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  1. 39150112_AbrosaTheCardinal.thumb.png.84e98459c1fae9e397175f7776fb17d6.png

    This is a new OC character idea I have been throwing around in my head for a bit. Nitro is always going to be main OC for the Sonic Universe. Though I mediated on something that was mentioned about the bird race being expanded on in the Sonic Universe, thanks to @BlossomHaze, and it got me thinking a bit about it.

    1. BlossomHaze


      Aw, cool! I really like the design! We always need more birds! I have a pheasant named Quince and a nightingale named Twilight! ^^ (Art is by me.)
      QuinceSSMB.thumb.png.06745588ad73a4fa3ab5a6bf9e5e08b0.png TwilightTheNightingale2.thumb.png.6e6b606072b0a82fcff1bd787f07daf6.png

    2. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      @BlossomHaze Thanks and your's are very awesome~ You do some seriously good work~

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