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  1. Imagine if the baddie were to take on a form made specifically for pissing off Sonic. Kinda like Jester is towards Dante in Devil May Cry 3:
  2. Elaborating on my idea of a recurring Sonic villain being a Satanic analogue, what if he was a shapeshifter like Neo Metal Sonic? Not to mention he has a sick sense of humor that Sonic is disgusted by. And of course, he has godlike powers.
  3. According to TV Tropes, the Greater-Scope Villain, or Bigger Bad, is a villain that is a bigger threat and has more influence than the Big Bad (this case being Dr. Eggman), but has little to no involvement in the plot. While there have been villains other than Eggman, they've more or less been one-shots or became good. This makes me wonder, what if there was a recurring major villain who was a much bigger menace than Eggman, but only appears occasionally to screw with Sonic and friends? Hell, there could be stories where they're the main villain and Eggman doesn't appear at all. I can see this character being some sort of powerful demonic entity with a cruel and manipulative nature like Mephiles. (Though he would have a more unique design like instead of a Shadow recolor he would look more like a fallen angel with a Sonic aesthetic) If Dr. Eggman is Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls, then the demon would be HIM. What do you guys think of this idea? Could it work under capable writers? What are the pros and cons?
  4. You mean where it's stated that Eggman tortured Sonic for months yet he NEVER showed any visible signs of it? Hell, that was something the English version included from what I've heard.
  5. Basically, the writers put Sonic through as much abuse as possible. Terrible thing after terrible thing happens to him and his friends, eventually to the point where he snaps. But in the end he takes all of these traumatic events in stride and carries on. Of course this is speaking if this plot was done right like the later issues of Pre-boot Archie Sonic. Done poorly, it would be like a bad Spongebob episode. The kind where a character is punished for no good reason. (Most notably Squidward)
  6. In this thread you can discuss any form of architecture. Ranging from ancient structures to modern high-rise buildings. Not to mention the whole processes behind it.
  7. How would Sonic characters play off of the cast of Steven Universe?
  8. Yes, but it was more of a show-to-game adaptation of Adventure 01 rather than an outright reboot. If it were like I Choose You, the story would play out a LOT differently.
  9. I'd like to see Square Enix do a Sonic RPG. Preferably the Kingdom Hearts team.
  10. What do you guys think of a loose retelling of Digimon Adventure set in an alternate continuity? Much like Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You?
  11. What do you guys think of the part where Black Doom unfavorably compares anthropomorphic animals to humans? Angering Sonic and his friends in the process?
  12. I was thinking more among the likes of the final episode of Sonic X. In which Sonic and Shadow use a new ability called Chaos Regeneration to try and save Cosmo.
  13. Maybe the gas could start emitting after Doom beats Sonic and co. and the physical effects of the gas are more realistic. Like say instead of freezing like statues in ridiculous poses, they collapse to the ground in pain.
  14. At first, it goes off the same as in the game, but then some notable differences arise. Black Doom compares anthropomorphic animals like Sonic and his friends unfavorably to humans. Believing them to be just as self-destructive as they are. Not to mention Sonic and the others reacting in shock to the fact that Shadow is related to the Black Arms. The heroes begin to face Black Doom, but rather than being paralyzed by the Black Comet's nerve gas, Doom absorbs the power of the Chaos Emeralds and transforms into Devil Doom. What follows is a one-sided battle in which he defeats Sonic and his friends with little effort. After they are beaten to the point where they can no longer move, Doom sends a swarm of his offspring after them to feed on their blood. Eventually, Sonic and his friends die from blood loss, but not before Sonic begs Shadow to save the world. Remembering Maria's words, Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport the dead bodies of Sonic, his friends and Dr. Eggman out of the Comet and into a safe place below. The rest of the story plays out largely the same as canon. Only Sonic and his pals aren't there to cheer Shadow on. Speaking of which, he resurrects them using his Chaos powers. Granted, this wouldn't fix all the problems the story has, but I'd thought it'd be fun to try.
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