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  1. You know. This is something I have on occasion thought about myself. I literally wonder why Blaze never gets any off her own spinoff games. It's clear that she is generally a likable character. And hell, I love her concept myself. Personality and all. Just imagining what you mentioned here sounds like something I'd love to see more of. I mean we had a bit of taste of it, with Sonic Rush Adventure. But not enough of one for it to amount to much.
  2. Huge updates from Lani today~ The official release date of TFS's first official dub of Hells will release November 27th. They also have a trailer for Hells, for those who are interested. Keep an eye out for this one~ The Series Finale of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is also going to see itself released in November! You live in Michigan? TFS is going to Youmacon which will start November 1st and end November 4th in Downtown Detroit. TFS at the Table is celebrating it's first full year! You can catch those streams every Tuesday at 5pm CST on Twitch at streamfourstar~ TFS Gaming is going to have more Renegade for Life and some games being played by Krillin on Sensu Screams~ Catch them on live on Lani's Twitch at 2pm every Thursday~ You can also catch some fun GMod videos on TFS Gaming for a little extra entertainment as well. Along with some Spiderman too~ The Buu Saga is planned to be released in batches every week. Maybe 5 to 10 episodes will be scripted at a time, much like what they did to finish off season 3 with Episode 60 parts 1-3. Though we will not see this for another full year yet. However the Episode 60 Epilogue is coming soon, DBZ Kai Abridged EP 3 is going to be made, The Bojack Movie will be seen sometime in 2019, and before season 4 starts. They are going to cover the Otherworld Saga. Yes, you read that right.
  3. Well then. They brought the big bad back from the grave. Inferno hasn't been seen since Soul Calibur 2. And honestly, it feels good to see him again after his long absence. And from the sounds of it, he is going to pull something similar to what he did in Soul Edge possibly in this game. Though it also looks like he is pulling a Night Terror at the same time. Also it's interesting seeing Inferno use Nightmare's style of fighting.
  4. Actually I did noticed that. There is a disturbing lack of a few very classic Veteran characters. And I do share the sentiment with many others on the idea of Tira being DLC odd. Though maybe we do get the last remaining vets as DLC too. That could help make the DLC thing a bit more viable. But if the remaining missing vets are actually put in and they still leave Tira as the only DLC character. Then I really do have questions to why then. The Create a Soul thing felt a bit jarring for me too. It's to a point where I may not touch it this time. And usually the it's the one function I'd find a lot of enjoyment in using, if I do not feel like doing the typical stuff. Then again, there was the campaign in SC3 that did the same thing with Create a Soul. Except the custom creation and extra story were separate from eachother, since it had it's own Create A Soul generator for it.
  5. Fair enough. I am not too sure myself what their running plan is for the Buu Saga. But I think it was mentioned that they possibly will be releasing a chunk of episodes in intervals. And if that is the case, then there maybe not as much put into them as they did with the Cell saga. I honestly don't blame them, since they have been doing DBZA for a while and I imagine a lot of their running jokes are getting stale for them too. Which is why they mentioned them all in Episode 60 as final harah. Though, it's actually kinda funny that them taking a break from DBZA to begin with and the time spent building up to Episode 60 was what they needed to even consider doing the Buu Saga. Yeah true. Though I am considering their more recent Projects they started up. One of them being a animated series they are making themselves: Not to mention the work they have been doing for other channels of theirs. And they also got that dub thing going on with the Hells anime. So IDK how things will exactly work out. But yeah. We are looking at TFS making the Epilogue for the Cell Saga, with Trunks taking care of the Androids, along with cell, in his future. And after that, they will tackle the Bojack Movie. And it'll eventually be the beginning of the Buu Saga sometime in 2019.
  6. The guessed time for the Abridged series for the Buu Saga is to start being posted sometime in mid 2019. As for when they will finish it, I am not sure. Probably in two to three years time. Though before they even start on the Buu Saga, they still have the Bojack Movie to cover. That's also on top of other projects, animated and otherwise.
  7. Here is the Episode 60 breakdown for anyone who is interested to see their process and how they handled things for the best episode to come to date~ Also, here are a few songs TFS released on Youtube along with a meme video.
  8. The final part of Episode 60 is in da house~ Enjoy~
  9. Here is a update on the final part of DBZA Episode 60! It will be airing this Friday, Sept. 14th at 6pm on Twitch~ The upload for Youtube will ready at 7pm~ So keep an eye out!
  10. Happy Birthday, Crow~

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Thanks! I've been busy all day! But again thanks!

  11. Welp. I am now ecstatic. Due to the year Hiatus from DBZA, TFS is actually considering to do the Buu Saga. So them taking a break actually increased the chances of continuing DBZA. Though there are other projects they want to do first after Episode 60 part 3 is out. But just having the chance of the Buu Saga being done has me happy as hell.

    I posted the redit post talking about this on the DBZA thread, if you want to take a look~


  12. To address this, it seems that it quite possibly may not be the end after all. On another forum I am on, someone dug up a redit post about the issue involving if DBZA will end after the Cell saga or not. It seems Kaiser has finally gave an answer. They may possibly do the Buu saga yet, but it'll be not directly after the Cell Saga ends. They are going to focus on other projects after Episode 60 is entirely out. Here is the post that was found from roughly three months ago.
  13. A quick update from TFS. They will be releasing part two of DBZA Episode 60 on Twitch this Friday at 6PM CST. You can find it on the streamfourstar channel.
  14. Part one of Episode 60 of DBZ Abridged is here!!! Part 2 is be out not too long after this hopefully~
  15. Happy Birthday!!! May you have many more~

  16. Welcome to SSMB, @BrettyBoy! I hope you enjoy your stay with us~
  17. 1641405222_NitrotheBat10.thumb.png.2285c393d2d44acfbf38fc766906ddb7.png



    It's been a while since I drew Nitro and I figured to do a updated image for her. Much like her, I have started to grow stronger. I have been feeling myself shed the years of negativity that have been holding me back. I still have some remaining negativity to work out, but I am finally reaching a point of peace within myself. I no longer feel as held back by emotions or by the issues I have personally. Nor the issues of the world. Each day it's been getting easier to drown out the pointless things that come in life.

    And by coincidence, Disturbed has recently released a new single in celebration of their new album coming in October. This song fits perfectly with how I feel now. And in answering to the song's question. Yes, I am ready.

    1. MightyRay


      Nice to hear you're slowly getting better. May you continue to get better and stronger going forward.

    2. tailsBOOM!


      You're an amazing girl @Ashwalking Bat and you'll achieve many great things!  Life can get rough sometimes, but if you put you're best foot forward great things will eventually come!

    3. Kiah


      That’s the spirit! Glad to hear you’re gradually getting better and growing stronger. Hope that continues for you as negativity can be a real obstacle in life. 

      If you happen to suffer a setback don’t get it get to you but pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

      You already have the right frame of mind and I hope that will lead to success and good things for you. 

  18. I honestly am anticipating that someone will try and explain how Madden is corrupting their children and making them suicidal serial killers. When a shooting or any act of violence is involved. And it so happens that videogames were in proximity to this. The immediate reaction is to blame the videogames. It honestly would be nice if people didn't do this and were instead in favor of seeing if the person committing horrendous acts had mental issues. Sadly, its not how the media rolls here in America.
  19. I sincerely hope she'll have a part in the main story mode. If they not only made her DLC, but also had her ripped out form the main story... I suppose it really wouldn't be worth getting to angry about, but now I have some concerns with her presence in SCVI. If anything. As long as she is in the fighter roster, nothing else should matter too much. Though it will suck if she has no part in the main story mode.
  20. Eh. For once, I think I may not be all too fond of the custom character thing. Though the second story mode does look interesting. Tira getting the Dampierre treatment is... not a great move. It is nice to see little miss Bi-Polar in this. But I cannot help but think that a lot of Tira fans, myself included, would be rather pissed that they would have to get a separate DLC to even have her in the game. It worked for Dampierre, because he was a new character. Tira however... she is pretty well established in the lore already. Hey Game Devs. WTF are ya doing? Don't make Tira a DLC character as an excuse to encourage Pre-Order.
  21. True. It can be misconstrued if you don't pay attention. But it's pretty blatant and clear that he gives Metal Robotnik the middle finger. You really cannot miss it, really. No matter how brief it maybe.
  22. It's honestly not surprising that he overthought the plot. I think he went in expecting something more complex plot wise and took a huge blow to his expectations because of that. Sonic OVA's plot isn't overly complex by any means. But yeah. I does feel like he may of planned more, but cut out a lot for a more timely review. You are on the right track, but he flipped off Metal Robotnik. A lot of comments noted the lack the scene where Sonic flips Metal Robotnik the bird. Though, the more I think about it. That scene was never brought up, possibly due to the BS with Youtube. But who knows.
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