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  1. ...C-Can somebody tell me why Ken even has done all the shit he's done in the first place? Like make the Archie comic into a furry drama comic that tries to be on the level of Star Wars?
  2. This image here. Top notch. Blessed image. 10/10 As a side note, I also never heard of this manga until today. This has been a good find.
  3. Well, she already did (and by Sally, we mean Acorn), in the American Sonic CD manual. But now to get back on topic before this thread might devolve into something else.
  4. Temporal Garden Zone This Zone is effectively an alternate version of Sky Sanctuary covered in more flora that got sent directly into time and space by Eggman's shenanigans a set of floating ancient ruins that mysteriously ended up directly in the time-space continuum. Act 1 is outside the ruins where you can see the continuum itself in the background with holes that peer into moments from all over Sonic's past. Act 2 is inside the ruins, where time has begun to slow and speed up in certain spots. The badniks in this zone are of an older variety, mainly Egg Robos that look as if they shouldn't be functioning, along with Snail Blasters, surprisingly fast Motobugs, and more melee focused Slicers. Mini-Boss: None, albeit you do reach an area with a large broken humanoid looking mech that could have been the mini-boss. Looks like something got to it first. Boss: Mecha Sonic Before you fight Mecha, you get a cutscene showing Sonic going up to Mecha, who before the fight appears to be trashed. But suddenly, a hole from another timeline opens up and out falls a Time Stone which lands onto one of Mecha's open hands. The gemstone glows and Mecha reactivates, starting the fight. Phase 1: Mecha is jumping about in ball form in an attempt to crush you, with him occasionally opening up to remain on the ground and charge you. Should this attack be successful, you won't be hurt automatically, but rather you'd be grabbed and thrown into a nearby wall. Dodge this attack and hit Mecha while he's charging will cause him to take damage (no duh) This phase takes 4 hits to beat. Phase 2 : Mecha starts using the Time Stone which reactivated him to hurt you by opening up holes in time for him alone to jump through. Start moving, because he will try hitting you by opening up another hole right behind you. His other attack will involve him opening up more holes to call in some Badniks, with the worst one being when he calls in a group of Asterons. During this move is when you can strike 4 more times to beat him for good.
  5. My thoughts about this series: Good. Real good. Good comedy, funny expressions, and nice timing. The music wasn't half bad either. Best part was part 5's ending with Knux, in my humble opinion. When I first saw that, my first thought was "Wait, what?!" Then I laughed a bit at Sonic's shrug and the tiny part where Tails started to choke. All and all, 5
  6. To quickly answer your question for a bit, it's a common theory that in Sonic Battle that Gerald studied the ancient Echidna mural in S&3K's Hidden Palace Zone and decided to base the ultimate lifeform on the "Super Sonic" on it while doing his research on Emerl, if I'm remembering right. Now, time to get back onto topic...
  7. All of Penders' art makes me horrified, and the one up top is no exception!
  8. Finally back! Was gone for a while and tried returning, but the thing wouldn't let me in, and then I logged in with google and that was apparently enough to let me back in!

    1. MightyRay


      Welcome back! Technology can be a funny thing huh?

    2. Asin Korber

      Asin Korber

      Yes it can, my good sir.

    3. MightyRay


      Yep, oh but the way I'm a ma'am not a sir. lol

    4. Asin Korber

      Asin Korber

      Oh, my apologies.

    5. Kiah


      I was about to say I second @MightyRay and what SHE said.

      Anyway, sorry you had trouble getting back on here and I’m glad you overcame it. Welcome back 🙂

    6. Asin Korber

      Asin Korber

      Thanks for the warm welcome!

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      Hello, welcome back

    9. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Bidding you good welcomes back sir or ma'am!

    10. PaulyBFromDa303


      Good to meet your acquaintance, brother (i presume brother since your profile says male lol)

      I'm Pauly. I'm a music maker :D Welcome back to the Stadium

    11. Asin Korber

      Asin Korber

      Thank you all for the warm welcoming!

  9. What I'm interested in is what would Mighty/Ray/Metal's team's story be like?
  10. The guy who played Gollum? Who would he play in a Sonic movie?
  11. It's a rather simple thing, just show off your ideas for zones and such. I'll probably add my own suggestion down the line, as I don't have much time right now to make one. Anyway, I'd love to see what you guys got in your head regarding zone ideas Cheers, Asin
  12. All right, time to make a post that isn't just a sentence or me having gone mad due to a certain someone's art we all aren't to big of a fan of. Here's what I would consider my dream Sonic game/Sonic fangame I'd probably create: Name: Sonic: Other Worlds Basic Gist: The idea of the game is that the game would be split into 3 "Stories", a lot like the Adventure games. Each story would take place in an alternate version of Sonic's World, all varying heavily from our normal Sonic. Each Story, however, would play like the classics of Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, and CD. Lemme do a basic rundown on the stories and how they all work. Story 1: Hedgehog of the Little World In this story, Sonic resides on Little Planet within its' past. He is happily napping under one of those weird fern things in Palmtree Panic when a mysterious light wakes him up. He goes to investigate and finds an odd round man in red with a bunch of robots following him. The odd red man, upon noticing the "blue native/intruder", sends out a robot to deal with him. Sonic quickly smashes the robot, then watches the strange fellow he would later know as Eggman run off. Sonic, getting an idea that this guy is no good, speeds after him. Eggman's Goal: Obtain resources such as sturdy wood, pure water, and fresh edible plants and animals from the Little Planet when it was most plentiful in said resources to sell to those who can afford it back in his own time. You see, this Eggman hails from a polluted future where these resources go for a fortune. Back home, all you would get is wood from dead trees, disgusting sewer water, and wilted plants and rotting animal carcasses. His secondary goal is to harvest any oil or such things for the planet so his homeworld's factories can keep on running. Sonic's Moves: All of his moves he had in Sonic CD. Spin Dash (Sonic 2 Style), Super Peel-Out, all that. Special Stage for this Story: You have to do battle with a golem like entity to retrieve a Time Stone, basically. Zones: 1. Palmtree Panic 2. Collision Chaos 3. Tidal Tempest From Tidal Tempest, the path splits into two with one following CD's line of Zones, and the other being "unexplored areas"... 4a. Quartz Quadrant 4b. Mercury Mines (named after that hoax beta level): A mixture of underground mines and chemical factory. 5a. Wacky Workbench 5b. Jade Jungle: Crystallized jungle area. 6a. Stardust Speedway 6b. Chaotic Courtyard: Big fancy courtyard with a statue of Metal Sonic. The pathways reconnect for the final stage... 7. Metallic Madness I'll probably give a good explaining of the other two stories soon. I'd probably keep writing until midnight if I kept going now...
  13. ... Excuse me for one second while my mind breaks from the eldritch abomination I have just seen. ... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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