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  1. they were always a lame circlejerk, i like to see them just disappear like things from old youtube.
  2. is Angel Island payed DLC? that was something someone said on twitter, i'm not paying 5 dollars for a single reused level,
  3. Unpopular: this familiar video sums up my view on the Sonic Fanbase that thinks Mania is the greatest thing since sliced-bread also, whenever nostalgia is "Good" or "Bad" it still needs to stop.
  4. You should probably fix your GIF-link, bud. and can you explain to me why i'm "wrong" other than not conforming to the same-view point everyone else who likes this short-animation has?
  5. Was the whole reason to gather those Chaos Emeralds in the very first Sonic game, was just to make some flowers bloom? the looking both ways expression, Sonic had on his face probably suggested something else.
  6. I'm not good at giving large elaborate reasons, but here's my thoughts: -the Hand-waved reference to the start of Sonic 3 (I CLAPPED WHEN THEY REFERENCED "X") -the Expressions remind me more of Gravity Falls than Sonic for some reason, -the part before Sonic breaks the capsule is a low rent version (and Condensed) of Sonic CD's intro -the Genesis-era chiptune music that plays during it feels annoying, dumb and unnecessary (again, I CLAPPED WHEN THEY REFERENCED "X") -the part where the spikes pop up look poorly animated -Eggman's (non-voice acting) laugh doesn't mesh well with a short with sound effects, (INB4 NO VOICE ACTING....just have hesse himself laugh since most animators voice their own cartoons for a lot of the time) -Sonic's angry stare expression looks some dumb cal-arts cartoon facial expression, -sound effects that sound like a dated cartoon from the 60s (i think?) -the music constantly switches all over the place per moment, -Eggman's (about to cry face, or whatever cartoon face cliche face that is) looks dumb, -the sound effects playing on the miniature-monitor are annoying, In between all those, the expression just felt flat, that's surprising considering this was from Hesse and it's Sonic-related. possibly because it was just something to expand Mania's relevance, even if it was done with a small budget in mind.
  7. That was lame. Sonic Unleashed's shorts, and Night of the Werehog, were WAY better than this.
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