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  1. I’d like to see Metal Sonic be a focus of the sequel. Robotnik creates him using Sonic’s quill and tries to take over the planet. Then for a third movie, go to Sonic’s planet and bring in Knuckles and maybe even Chaos and end it there.
  2. As far as Sonic goes, I'd love it if they continue making classic style Sonic games. Mania is just too good. How about a 2D platform racer? As for other IP's; it's my dream that someday SEGA will make a new Monkey Ball game.
  3. I really hope not. Mania is the only Sonic game I have genuinely enjoyed since the Dreamcast era. Part of that enjoyment comes from its strict commitment to only use elements from before Sonic Adventure. If I want to see Shadow, Silver, Rouge, ect. I'll just play one of the "modern" games.
  4. The game-play seems solid enough. I am really curious how this team mechanic is going to work though.
  5. I love the artwork. Reminds me of the Mickey Shorts in a way.
  6. Wow look at that. Joined in to inquire about this and already there are skeptics about my interest in this. I feel flattered! Kinda odd that I would travel all the way to this forest just to vandalize a statue. I frequently nose around these forums but have had no real intent to post anything until I came across this. Since I’m in Japan, and plan to do some traveling in August, I would certainly be interested in seeing this for myself. I did have an old account here but I honeslty don’t even remember my account name or email address. As for proof I’m in Japan. I have nothing to prove to anyone. If he wants to give me information on this things location then I will give him whatever info makes him feel comfortable via private email. But I sure as hell am not going to go into detail about where and what I’m doing on public forums just so you can believe where I am located. I’m from the US and I’m working in Japan, that’s all you need to know.
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