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  1. Are Sonic media better than the games?

    How exactly are you supposed to compare them, though? On a case by case basis? Even the games are a ridiculous crapshoot in terms of tone and quality, let alone something like old Archie, or the 5 television shows. I mean, I think many of the game stories are utter crap, but some of them are really good, and I would take those in a heartbeat over The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  2. Freedom Fighters' own Series

    I've thought about that, the SATAM finale, how Ben Hurst said that it was going to be Naugus. But why would he reveal one of the main twists of the story, I believe he was trying to get a SATAM movie done until his death. What if those red eyes were supposed to be Jules, or an earlier version of that character? Jules story as presented in Old Archie would fit in nicely with SATAM's backstory IMO. It would also explain why it looks like Metal. As for the original topic... yeah, the basic concept of SATAM could work without Sonic or Robotnik/Eggman specifically. Anthropomorphic animals fighting a lunatic using a machine to turn them into his(or her!) robotic slaves? Sure. But the more you go into the details, the more you have to change things; most importantly Sonic doesn't exist and the Doctor can't be Robotnik/Eggman specifically. You would either need to create a stand in for him or replace him entirely. Still, it could work nicely IMO. SATAM was hardly perfect, and going over everything might be a good way to insure nothing is out of place with what you are creating... creating a consistent tone for the universe from the start would work wonders. Make sure you know what... intensity the story is supposed to be. I would avoid going to either extreme of edgy-ness... but go for it, if that's really the story you want to tell. I really think It inherently leans towards a darker/edgy tone though. It might be a decent idea to use some forgotten characters to help fill in the roster as well. Ian Flynn era Geofferry? A Robian version of Shortfuse? Quality OC'S, even. I honestly think if you made a compelling story about Furry Partisans fighting a dictator trying to Enslave/Murder them, and thought out the Metaverse and general plot before you started, it could work on it's own, with or without Sonic. Hell, I have more faith in literally anyone posting in this topic to create a good story then Sonic Team at this point. Then again, what do I know? I'M CRAZY!!!
  3. Hey, I actually know of a few SATAM based/inspired games- A 2D platformer called "Sonic Nebulous", here's the MOD DB page for it http://www.moddb.com/games/sonic-nebulous That guy was working on a sequel for years, but it appears progress has ground to a halt on that. Still, here a version that's publicly available There are a few MUGEN based brawlers under the name "Sonic Freedom Fighters" that are of... umm... dubious quality. Razor and Zennon covered this game "Sonic SatAM Liberations" Lastly, somebody has indeed been working on SATAM based RPG's here a link to his site- http://knuckleschaotix.net/twisted.htm I found out about this after he entered "Forces of Mobius" into last years SAGE contest. You're going to want to look up that game up for yourself on Youtube.

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