print his oc. For the Cast Sonic, Tails as Playable Characters, Eggman, the new villan as well, Villans, Knuckles, Amy, the Chaotix, and PLENTY of new characters (like Roo the Kangaro or a whole species based of the Monitors sonic breaks, some good some bad) a supporting cast, Orbot, Cubot, Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, Mecha Knuckles. For enemies there will be 2 Types of enemies, Eggman's Badniks, and The New villan's Monsters, Most will be goofy, weird and crazy enemies, including badniks, some of wich are redisigned to look goofier or slightly more menacing but still goofy. For places, you obviously visit Green Hill Zone & Scrap Brain in the beggining, but right after the heart shatters Sonic goes out of Suth Island into Happire Isle they are all named after emotions, like Happiro Valley, Grrarr Hotlands, Boohoo Lagoon, Saddstream Seas, with a few exeptions like the Lame Lane, Wacky Planetoid, or Shadow Egg There's no Chapters or interludes in this version of the idea, plus it takes place on a different island in Mobius, not in another whole dimention, and is finally more based off the american canon (making things like the Sonic Bible, the Earth being called Mobius, No Humans beside Eggman, only animals, Robots & Monsters canon in this universe
  9. Im back, and i got more stage ideas: Sunset Empire Zone (Zone 4) (Japanese Temples in the sky) Stardust Speedway Zone (Boss Zone 1) Radical Canion Zone (Zone 5) (Military Base in the middle of a cannion) Hunted Heist Zone (Zone 6) (Scary House) Volcano Factory Zone (Zone 7) (Factory in a Volcano) Computer Base Zone (Zone 8) (Gigant Eggman Mech) Central City Zone (Boss Zone 2) Ice Palace Zone (Zone 9) (Ice Summit) Special Zone (Zone 10) (Based of CD & Mania Special Stages) Space Carrier (Zone 11) (Like the Egg Carrier, but adapted into a space ship) Death Egg (Boss Zone 3)
  10. Red Fox, Mario the Plumber is a internet troll known for: 1. calling everyone who likes Modern Sonic and/or Nintendo autistic 2. making fun of the japan tsunami for the mere fact that the japanese redisigned Sonic. 3. Screaming EXTREMLY LOUD But he isn't nearly as bad as Chris Chan tho.
  11. Too lazy to review them all, so only the classic games. Sonic 1: 6/10 (6.5 for the Taxman version) (Only Green Hill & Starlight are good, every other Zone sucked, either had bad platforming section or where TOO SLOW, mostly since Sonic is a game about going fast, and you would get so many game overs, wich in the Gen vesion is a problem since Game Over = Playing the game from the very beggining, thanks Taxman, also the Special Stage sucked) Sonic 2: 7/10 (7.5 for Taxman version) (While the level design's better than the Sonic 1 design, later there's parts that are even more unfair, Mystic Caves had the infamous pit of death, aswell as unfair spikes, metropolis had unfair enemy placement and frustrating jumps, and the final boss was just trial and error, and same game over problem from Sonic 1, the special stages were better tho.) Sonic CD 6/10 (7 for the Taxman version) (Unfair & Messy level design, stupid time travelling system, men this game had potential, the special stages weren't good but better than Sonic 1's) Sonic 3 & Knuckles 9/10 (A Sonic Masterpiece, finally having a save feature, meaning no annoying game overs, and if you liked the game over = go to the very beggining, then it's an option, amazing level design that is huge and offers great exploration, and isn't as messy as CD's, plus there's character only paths wich is great and allows for greata replay value, great storytelling, you don't need dumb text boxes, no, show don't tell is this game's... game, world transitions are also neat, the graphics look even better than the previous games, man this game's great, the only flaw is that you need to buy both Sonic 3 & Sonic & Knuckles to get the full experience, plus the special stages sucked) SPECIAL STAGE: How can Yo love such Descent - Mediocre at best games, yet hate a Masterpiece such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles?
  12. A comedic show where Sonic & Tails live on a city near Green Hill Zone, and will have dumb adventures often causing problems unintentionaly, mostly de to their own stupidity, maybe add some Grossout, Random Humor, Satire, Surrealism, Fourth Wall Breaking. overall 90's Ren & Stimpy/Rocko Edge. Characters will be: Sonic: He's the Cool Guy of the bunch is chill and layed back, alto he gets annoyed/mad easily Tails: The Optimistic, Innocent kid, while portrayed as dumb, he can build stuff, despite being his best friend, he does piss of Sonic a bunch There are other side characters: Mario: A Braindead idiot who tries to constantly annoy Sonic, Him and Tails are mostly the target of the show´s slapstick, lives Next Door. The Boss of SEGA: pretty much a greedy asshole who only wants money. thus poorly paying Sonic The show is formated as a "behind the scenes", what´s going on when Sonic doesnt try to risk his life just so sega coud realease some videogames and get his monthly 2$ paycheck. Artisticly, it´s pretty much Ren & Stimpy, Classic Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, that kinda stuff. There's literally no continuity, thus anything, from the interiors of Sonic´s house, to the entire world they live in coud change from Episode to Episode, just like in R&S, There's 32 Episodes divided by 3 Seasons, 2 Halloween Specials, and a movie, each lasting 10 minutes. Episodes range from Tails making a time machine, to Sonic trying to teach Tails how to be cool, to Sonic making up a family out of nothing but their imaginations because the Boss of SEGA doesnt allow them to have familys, to both riding the Egg-Titanic in Space wich sinks in space wáter, to the animators of the show not being able to make Sonic move silly, to Sonic & Tails literally breaking the 4th wall and terrorizing everyone irl just to make a friend made of popular movie characters... and many more.
  13. Most of them are generic RPG's with sonic in it, they're all crappy and have no-sense storys, like the random adition of characters like, what's the universe they're aming to? Main? Archie? Sonic the Comic? Underground? and if isn't any of that, then it's a bad Sonic.exe game, or a game with crappy oc's.
  14. LOL i know, it's pretty obvious, wonder why i even stated that?
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