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  1. Honestly. I feel that Roger Craig Smith's ship has sailed. Given the success of the Sonic Movie and a certain someone from the games making a small cameo. Who was voiced by their current voice actor in the games in the film. Does that show some insight into the future of Sonic? The reaction to Ben Schwartz as Sonic has been really positive and I'm sure SEGA and Sonic Team will do a Sonic X thing again and bring in Schwartz to replace Smith. What do you think?
  2. The concept of bring classic Sonic back as marketing strategy and not having him have any plot importance in the first place was really dumb. The premise was decent, but with Graff and Pontac writing it. It was destined to be cheese-ofied.
  3. 06 actually had potential to be good and the game was rushed to release for its deadline. And was the worst thing in the franchise as a result. Other games were doomed from the start like Forces for example. Calling the film a black sheep so early is just plain laughable.
  4. Didn't Robotnik die at the hands of Sonic and Sally? And have Snivly take over at his clutches? Or do you mean Sonic Underground as that series got cancelled and didn't get a proper finale?
  5. There is no way they can alter the design now and release the film on time. Either they make minor changes involving the the angles of the quills on Sonic's head, the head shape, eye shape and fixing the mouth proportions and expect it to release on time. At this point, if Paramount really cares about this film and want it to be good. They will delay it. Pushing it for its original release is dumb if it's unfinished and proper edits haven't been made. We don't want another 06.
  6. For some people, bad trailers used reverse psychology to make people go see it. I've seen plenty of people in the YouTube comments section saying they'll "go see the film to see how bad it is." Then maybe they'll be shocked when it actually turns out to be semi-decent or actually good.
  7. A bad reaction to a trailer is better than no reaction at all. For all we know, that may be the marketing strategy to make people go see said film. Heck for all we know, that might be what Paramount is trying to do with the Sonic movie.
  8. People just get automatically triggered when political correctness ruins their favourite childhood movies.
  9. Maybe not, if said film is given praise by critics after what seems to be of an abomination of a trailer. It does seem to overrule the trailer as a marketing strategy. What if said trailer was bad because the marketing team had no idea how to put together an exciting trailer that made people want to go see it? Bad marketing can easily make a product look bad, but that doesn't mean that said trailer can't be overturned by positive reviews from critics and the public alike.
  10. That is a terrible reason for not wanting to watch it. Whatever happened to don't judge a book by its cover? Has that phrase literally been thrown out the window?
  11. The trouble with the Sonic movie is that he has already had a bad reputation in the public eye. Even if the design was good, people would still bash it, because well. It's Sonic. My view however, I thought it would be a train wreck. But it actually looks pretty decent. Carrey looks like he's fully enjoying himself and having fun playing the Egghead. Heck, Sonic's VA, Schwartz sounds pretty good. Special effects are incredible, and the charcater interactions and lines cracked me up a few times. What I can't defend though, is the god awful design of Sonic. It looks almost nothing like what Sonic should be.
  12. You might find this question very stupid, considering how Crush 40 are making a return. But other bands worked on these games also alongside Crush 40, like Zebrahead back in 06 for example. It can be rock bands, or metal bands because that is seemingly what SEGA prefers in terms of making game themes. Like looking at Hoobastank who are Metal, with their lead vocalist Doug Robb working on Forces with 'Fist Bump'. It could also be with Electro-Pop with Cash Cash for instance who worked on the Colours and Generations soundtrack. There is no wrong answer with genres, because it all depends on the style of game they want to make. But I am deeply curious, which bands would you love to work on one of the soundtracks for the main themes? I would personally love Bullet for my Valentine (BFMV) vocalist Matt Tuck to work on a future sonic game, as I think he could really work in terms of what Sonic Team would want the future mainstream games could be like.
  13. I'd like to think so, first off we have Team Sonic Racing which is being released in May and got delayed. It looks pretty good, and very fun. The 6 month delay will probably let them encorporate things like the Transformed mechanic and fix glaring bugs. Sumo Digital tend to have a good reputation with racing games, and I would be extremely surprised if it got shat on to any degree. Then we we have the untitled mainstream Sonic game which is more than expected to be announced and released this year, due to criticisms Forces and most likely being developed alongside by the A Team (This is an assumption, just my common sense coming into play). They would have lots of stuff I would be excited for, especially if this 'Sonic Origins' rumour is true. Then this could see the blue blur become more likeable and acceptable again, as long as Graff and Pontac are gone. However, if these are good to go by, the release alongside of a certain movie will ruin everything this year has built up. Oh boy, where do I begin? First off, the design is a joke. But hopefully the beta sitting on Chris Pratt's head Sonic is the one that they'll go for. It's still bad, but not as bad as the one that we currently have. It is almost certain that the film will bomb hard with critics, and will certainly do damage to the character. But Mario had a terrible movie back in the 90's which didn't ruin his reputation, because good games like 64 got released around the time of that. Hopefully that's the same case for this franchise, but I don't see it. Anything the games build up, the movie will almost certainatly ruin all the hype and momentum that Sonic has this year.
  14. Think the movie will be a massive financial success. Will bomb with critics though, fans will be quick to join on that bandwagon. Personally think Jim Carrey will have great chemistry with Ben Schwartz, who voices Sonic. Jim Carrey will be entertaining as fuck being Dr. Eggman/Robotnik. Ben Schwartz will provide a great sonic voice that the majority of fans will agree on. Think the CGI will look stunning as well, hopefully Sonic's model isn't shit. Everything else will most likely be awful though.
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