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  1. What if instead of being created from Black Doom's blood, Shadow was created through knowledge passed down by a demon prince? It would be kinda like the relationship between Raven and Trigon from Teen Titans except that Shadow wouldn't be created from the demon's essence rather Gerald makes him through a formula the demon gave him. Not to mention in the present he could face Shadow alongside other things like offering to bring Maria back to life or him bargaining with Eggman. Hell, he doesn't HAVE to be introduced immediately as Shadow's indirect creator. The demon could be introduced beforehand causing Sonic and his friends grief.
  2. Note that they wouldn't just be HD graphical uplifts and are completely new games like the remakes of Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 2. Here's who I would have as new voice actors for the characters originating from each game. Sonic Adventure Remake: E-102 Gamma: Troy Baker Tikal: Erica Lindbeck Pachacamac: J.B. Blanc Sonic Adventure 2 Remake: Maria Robotnik: Cristina Vee Gerald Robotnik: Aaron LaPlante The President: Troy Baker What do you guys think?
  3. While members of the main cast not being allowed to die is a major mandate, are there any loopholes around it? Like can guys like Sonic, Tails or Knuckles get killed but revived later on? In addition, can characters originating from the comics be killed off permanently? (Such as main characters, supporting characters, background characters and so on)
  4. If Cosmo were to appear in the games, who would be her new voice actress? My bet would be Stephanie Sheh.
  5. Does that also include rendering Anakin/Vader's story entirely pointless?
  6. It's like with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Everyone stereotypes him as a perpetually depressed mope when he was NOTHING like that in the game he originated from. (Thanks to lackluster tie-in material like Advent Children) Hopefully the remake has opened people's eyes to his original, true characterization.
  7. So what do you guys think of the idea of Palpatine returning from the dead for this movie?
  8. Before 2020, did anyone ever expect a reboot of Adventure?
  9. Let's say in the 90's Sega decided to license out the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise out to Philips so they can produce games for their CD-based CD-i console. Much like Nintendo did for Mario and Zelda. What would the gameplay be like? What would the cutscenes be like? And most importantly, how much would they suck? I think these fan-made pictures give a good idea:
  10. Ironically, Satan is often described as a fallen angel so it fits. Speaking of vices, I imagine the Devil guy would have reality warping powers. Which gives him the ability to grant his clients' wishes. (Such as giving Vector an insane amount of money) Alternatively, Shadow would try to attack the demon, only for said demon to wipe the floor with him.
  11. For Amy, it would most likely be her love for Sonic. For Sonic himself, it would probably be his ego. (Which I'm pretty sure the Devil guy would be all too happy to exploit) Shadow would be a particularly dark example. The demon could disguise himself as Maria Robotnik via shapeshifting and use her form to toy with his emotions.
  12. But as a FAR more blatant analogue and a much more inspired design.
  13. True. The character I described would take those traits and amplify them up to eleven. Not to mention his schemes would be on a more personal level compared to the more grandiose plans of Zavok and Eggman.
  14. What if the next big original villain after Dr. Starline is a Devil-type character? With godlike power and who torments Sonic and his friends just for his own amusement? Not to mention he has a appearance modeled after occult figures like Baphomet?
  15. What if the IDW comics reintroduce characters from past Sonic media? And not just AoStH and SatAM, but other animated media like Underground, the OVA and X? Of course this is assuming Sega allows the writers to do so.
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