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  1. And how about a Sonic related pic again everyone? Yup, I went ahead and drew my Rosy redesign again. I don't know if I mentioned it here before and am feeling to lazy to check, but as she's supposed to have the classic Sonic abilities and speed I decided to draw her running this time. I guess Sonic is here as a bonus, but please enjoy everyone.
  2. Morning SSMB.


    Should be in bed right now but was trying to finish up a few things before I did while trying to figure out why I'm so thin skinned as well. Being addressed as idiotic any day of the week sucks to be sure, but also feeling like you're being demeaned and mocked as well just kind of leaves me in a soup of general misery (throw in my workplace threatening everyone with being fired to make us work harder only making things worse on top of that as well). Oh well, it's probably my fault anyway. It may be arrogant to think so, but under the circumstances I know I shouldn't be surprised and should have been better prepared mentally. Oh well. Best thing to do really is just follow Kylo Ren's advice and let the past die and move on.

    So, moving on, though somehow it doesn't feel like the right time to do all things considered, I just finished up my latest art piece.


    As I've said elsewhere about my Rosy redesign that she's supposed to pretty much have the classic Sonic abilities and speed I've been needing to draw her running for a while. It was a bit of bad mood that ended up resulting in Sonic being there but I guess that's alright even if it makes it a bit of a shippy pic. Hope everyone enjoys and I'll have it up on my art thread as well so that way it isn't lost in a quickly buried status.

    Catch you later SSMB.

    1. Failinhearts


      Look at 'em gooooo

  3. Have two opinions today, though only one is likely unpopular (and extremely nitpicky) while the other could swing either way. Starting with the less clear where it falls opinion, I honestly find IDW Eggman at this point to be a bumbling incompetent compared to OVA Eggman. It mostly boils down to how the both of them handled their end the world plots and the oversights that brought their plans to ruin. In the case of IDW Eggman his oversight was in addressing his relationship to the Metal Virus in general. He did not program in an immunity for himself despite knowing that he was as susceptible as any other organic organism, he knew that it had the properties of a virus and would mutate beyond his control yet still did not put any safeguards in place, and when he finally had to square off against Sonic he nearly ended up infected if not for Starline, who has already set in motion a plan to undermine Eggman and bring in a threat that a single mistake will strip them of any ability to fight back. It really does not look good at all for IDW Eggman being a controlling threat compared to just a circumstantial threat. OVA Eggman on the other hand... While OVA Eggman's reasons for his end the world ploy are more than a little daft to say the least, his efficiency and ability to be a head on threat whose goofy nature obscures his danger makes him a very different type of threat from his modern IDW counterpart. Where IdW Eggman simply sat back and let his creation do the work for him, OVA Eggman was constantly engaged and never relented in his attempts to be rid of Sonic or his companions. Held the President hostage just to lure Sonic into a trap which if it failed was a setup to lead him into a further series of traps with each one being more extreme than the last. Just getting to Eggmanland, Black Eggman (a mech piloted by Eggman himself where he nearly offed Sonic and Tails if not for the timely arrival of Knuckles), his main base and all of the traps in it, the "bomb" which with the way Eggman was handling things could have very well been legit, and then Metal Sonic himself who was unleashed when the bomb was successfully stopped with Metal Sonic winning once and only losing et hsecond time becuase of OVA Eggman's one oversight; Tails' tinkering ability being good enough to hack the tracker and Metal Sonic both. This oversight makes sense though as Eggman is extremely proud in his engineering genius and would never in his hubris believe that an eight-year-old could hack his stuff. Even then though he did not consider Tails insignificant and still shot the Tornado out of the sky with ease taking the fox all but out of the fight. His defeat was not becasue he made a grand series of mistakes that he promptly ignored despite knowing them, but rather because the heroes stepped up when they needed to step up to overcome Eggman and the full threat he represented. at no point were they simply dealing with and just cleaning up careless mess, but instead were actively engaged with Eggman who constantly had them on the ropes not by accident or coincidence, but because he was good enough to push them against the ropes. And he did all of this while being a total buffoon who took the time to play games with his hostages so they wouldn't throw a temper tantrum. this is startk contrast to IDW Eggman who is just exhaling evil as much as he can and managing to somehow trip himself over his own breath. As a result, I find IDW Eggman a bumbling incompetent compared to his OVA counterpart. Perhaps though it is just the difference as well between when Naka was in charge back when the OVA was made and how Iizuka handles the franchise today. I couldn't say but in my opinion OVA Eggman >>>>>>>>>> IDW Eggman. ----- Moving onto my nitpick and likely unpopular opinion, I don't like Amy's top speed expression in @E-122-Psi's Amy hacks or the Amy hack for Mania (if that isn't also being done by @E-122-Psi). I know that typically when eth characters get to top speed that they traditional furrow their brows with the effort, but the expression just looks wrong on Amy to me for some reason. It probably has to do with my interpretation of her character and feeling that wide-eyed excitement when she reaches those speeds would look batter. Regardless, a nitpick, and I hope you don't take any offense from my opinion on the matter @E-122-Psi.
  4. Hope no one minds me bringing up a dead thread, especially one that seemed to veer dangerously towards becoming rather toxic, but a thing I found funny happened yesterday. The copy of my opening post over on my Deviant Art page picked up a like which rather surprised me. It's the fifth "like" the post has picked up since I posted it some 18 months ago across all platforms I posted it on. As a result, seeing someone "like" my post made me want to read through it again. I honestly expected when I did to find that I would no longer agree with any of what I wrote as I did my best to divorce myself from the topic and boil it down to my dislike of the Amy's Piko Piko Hammer to just being an irrational emotion I suffered from to get my self ostracized from here like I did the SEGA Forums back in the day for my opinion. Yet reading through my lengthy post all I ended up discovering is that my opinion hadn't changed at all and that I still agreed with myself. It's honestly a weird sensation to revisit one's own opinions from an earlier point in your life that you tried to divorce yourself from only to discover that all you did was bury why you feel the way you do. Perhaps though based on most of the feedback that this thread received I'm also not wrong in presuming that there might be something wrong with me. Regardless, it was interesting to discover that trying to divorce my opinions and emotional response really accomplished nothing except maybe me talking about eth subject here again. I'm sure there are plenty of users here who appreciated that so I'll just limit this post to being a comment on the outcome of some self reflection due to the topic. Admittedly though, I do wonder what someone with a degree in psychology would say my opinion and attempts to deal with it says about me.
  5. A lot of it stems from my viewpoint of Sonic himself, but yeah. I just find it weird at times humanizing a larger than life character through their own POV than through someone who isn't larger than life. Just my take though. I'm probably misinterpreting your point here, but a lot of it reads as though the second person narrative has been thrown out without due consideration. I'd use Dr. Watson as a fine example of a well known and distinctive second person narrator but arguable Tails' role does require actual breakdown and study of his character and role to use him as an effective second person narrator. Unfortunately, outside of Ian Flynn no one seems willing to reconcile Tails' disparate personality facets back into him being one character. Though perhaps putting him in the position of a second person narrator would help to rectify that by actually putting us in his head and allowing us to the world and Sonic's story from his POV.
  6. Even perceiving him as a nomad though would lend itself to road trip style story telling. It just seems weird to me that no one has ever run with that direction of things.
  7. Weird that this topic has been dead since I last posted, but I have a question that likely has no answer. Considering Sonic is supposedly a world famous adventurer, why is that no comic or cartoon ever followed a road trip structure?
  8. So maybe it's just the timing, but seeing as this was the first post after I made my little rant I feel the need to defend myself a little. Especially in light of eth following discussion. At no point in my rant did I say I wanted the movie to fail. I was stating that to me I found it absurd that fixing one problem of what I find many in an unappealing film was reason for me to spend my money to go see the movie. If my one ticket is the difference between this movie succeeding or failing then that should already speak to the problems that this movie has. Regardless, if you find the movie being unappealing to me and me discussing that in a thread meant to discuss the movie as being me wanting the movie the fail then I hope this serves as a correction to that. As for why I keep popping into a thread about a part of the IP that I find unappealing; well, it's still Sonic and the most talked about thing Sonic related at the moment. That, and I have a very hard time ignoring the bolded text on the topic list telling me that there are new posts in a thread. Page one for me has no bold text before I log off if I can help it and that results in me getting into conversations when I see things said that interest me both positively and negatively. Now then, getting back on topic, and fairly cynically too boot... I've been a Sonic fan since 1991 and being animated, hand draw or otherwise, in it's entirety has never been what decides if I like something or not. I didn't care for SatAM or AoStH, Sonic X annoyed me too much with Chris Thorndyke undermining nigh everything and everyone, and I can't even watch BOOM! without getting extremely irritated. This is despite them all being singular mediums, all animation at that. So no, if a movie about alien Sonic who must follow non-alien design philosophies(?) meeting small town USA cop, Tom, was all hand drawn or all CG it still would not appeal to me. Would I question the medium and design philosophy? More likely than not no, but the story and setting is still wrong to me. Despite being a USA citizen, born and raised (bar three years in my earliest childhood spent in England) I somehow still managed to settle on the image of Sonic being a globetrotting adventurer not unlike Indiana Jones. The freedom fighter, superhero, and Bugs Bunny like interpretations never stuck for me. To me, Sonic was the most famous hedgehog in the world for his reputation as an adventurer long before he ever met Eggman (which according to the Japanese manual of the original game also happened long before Sonic 1), yet this story throws that out to make Sonic whatever it is this film is trying to make him with Eggman (who strangely in the first trailer was presented as the hero the USA needs to save it from the chaos caused by the devilish alien) being the genesis to him becoming a hero with no hint of his love of adventure anywhere. It's not just wrong to me, but it also strips Sonic of any personal agency. He's a hero because he has to be, not because he wants to be and it is Tom and Eggman who will push him down that road. This character who represents freedom has no personal agency in this plot as it has been presented thus far and that is supposed to appeal to me with how I see the character and franchise. No, it just doesn't work that way. Heck, that is even why I've been getting annoyed with the IDW comic run so far; no adventuring or Sonic's love of adventure on display. So I guess just to wrap this up, no, not even the novelty of seeing Sonic on the big screen is enough for me. Even growing up the only time I wanted to see a Sonic movie was when I saw this And just the thumbnail alone should tell you how completely different these two "movies" are from each other. All that said now, sure I find the movie unappealing, but I'll still be popping into this thread regularly and adding my thoughts if I feel I should.
  9. Okay, so we don't have the gremlin anymore, but how does that warrant spending my money on a movie that still fails to appeal to me in any regard. Sonic is my all time favorite entertainment property and this movie manages to have no appeal to me, yet because they improved upon one of the most glaring issue this movie has you think I should spend my money on it? You'll need to have a better argument than they spent so much time and money to fix one problem so you should forgive every other problem and watch this movie now. Call me bitter, call me disillusioned, call me a hater. I don't really care. But don't tell me that spending millions to fix one problem out of many for a movie that missed the entire appeal of the franchise in the first and doesn't appeal to me means I should spend my money now. Sorry if I sound angry, but Sonic's bad design was only the cherry on top of this horrible sundae for me.
  10. I'd argue there are a few times you don't see that Eggman is okay in the end like the end of S&K as he doesn't even appear at the end of the credits as usual, but at this point we're getting pretty far off topic.
  11. Reckless industrialization is probably a fine way to describe Eggman and is part of what puts him at odds not just with Sonic, but pretty much everyone. His bombastic personality and lack of concern for the consequences of his actions with the level of power he exhibits makes him a global threat that really o one can ignore. Placing another villain into the world he inhabits is such a challenging balancing act though it would be interesting to see it pulled off more successfully than the D6 or without just going to other worlds like the storybooks. I very much enjoy stories that don't always include Eggman, BK being one of my favorite Sonic stories, and in fact don't even need an antagonist in the game for me. I would love a Sonic game that's like say Journey where the whole point of the game is just to get Sonic to wherever it is he is going on that particular adventure. Sonic is supposed to be a globetrotting adventurer and I would enjoy to see stories of hi mas a globetrotting adventurer and not just his superhero beat the villain stories.
  12. True. Industrialization versus nature would have been a more accurate term of choice. Probably still not accurate enough, especially since to my understanding Hayao Miyazaki's protect nature mentality was somewhat inspirational in Sonic's early conceptual days.
  13. I would say that they don't even really have a style to go full hog with. The lack of direction (Iizuka's job to my knowledge) is so blatant and plain to see that it makes me wonder if there even is any vision anymore. Sure the IDW mandates might imply as such, but since SEGA and Iizuka have admitted to being shocked when something that will obviously work, works (Sonic Mania), I don't find the mandates to be more than just SEGA's way of keeping things static until they can either figure out what to do or potentially (unlikely as I hope it is) even sell off teh Sonic IP while it is still in a form they misguidedly believe to be marketable. So yeah, I guess I agree. We can't really expect Sonic to have any substance when there isn't even a style to build the substance into. Conversely, they could always try looking at everything they have and actually using that as the basis of their substance and building the style they want on top of that. Either approach though requires either SEGA making up their mind or actually leaving Iizuka to his own devices for a change and actually seeing if he still has a marketable vision.
  14. As you've probably noticed before about me, but I'm a fan of the tech versus nature setup of the series and as Eggman as the main bad embodies the evil of technology having everything that Sonic encounters as being born of his conflicts with Eggman makes sense for a Rogues gallery. This I find to be especially true if one considers that outside of the storybook games the only stories of our blue globe trotting adventurer that SEGA feels fit to share are those where he battles Eggman. On top of that it fleshes out the world in a way that shows Sonic and Eggman having an affect on it making their actions and conflicts carry more weight helping to give our main baddie some level of threat again in spite of his goofy nature.
  15. Neutral does not mean you can't be an antagonist for a story, and considering how many times Eggman has been blown up in this series I don't consider any character who was blown up as dead. As for different continuities and borrowing villains from them you have to remember that Amy and Charmy both originate from outside media, though for my list I tried to stick exclusively with characters who have actually been in games. When looking at just that, there are a lot more villains and general antagonists then I think the series gets credit for.
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