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  1. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    Honestly, they don't bring up anything that were aren't already aware off, really. And they do provide a lot of questions which add a lot of speculation. I will admit that I am excited to see Angel Island being used as more than just a mere set piece, though that's what it still seems to be for the most part. Kind of a place in the game, but not a focused upon environment.
  2. While I love all of indestructible. This one has been speaking to me the most lately. Then again, a lot of this album has helped me though some tough times and times self-discovery. All of Disturbed's albums, as a whole, being some the best music I've listened to, in my time alive.

  3. It's definitely something to hope for. And it would be interesting to see Studiopolis in place of MM.
  4. What music are you currently listening to?

  5. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    Good to see Mighty and Ray back in lime light again. Though at the same time, I'm anticipating the newer gen fans to think they legit are entirely new and never thought up before. Either way, I know this is going to get the blood pumping with hype for fans that have been with this series for a long time. And in general the old school style look of the genesis stages couldn't be more fitting. Which makes me wonder what else they got in store with Mania Plus.
  6. Should racist/bigots in fandoms be exposed?

    It generally shouldn't matter if someone is a racist or biggot. In most cases, they end up doing more harm to themselves, than anything else. However, if it gets to a point that it becomes cyberbulling, threats, or if they start publicly attacking people IRL. Then it is wise to warn others of their misdeeds, along with informing the authorities. A good amount of the time though, it'll never get to that extreme unless they are provoked into doing so. Though there are some serious nutcases out there that get into fandoms. So yeah.
  7. Would you change/fix Shadow origin?

    Ah, yeah. That would make sense. They would be playing into his hand if any of what he told others was heeded. Though Silver did listen to what Mephilis said, but was crap at his job with trying to kill Sonic. Not to mention that Shadow pretty much gave Silver a shoe to the back of the head via Chaos Control.
  8. Would you change/fix Shadow origin?

    The whole 'world betrays Shadow in the future' thing was expositioned by Mephilis. And if memory serves, Mephilis is based off Mephistopheles. A variation of the devil, which feeds lies and desires for sin in the hearts of men. He was the mouth piece of evil and spoke only the things he knew one would want to hear. So Mephilis's exposition on Shadow being betrayed by the humans may of been a illusion/lie designed by him to fool Shadow into hating humanity. If this is the case, then the point you were making with this is moot. Infact, Mephilis actively fools Silver in trying to kill Sonic. Claiming that Sonic is the Iblis trigger. In some demented way, if Silver's attempts at Sonic's life were successful at any stage, Silver would be technically be the one who is the 'Iblis Trigger' by killing Sonic. Ultimately, it ended up being Mephilis that took thing into his own hands and killed Sonic after all of Silver's failures. So that's proof on it's own that the whole 'world turns on Shadow' thing maybe total BS to mess with Shadow. But nothing suggests that Shadow would not be pro-earth, that matters canonically and isn't some timeline happened but not really BS, like what 06 did.
  9. Sonic Mania: Version 1.04 PS4 Leaks (SPOILERS)

    Exactly, and like I said before. Mania was a great game out of the gate, despite being a incomplete product. Where time constraints would of normally killed a game of this sort. The fans that built Mania, powered through and gave us a game that re-sparked a thought to be long dead part of our love for Sonic. Sega putting time constraints on it is just typical for a company that deals in games. In fact, it's common to see in all projects, games or nor, that come out of a company.
  10. Would you change/fix Shadow origin?

    I'll agree on the front that 06 Shadow does seem to have his shit together and it's true that him wondering about the past is something that must occur. But that's where we hit hit a impasse. I personally see the stuff with the Black Arms as forced. It would of been a more interesting concept if there was a bit more done with the concept. Though if anything, the whole gobbaldie gook with the 'black' aliens just shouldn't of existed. Not to mention there was stuff that did contradict SA2, or at least it was placed in such a way where it almost feels like StH is purposely retconning some of Shadow's backstory, instead of expanding upon it. But that's my two cents on the matter.
  11. What do you want from a teacher?

    Honestly, I would like it if there were a bigger focus on specialization with teachers, depending on both the teachers and students alike. Say there is a group of students in more Honors level of learning. They can learn very fast, and thus needs a teacher that can challenge their capabilities at newer heights. And if you have those who have a slower time with learning, or have disablities, that they can have more space to learn at their own pace. There are no strenuous time limits or regards to homework that 'needs' to be done. But instead allow the mind of the student explore the options before them. I highly dought I am being specific enough, but I kinda have found schools in general haven't put focus on the right aspects of education. Especially when it comes to students. I kinda would wish schools were less schools, and more like tools that help and allow one to jump to better things on their own. Instead of how it's built now where it's only going to land you existing jobs based on what level of education you got. But in regards to myself. I've been through the educational system enough as a student. I've gone through high school and graduated. However, I have found is that the best teacher is the world we live in. I really do not think there really is one set teacher that would help me, since I really do not feel some aspects of learning will be covered for me. But it's how I feel about it.
  12. Characters that never grew on you (Games only)

    You can depose of him, but he always comes back. And as much as I wish the jokes involving him being annoying as all hell were just over exaggerated BS, it's really is not. Then again, I'm one who hates constant advice/tutorials shoved in my face. And Omacho is pretty much that. Character device for tutorials and general game advice. If he wasn't developed in such a way where he always in shoved in your face, I'd be a bit less aggressive about him as a existing character.

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