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  1. TheGr8Deku

    bandai namco sega sonic fighting game?

    yeah it sounds like a pretty cool sonic game. i would lose my mind if it was comfirmed.
  2. alright so today i checked twitter and ive been seeing people talk about a rumor going around that sega and bandai namco are teaming up to make a sonic fighting game using the engine that are used in games such as the upcoming My Hero Academia Ones justice game and Naruto Ninjastorm 4 those type of games its going to have that dimps clear outlines they have in the anime fighting games. i feel like that the rumor would happen because of sonic and pac-mans crossover in there mobile games (sonic dash and pacman) and people also say that alternate versions of sonic are in the game such as sonic the werehog, classic sonic its also been said that the characters such as sonic you will have the option to swap the voices with Jason Griffin, Roger Craig Smith. and switch classic sonics sound effects when spindashing or attacking. all the characters would probably have a unique move set and its been said that the games will be an Steam and Nintendo Switch exclusive for the first release then a month later for the PS4 and Xbox release.
  3. TheGr8Deku

    At what point did Sonic Forces lose you?

    it wasnt that bad for me i enjoyed it i just didn't like how...-- WAIT ONE SECOND HOW COME CLASSIC SONIC STAGES ARE LONGER THAN THE MODERN STAGES WHAT THE HELL SONC TEAM?!?!
  4. TheGr8Deku

    Hmm what could i be?

    So in a few days on the launch of kirby star allies were getting a event for sonic we're seeing whats next for sonic the blue hedgehog im thinking something from sumo like.. sonic r remastered sonic racing WITH YOUR LEGS BEING USEFUL sonic dash with cars and now for not sumo side pls sonic heroes remake sonic battle remake with better graphics sonic xtreme by christian white head new sonic 2d game what are your thoughts leave them below!

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