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  1. Hey, Bobby just found Scott Fulop's website promoting a Mammoth Mogul comic and merch. Not TLSC but it's somewhat related, I guess: https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/post/637060530466586624/thankskenpenders-okay-so-penders-and-the-lara-su
  2. Wasn't a shit ton of artwork "traced and copied" for issue 92?... Yeah, scroll to the bottom here https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/tagged/StH 92/chrono
  3. The only thing that really caught my attention looking at Ken's twitter is this photo where Metal Sonic has no ears Unfortunately nothing interesting about everything else on there, from the random political tweets to the boasting about the lawsuit. It's all shit we've seen before. For literal years. Also the joke TLSC wiki is dead, I think.
  4. Does Half Life: Alex count as Half Life 3? Because if it does, we actually got Half Life 3 before Ken released an issue of TLSC. Like, holy Jesus, it's been about ten years since this shitstorm started? Ken is actually going to die from old age before this comic gets done. It might not even get started if he continues on like this...
  5. This - nearly half the song is incomprehensible, but it's still one of my favorites
  6. I'll try to find the stuff about Ken writing Sonic later, I don't have super long tonight to search for it and I only half remember the details, it's about how Ken thought Sonic viewed women, it has to do with Ken trying to justify killing Sally in endgame, how "Scourge" was able to hit on all the girls in knothole without attracting a ton of attention and how Sonic treated Fiona while still wanting Sally in issues 155-156. It's been a few months since I last looked at these comics or anybody's covered them AND SHITS GETTING OUT OF HAND IRL LATELY. Anyway, Issue 97? The loooong version is that we get a story about Sonic dressing up as a Ninja and trying to prevent the Royal Secret Service from being screwed by The Doctor. But it's baaaaaad. So WTF is going on that makes issue 97 so stupid? For reference... So, the RSS have been sent out to find "The Sword of Acorns", that Sonic lost saving Mina in issue 90. it seems Sonic is taking responsibility for his mistake and save the RSS. I mean, Sonic made the right call saving her instead of the sword, but he still lost the damn thing. and Karl made Geoff SUPER dickish towards the Freedom fighters right when chuck sent them the message about the sword; in a rather dangerous way. Why was that swat-bot rampaging through everything in Knothole? No wonder Geoff was pissed off. Anyway, Geoff yells at Sonic to frick off or else before Sonic could tell him the vital information, and rather then just say "It's a message from Chuck about the sword you're looking for" and getting Geoff's attention that way, or telling literally anybody else, Sonic and company do indeed just frick off and subsequently the Acorns get bad info from the wrecked swat-bot, and Maximillion sends the RSS out on a rubbish mission. WHOOPS. So, Sonic makes a disguise and leaves Knothole, heading out to find the Sword when the RSS are heading out to find it as well, and he decides to help them as well. Sonic seems to be taking responsibility for his mistake losing the sword and save the RSS. Good, great! Even if Sonic is... er, rude... about it. So,we get a story about Sonic running and Sneaking around, while the RSS have to fight their way out of Robotnik's grasp? Do we get Sonic delivering the vital info in a timely manner? Geoffrey seeing through Sonic's hilariously shitty disguise but letting him off the hook since Sonic's risking his life to help them, helping bridge the divide between the two? Action and excitement? NOPE The RSS move into Robotropolis and immediately get captured. They didn't even appear to bring any frigging weapons. Sonic, who was shadowing them, jumps out and... does nothing, as he is also captured immediately. At least we got the hilarious "DOWN WITH THE FURRIES" panel after that. After the 6 of them are put into a prison, What does the Doctor do? Interrogate them for info? Robotize the group? Kill them? Just... keep them locked away? Use them as Ransom, or bait for a trap? With any of those, he could just send Bomb and Heavy back to Knothole, but maybe he needs to insure H&B will be kept near the Acorns for his plan? Doesn't want to attract anymore attention to those 2 for his later plans to work, perhaps? He just, somehow, gives the RSS members nanites and reprograms H&B to work for him, then lets the group escape with H&B's fake breakout. That last bit's not a bad idea. The rest of this is really questionable though. Why does he not do anything to Sonic? Why would he care about letting this "random" dude go if he didn't recognise him? It seems like the Doctor made these plans in a hurry, since he probably wasn't expecting the RSS to randomly show up without weapons. The cherry on top is that the art is fucking HORRID in this issue too. I'd say at least Karl's writing only gets better from that point on, but the Dulcy domestic abuse issue is about 10 issues later. CHRIST.
  7. Well shit, Geoffrey's my favorite Sonic character... but it's Ian's wizard Geoffrey, not Karl's "Hate Sink" Geoffrey or Ken's Pepe le pedo. Ain't nobody want Pepe le pedo back except nutters. But really? I don't hate any Sonic character, they're fictional characters. I hate the way they are written. Case in point; if you look at the way Geoffrey is written between the different writers, he's like a different person. Do I need to say anything more about the way Ken wrote him? I mean, look at the way Ken thought Sonic thought about women! I'd post a link but I can't find it right now. Fuck! I think it's bound to be buried somewhere in TLSC thread. But Karl actually had some idea of how to write things, so as he wrote things, Geoffrey is more obviously supposed to be a dick at first, but he releases that he's screwed up, and tries to do better, and is eventually able to work out his issues with Sonic... in theory. In practice though, Karl went back and forth on this until issue 118, which also iced the SalxGeoff shipping. Thank fuck. Then Sonic and Geoff just stop fighting when Sonic comes back from space. Thank fuck. Geoffrey's also noticeably worse in a fight under Karl, and Issue 97 works so hard at making him look bad that Sonic and Robotnik look horrible as well. Ian's Geoffrey is the incarnation is the one people actually seem to like, he's not overpowered or underpowered from the writer's discretion, he actually has a couple of superpowers to fit in with the rest of the main frigging cast, and he's mostly a sympathetic character at that point, trying to do the right thing but going about it kinda poorly. Extremely poorly with bringing Naugus, but better in trying to keep that situation from getting worse. Damn shame we probably won't find out how that was supposed to end, at least for a long time. I hope Ian Flynn wrote down that shit so he doesn't forget where things were going. The TLDR is that I judge if a like an incarnation of a character, not the basic character themselves. Like, I hate Tsundere Amy that we saw for a long time in the games more then any other character I can think of, but I like most of the spinoff incarnations of Amy? It's weird, I wish I could explain it better. Maybe I could? Er, Metal Sonic for Example, my 2nd Favorite Sonic character. The reason I like him so much is... namely because of his awesome looking design, but storywise, he's such a malleable character. He could be a soulless monster, just mass produced killing machines like in Sonic The Comic, he could become the hero, like Shard, he could be a pirate (Captain Metal, anyone?), Shadow's silent friend (Sonic Rivals 2), or even SONIC'S LOVER!
  8. Yeah, I think misgendering Bobby was probably a honest mistake, but Ken's still being pissy about being called out for his stupid behaviour without actually refuting... literally anything Bobby said. Probably ought to link that article she wrote anyway since it's relevant https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/02/the-lawsuit-that-reshaped-sonic-the-hedgehog-comics.html
  9. More fail from Ken, nothing out of the ordinary here sadly https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/post/190830540985/ken-tweeted-about-the-article https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1228443130774507520
  10. Christ, I wonder what sort of reaction these might get in a goodwill. Not even trying to be mean here, let's say Ken's merchandise sells decently, sooner or later, some of these shirts are going to end up being resold and/or donated. Imagine that in 10-15 years, random people, who have never heard about of any of this, are going to be seeing these shirts and other TLSC merch, I wonder what they will think... (Probably that it's sketchy AF or ugly or whatever, but still...)
  11. Here's a couple of things on topic - A little bit of info on why he created Nic the Weasel And, shockingly, something related to TLSC that I didn't know about, a new character! Another Echidna, how quaint. At least compared to the 8th of last month... This really is Geoffrey St. John Chronicles at this point, isn't it?
  12. I found a few tweets of vague interest, I'll post them up so they won't be buried in Ken's twitter feed Continued fighting over Geoffrey/Sally, a shipping I don't even think has a abbreviation lmao But really this twitter thread is another toilet fire https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1121792541546799104 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1123059040697737217 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1123966097739456518 This last tweet makes me sadder than anything else he's tweeted, honestly. He is actually going to die from old age before anybody can use the IP again... legally. Deviantart is running wild with "his" characters LOL
  13. Is ken going to go after IDW now? Probably not, Hopefully not, but it seems like one of the few ways left he can up the insanity of this situation...
  14. I've had a feeling for a long time that Geoffrey might be Rutan's father. I don't really have anything to prove this except Rutan's Black and White spots, and ken's need to work everybody into the Knuckles family tree, but I really can't shake this feeling... On the joke front, maybe Geoffrey will be Bisexual, now NO ONE will be safe from him!
  15. Jesus Christ, what the fuck? I mean, what in the actual fuck is ken thinking? Is he smoking CRACK? I was thinking vaguely about taking a image from Sonic Universe 35, where Geoffrey is being lead away in handcuffs, and making a meme about this sort of shit, maybe plaster ken's head over Geoff's, but I can't even think of anything funny to go with this shitstorm. If only SEGA could get the damned copyrights, Geoffrey would be better off rotting away in absolute obscurity then rotting away in TLSC. At least now I'm thankful that shit's never getting done. Before? I was morbidly curious as to how bad it would be. But now? Fuck that. This isn't even funny anymore, all of ken's activity in the last 2 days has been unbelievably sketchy. For whatever reason, I actually liked Geoffrey... but I liked the Ian Flynn era Geoff, not Karl's whipping boy Geoffrey or ken's James Bond wannabe Geoff. ... Now that I think about it, I figure the stupid-ass age gap would have been something ken could have retconned away with TLSC. Instead he reveals he wanted this shit!?! Fuck you, Ken Penders!
  16. Do you think it's Pre-set, as in Need For Speed Underground/Most Wanted? If so, it's a rubbish "editor" that's barely worth using, honestly. If you think Pre-set, as in, basic shapes and colours you can move around and apply at will, then people with A LOT of time can whip up just about anything they want; I would recommend muting the audio on these examples, just skip around to get the jist of what they are doing - These are showing off some nice tools, and where you can make a custom vinyl (from shapes and stuff) and apply at wherever you want, but even with a primitive editor, in games like Midnight Club LA or Need for speed Carbon, you can still make designs like these by applying the layers directly to the car itself, at least if the game supports enough layers. .... On second thought, Team Sonic Racing's "Editor" DOES look like the NFS UG 1-2/MW system, you'll probably unlock more vinyls through whatever.
  17. I'm liking the look of most of this, but I'm a bit worried about the Vinyl editor, I remember playing Forza Motorsport 2 about 8-9 years ago online and seeing people driving around with PORN vinyls on their cars. I never saw it in later Forza games that had a storefront to share the designs, SEGA probably just needs somebody policing however the Vinyls get shared to cut down on the crap. Assuming you actually CAN share the designs.
  18. Ok, I've seen this map before... wait, what the fuck? What's with number 28? The "LETHAL RADIOACTIVE ZONE" !?! I don't remember seeing this on the map before, and I sure as shit don't remember Sonic going to Chernobyl in the comic! lmao, any idea what gives?
  19. Ken's selling the "ROYAL SECRET SERVICE PATCH" on ebay right now. Christ. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ROYAL-SECRET-SERVICE-PATCH-as-seen-in-THE-LARA-SU-CHRONICLES-Ken-Penders/273144783072?hash=item3f98b2a0e0:g:YvUAAOxypNtSlCj6:rk:1:pf:0
  20. Quick update on what Ken is doing - (other then ranting on about politics) More proof he's barely even started this project - Huh? HUH? Are you kidding me? Wait, THE REPUBLIC isn't dead? Are you fucking kidding me? TLDR; Ken is doing nothing, sorry for wasting your time .
  21. Oh yeah, I saw this over a month ago, but I forgot to post it up, apparently something IS going on with the Scott Fulop case? In other news, something actually related to TLSC: I would have figured that he would have had all of the voice acting done years ago, since he was planning to release years ago, but nothing relating to TLSC makes any sense, so screw it. Now I kinda want to hear the voices he's already got...
  22. My first exposure to Sonic was Sonic Underground. I loved it, and it's probably warped what I desire from the franchise ever since, honestly. Can't remember much about what I liked, other then I liked Manic, the title theme was cool and Knuckles was in the show at one point. I rewatched it last year and it was hilariously terrible... but there are quite a few things I liked. Those songs make want want to die though. I think I was in Kindergarden at the time it was showing? I wondered for years what happened to that show. After it disappeared, Sonic essentially disappeared for me. The next time I remember seeing Sonic was in 2008, it was an advertisement for Unleashed in Official Xbox Magazine. I was just like "wtf, Sonic is still a thing?" Like, I hadn't heard a thing about the franchise in years. Fast forward a few years, and in 2012 was my first proper exposure to a Sonic game. My high school had a plug and play thing with Super Mario Brothers and Sonic 2 loaded on it, and people were screwing around with it at the end of the year. Maybe 5 people total in the room? I remember seeing Emerald Hill zone and Chemical Plant zone for the first time and thinking it was FUCKING LIT, like, it was the coolest platformer I had ever seen. I also remember saying that I thought Tails was female and, er, something about being Sonic's "love interest" and the one guy who knew about Sonic there was really pissed off at my plebeian lack of knowledge about the franchise. The teacher who happened to be there tried to diffuse things peacefully, while the Gangsta dude there simply stated: "Dude, that ain't no fucking Dude." lmao. TLDR: Sonic was never part of childhood, honestly. My childhood was bloody miserable. It's probably a good thing I don't associate Sonic with it. I've only really been looking into the Sonic franchise since 2013. Not sure where I should really have put this, but screw it, I'm venting here today!
  23. Are you fuckin' kidding me? ... Probably not, given everything else here. I take it this is decent evidence that Ken never read anything Ian wrote? Like, anything? The story arc with Tommy's death? Or the fricking nanite city?
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