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    Vector Reeves reacted to Jambone in Should modern character like Shadow and Silver should be incorporated into the Classic formula to stay relevant?   
    Yeah, no thanks.  The Classic cast is big enough to support itself without drawing from Modern characters I don't give a shit about.  Most Modern Sonic characters don't really have a "role" anymore so much as they just exist to be drawn upon when needed to fill a quota, so it's not like there's some sort of dire need to bring them to the Classic game(s) because they're missing out on some amazing features or story.
    Tails and Amy pretty much fill the same roles as they do in the Modern games, except Tails is actually useful and Amy...hasn't done anything yet.
    Metal and Knuckles play Shadow's two main parts already and don't have his baggage.  Metal is the doppleganger (except he has an actual motive to fight Sonic instead of just being another friend) and Classic Knuckles is the friendly rival that isn't always around but he's really strong and fights for his own reasons (protecting the Floating Island at all costs instead of...government...or something?  Neither are great but Knuckles' is at least personal while Shadow works for the people who killed his human sister-girlfriend for some reason).
    Fang has plenty of potential to be a Wario-type character who isn't necessarily evil but selfish and it puts him at odds with Sonic.  He'd probably take jobs from Egg as well, and bigger rogue's gallery is always nice.  Rouge would be his most direct counterpart, likely.
    Bean and Bark are pretty much blank slates, although if they ever actually show up I'd imagine they'll probably be anti-heroes like they were in the comics if Mania is anything to go by.  Again, rogue's gallery.  They don't really correlate to any characters in particular.
    Mighty and Ray fit the "extra friends that are just there" category that Silver and Blaze fill.  Silver hasn't done anything of note since his debut, but then neither have Might and Ray, so it works out.  Blaze barely exists anymore.
    The Chaotix are also classic characters, but I'm not sure we'll see them show up.
    Even without the Chaotix, Classic's cast is big enough without introducing more dumb characters who will stand around and do nothing.  Shadow and Silver already add next to nothing to Sonic as is, and people who don't like Modern Sonic (read: most non-Sonic fans) will start to get leery when Modern characters start showing up for no reason other than "Remember THESE characters that most people associate with why Sonic is shitty?!"  It's a bad idea on all accounts.  If you like Shadow or Silver and want them to be in better games, stop buying mediocre games from Sonic Team and encourage them to make better ones.
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    Vector Reeves reacted to Gumbit in Should modern character like Shadow and Silver should be incorporated into the Classic formula to stay relevant?   
    This would never work , even Shadow and Silver were redesigned and played in classic fashion , Classic Sonic audience will complain that Shadow and Silver are ruining classic formula , since they despise  everything from modern Sonic . Let Classic Sonic for Classic fans and Modern Sonic for Modern fans .
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    Vector Reeves reacted to Tracker_TD in Should modern character like Shadow and Silver should be incorporated into the Classic formula to stay relevant?   
    Like you say, it’s subjective, so stop taking this like some objective insult that people don’t like Shadow or don’t think he fits in the Classic series. People have given their reasons, you either just don’t agree (which is fine) or don’t want to hear them.
    Again, why make the thread asking the question if regardless, you’re just going to get upset at people disagreeing and brand them “biased” and “unimaginative?” That doesn’t make for healthy discussion, it’s just you taking it personally, regardless of whether you realise it or not.
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    Vector Reeves reacted to molul in Sonic Mania Plus - Famitsu Preview (Encore Mode is more than meets the eye...)   
    I thought this thread would talk about the new pinball bonus stage: 
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    Vector Reeves got a reaction from goku262002 in There is a giant Sonic statue lurking in the woods in Japan. "Location published on Page 4"   
    Wow look at that. Joined in to inquire about this and already there are skeptics about my interest in this. I feel flattered! Kinda odd that I would travel all the way to this forest just to vandalize a statue.
    I frequently nose around these forums but have had no real intent to post anything until I came across this. Since I’m in Japan, and plan to do some traveling in August, I would certainly be interested in seeing this for myself. I did have an old account here but I honeslty don’t even remember my account name or email address.
    As for proof I’m in Japan. I have nothing to prove to anyone. If he wants to give me information on this things location then I will give him whatever info makes him feel comfortable via private email. But I sure as hell am not going to go into detail about where and what I’m doing on public forums just so you can believe where I am located. I’m from the US and I’m working in Japan, that’s all you need to know.
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