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  1. IDW Sonic Comic Squad on Facebook. David Mariotte and to a lesser extent Joe Hughes are very active on it and interact with fans. They give sneak peaks and exclusive news sometimes. Mostly a lot of fan art though.
  2. Wow, there are some intense opinion about the book here! I appreciate everyone sharing and discussing them! I found some of the views of Neo quite interesting. It seems a lot of the negative criticism of him stems from story telling expectations from the Archie series as well as some bias and preferences for it. His motivations, at least those that have been revealed, seem pretty straightforward and fitting to me. It was a nice twist that instead of rebelling like in Heroes he was actually trying to rescue and reinstate Eggman into control. This violation of expectations paired with the fact that he is indeed a machine following his pre-programmed directives are believable. He is cold, calculated, and confident, representing a threat because he knows just how powerful he is, and likewise vulnerable because he thinks his plan is statistically foolproof. From the first issue we see this. He is pulling the strings from the shadow, secretly searching for Eggman while maintain the Empire and preparing for his conquest of Angel Island. Some seem to think that because his goals are straightforward that they are uninteresting or simple. Other seem to think that because he is powerful he is boring. These complaints do not seem very logical to me and rather signal that you just are not resonating with the book as is. Others seem to want it to emulate Archie, which it is never going to do. Flynn is still writing in his Flynn style but he has a different more seasoned focus. Not naming every town and character does not mean that there is no world building or character driven plots. There are signs left and right that Flynn plans on exploring these character down the road. Please remember we are on issue #9. Archie was still in its "funny papers" phase at this point and into years after. Give the book some time. They are starting something new. Flynn has been packing a metric ton of content into each book; just be patient and wait til it gets some real traction.
  3. Could you give me a source to where he said this? I don't think he said this or he has been taken out of context.
  4. That cheap for a limited run SDCC exclusive variant?!?
  5. Ah that explains it, thanks for the info! You're right, issue #1's tend to debut high and then trail off to an average amount. In this instance, you can essentially included #1-4 in this effect. I would suspect around 10K+ for issue #5 going and probably settle around 9-10k within a year.
  6. https://sonicsourceblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/07/idw-sonic-sales-numbers-breakdown/ IDW Issue #1-4 blew pretty much any arc Archie ever did out of the water. They also achieved these numbers without fatiguing buyers with 4 issues in 1 month. Archie sales averaged around 6,000 copies a month with only special events or milestone issues ever reaching even close to these numbers.
  7. The reprints will all be variant covers. Issue #1-3's second prints will be the Hesse cover with an all white background like has been shown for #1. Issue #4 will be alternate art by Evan Stanley with a white background to match the 2nd printing style. The 3rd printing of issue #1 will be the same as the 2nd except the issue # box in the top left corner will be a different color. David Mariotte said he thinks it will be orange instead of red.
  8. Hmm, I bought the SEGA Shop bundle and they said it would include a digital copy, but for the life of me, I have no idea how I am supposed to get it.
  9. Ya I noticed that too. Same artist, Edwin Huang. Might have been a time crunch considering the number of variants they put out...or just laziness who knows?!
  10. Rafa Knight is doing a cover for issue #1. No new characters in that one, as far as I know, but she did all the 3D model covers for Archie (Megaman and Sonic). So there is a good chance we might see some of the new characters in 3D as well with her on the team.
  11. Well, I think its fair that the ones that are just recolors/sketches are the ones that are less accessible by the average collector. In my opinion it would be worse if the WonderCon Variant was unique artwork that will be hard to get because of finance/travel abilities, the Crash Course variant having to shell out $30 for a board game you might not necessarily want, or buying a $25 box set of 4 books you already have to get that one variant. I actually prefer those variants to be less special for that reason, since I won't feel too bad about not having them (though of course, I'm going to try to get them all anyway). The only variant that I'm unsure about is the #4 that is coming with the SEGA shop bundle, no word on what it is yet.
  12. There is also a 25 Copy Incentive by Rafa Knight, as well a sketch variant that is coming with GameStop pre-orders of the Crash Course board game. Glad you all like the cover gallery! I am constantly trying to make the blog better!
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