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  1. Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    I have to ask in light of what we know of this movie; what exactly would Tails bring to either the plot or Sonic's character? I know that we as fans would prefer to see more than Sonic as the sole representative of the franchise outside Eggman, but what does Tails really bring? He's supposed to be a kid brother character who idolizes and is inspired by Sonic, but to the best of our knowledge they are playing a less heroic take on Sonic at the start of this film rendering Tails irrelevant as looking after Tails and encouraging his own growth and self-confidence is outside of the scope of this particular Sonic. Now arguably, I could see introducing Tails later on as a way of showing how Sonic has matured over the course of the film but I would not be surprised if they just use some random human for that as well.
  2. Sonic Fan J

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    Well @Wraith I respect your stance and agree that the Rush games were indeed moderately successful, but like the Advance games and Sonic 4 which I said was to an extent successful games (look what happens with Sonic 4 and untruthful physics and the problems that people have with some of the uselessness of the action button in Advance for some characters) before them they were not successful enough to both keep going or receive endless rereleases. While the reasons are up for debate it does speak to the timelessness of the original formula when left intact. Additionally, though not trying to argue the importance of change or otherwise, there was a major problem in your example of Rush that was unrelated to your argument: This is a primary example of bad game design. A superfluous component that does not add to the experience and clutters the overall interaction with the game. Regardless of the arguments around change or not this is a problem that plagues the franchise regularly; superfluous components that are waste of player time and developer time and resources. This is a case that if you are arguing for change then Dimps like Sonic Team after them should have removed rolling with the introduction of the boost. Rolling and the Spin Dash are not only redundant next to the boost, but also underpowered and made irrelevant. Who needs to roll to safely defeat an enemy and maintain linear forward momentum when you can just hold down a button and blast through them without a thought? Who needs to stop to rev a Spin Dash to clear a difficult environmental obstacle that you didn't approach right when just holding down that same button blasts you past the obstacle without any need for thought or even willingness to face the challenge in front of you? Starting a tangent here and going off of the above questions, consider the Metal Sonic race in CD with the boost. As soon as the race starts you should have boost from collecting the rings before hand and are rewarded instant and sustainable top speed at the push of a button and as soon as you hit that upward slope the boost will take you straight to the end from momentum alone. The boost removes all challenge and need to interact with the controls and environment. It just simplifies everything down to go as fast as you can and don't worry about the rest. This evolution and change of the base formula arguably reduces the players interaction with the game even as it gives you more buttons to press. As I've argued in other topics before this undermines the idea behind Sonic's role as a playable character who curls into a ball in the first place; to give the player the means to complete a level in as fast as possible without stopping if they develop the skill to do so. That skill in question is not just knowing when to jump but understanding how to use Sonic's distinct movement and physics to interact with varying environments and figuring out when jumping, running, and rolling work best to get you past an obstacle, environmental, trap, or enemy, in the fastest way possible. With the change to boost you remove that entire challenge from the game and reduce the only challenge to knowing when to jump as the boost will just carry you past any speed based challenge rendering them mute at best and just annoyingly distracting at worst. Saying that that is change for the better is almost arrogant in way as it disregards both history (sales and longevity in this case) and the subjective nature of personal opinion. Further, even from a game design standpoint where simplification in interaction while building as much depth as possible is the ideal direction for a platformer like Sonic (my older brother is a game designer and this is how he was taught games should be made so as to keep them accessible and easy to pick up and play but requiring putting in the time to get good at) this particular change complicates the controls while making certain abilities both superfluous and redundant, and removes almost any true depth of gameplay. It effectively goes in the opposite direction of what it should be attempting to achieve and results in an experience that is only skin deep at best. So I guess in the case of Rush while I'll not call the game a mistake as it did make SEGA money, which was it's primary purpose, I will argue that the design decision was not ideal and comes across as change for the sake of change at the expense at a deep and engaging gameplay in spite of a super simple control scheme. Anyway, with my tangent aside, I will state that Sonic Rush did introduce a new gameplay identity that the series attempted to follow both in 2D and 3D. As for the success of that change, well since Sonic sales have been gradually less and less with each subsequent game since to the best of my knowledge with Forces and Mania being kind of spring back games, it is debatable how successful that change has been. Success regardless, the jumping all over the place between new and old gameplay identities by SEGA is creating a dissonance and displeasure in their consumer base and making it difficult and unwieldly to advertise what type of game series Sonic is supposed to be. Much as most of love this series and Sonic's blue mug, his blue mug alone cannot persist at selling a videogame series with a gameplay, narrative, and world inconsistency as gravely broken as the consistency of quality as the games released with his mug on it. As important as change can be to keep a series from growing stale, as I said before, what you change is every bit as important as the change itself lest you risk destroying the framework that defines your product in the first place. And in the case of a long running series like Sonic whose genre is nearly extinct (Mascot Platformer) and relies on word of mouth to make it past critical panning to stay relevant and reach new audiences, consistency is a necessity at the moment to build and refine upon to make it easier for the people who still buy these games to want to share with others and not just hide away as a guilty pleasure because they know it's bad. That lack of consistency is one of the reasons that I can say again that in answer to the thread title I am not looking forward to what Sonic Team cranks out next in the 3D platforming genre with Sonic's face on it, because Sonic's face is about the only thing I can anticipate and that is anything but good.
  3. Sonic Fan J

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    Really my idea was more along if you still want to have differing gameplay styles in the same game but wanted to keep it within the workings of what the franchise has already done before. Otherwise yeah, I agree with you . Mostly. While I understand a desire to avoid repetition and stagnation, I never understand why that has to come at the expense of a fundamental design. For example, Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3&K, Chaotix, Mania, and the Advance and Sonic 4 series to an extent all follow the same fundamental design and gameplay idea. Despite that, minor differences in mechanics, playable characters, and in game options (Super Peel Out, Drop Dash, Shield Abilities, Partner Skills) combined with major differences like level layouts, gimmicks (new and combination of old), enemies and bosses, and even level aesthetics drastically change the overall experience with each game making it it's own beast despite having the same core mechanics. Most of these games are beloved because of their individuality while also mostly sticking to the core formula that put the series on the map in the first place and are still praised even decades after their original release for some of them. It's not that there is an absence of change either, but that what is changed is what surrounds the core experience. Even the dreaded CoD franchise for all of its infamy never changes the core gameplay experience of aim and shoot. That isn't to say that it hasn't changed what is built around that core gameplay experience to keep things fresh, but the core is still left intact to build those changes onto. The Sonic games since Adventure have rarely done that without tweaking or completely changing the core gameplay on a regular basis. Combine that with constant art style and tone changes and the only thing that stays consistent is that Sonic is a blue hedgehog that runs fast and fights an egg shaped scientist who builds robots. That defining feature is not enough on its own because otherwise you can say any game that uses a single deck of traditional four suite playing cards is the same and you would have a hard time convincing most people that that alone makes Blackjack, Poker , Gin Rummy, etc. are all derived from the same game. While an obvious exaggeration, it is not an exaggeration without merit considering the state of this fan base. That lack of a cohesive core is particularly distinct with Sonic and needs to be addressed. As you said involving making Unleashed a better more cohesive game by focusing on only one gameplay style, the same applies to a franchise on a whole as well when addressing the main entry games; a solid and cohesive core to build around allows one more time and resources to use in constructing the overall game and avoids wasting time and money building from the ground up every time. It also has the added benefit of your consumer base and fans knowing exactly what the franchise is that they follow and what to expect adding to ease of word of mouth hyping which has been argued to be the most efficient form of advertising for a game. Anyway, not trying to say that change is bad, but more trying to argue that what is changed is every bit as important as the change itself. If you change the core it isn't really the same thing anymore. I mean just to go back to my fruit analogies, it's like trying to grow an apple tree with a pear seed. Sure you're getting a fruit tree in the end, but sure is not an apple tree.
  4. Sonic Fan J

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    How you get to the end is where the problem occurs and lack of series cohesion is made apparent. Using Adventure and Boost formula's as our example one is attempting to recreate the 2D formula as reasonable as possible in 3D space while also including numerous other platforming sub-genres attached to other characters with even puzzle solving including and the other is strongly pushing for build and use the boost mechanic to blast through the levels as fast as possible with minimal level interaction as the boost naturally encourages that type of play. Sure both are platforming and speed based with the same goal, but how they go about that get to the goal structure is significantly different. It doesn't admittedly have to be troublesome, but it still is not particularly cohesive. Though, If you were to ask me, I'd take Sonic's gameplay from Adventure, Heroes, Boost, and Lost World, (maybe even classic 2D) and make those the different sub-genres of platforming for different characters if you wanted to be more cohesive with it in the same game. Point is though, while all of the above have the same goal, they all approach it differently and that is where a lot of the problems persists. It's not the goal, it's the journey so to say.
  5. Sonic Fan J

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    No problem. It's why I tried to answer both at least.
  6. Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Maybe, though I wouldn't be surprised if the editorial shake up still had some effect.
  7. Sonic Fan J

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    That of course is part of the part of the problem that people have. This is supposed to be one franchise, yet with the main entries we never know if we're getting apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, pomegranates, or even the odd dragon fruit. It's a veritable cornucopia of possibilities and more often than not we get something that just doesn't make immediate sense. Like take Forces for example. We heard the idea was to make the gameplay as accessible as possible so anyone could play and make it through the game yet the end result was almost the bare minimum of gameplay. If you were to say that Sonic Team is trying to make lemonade there going about by trying to wring lemon juice from the seed and not the whole fruit. It's a mess right now that needs to be cleaned up. If you're going to promise me a bushel of apples, don't throw in pears because they're close enough. They just simply don't belong.
  8. Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Looks like the Mr. Tinker arc is already on it's way to bringing Eggman back, though I'm curious to see how long it'll take. As for that new date, wow. I wasn't expecting it to get pushed back that far. I wonder how much that has to do with the Sonic brand editorial shake up.
  9. Sonic Fan J

    Sonic soundtracks that have aged vs not aged

    I don't really know hoe to reply to this topic all that well to be honest as writing out my opinion on music usually just doesn't work. That said, I can perpetually listen to the Sonic 1 and CD (both of them) sound tracks ad infinitum. I also still to this day enjoy the Saturn OST for 3D Blast/Flicky Island as I just love the atmospheric distinction it has. As for the no longer like side, definitely going to have to go with the Adventure games. No fault of the music itself, but I mostly find electric guitar rifts and the "noisy" solos that defined that music as annoying these days. Even without my distaste of such even City Escape just annoys me these days when I used to have lyrics memorized back in the day and wouldn't stop singing the song. Still, I don't think it's necessarily anything wrong with the music so much as that my tastes change pretty frequently.
  10. For all of Forces problems I actually enjoyed the world aesthetic for the most part. If you were to mix it with Unleashed I'd probably be happy for the most part.
  11. Been having trouble embedding in status responses lately but works fine otherwise. Is this a problem I should take to the bug threads or is there another answer I can find elsewhere?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Do you post links directly (Not the Legend of Zelda kind (I always say that because of a joke my friend once showed me xD)).  That's the easiest way.

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Yeah, I do. It used to work just fine and now it doesn't. I figure it might be a setting issue perhaps since even my text smileys don't always convert either.

    3. tailsBOOM!


      Ah...  But the "Shut Up Tails" vid worked so maybe it's just sometimes an issue?  I may be a computer science major but I'm just starting out xD

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      It linked but didn't embed which was my intention and neither the embed address nor video URL embedded it like it should have and usually does. It's just kind of weird though it may also be my browser right now. I kind of bounce back and forth between Chrome and Edge and both have been doing weird updates of late.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      Right click the video and copy the URL?  That's what I usually do.

    6. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      It's what I normally do too. Unfortunately this time it didn't work. It seems to be an on and off again problem and only with status replies. Kind of weird to be sure but at least the link worked so my bit of playfulness wasn't totally ruined.

  12. Sonic Fan J

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Because they are a Japan based company so Japan counts as the domestic market. Unless of course you meant Sonic games to which the answer still isn't really that different. I find a more pressing question is why doesn't SEGA release more games outside of Japan.
  13. For all of the flak that Shadow's backstory and Adventure 2's writing gets, I have to say that no matter how many times I see it or interpretations of it that there is something about Maria dying as she launches Shadow to Earth in that capsule that just does it for me. It's really a shame that all of the memory manipulation that Shadow deals with and unnecessary complicated additions he receives to his back story kind of make it hard to say if that scene ever happened. I find that a shame since that scene is really defines Shadow's character and motivations and I can't even saw if he actually experienced it or not. That just sucks.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Maybe its just me, but some part of me honestly feels like the death of Maria is one of the most underdeveloped aspects of the tale of the ARK, despite being so crucial to Shadow’s character.

      Like they probably could have shown Gerald as being a caring man who slowly but surely began to lose his mind as his attempts to save his granddaughter failed, resulting in him going to more and more dangerous lengths to save her at the cost of pissing off the military and government (although it’s my headcanon that he was a possibly difficult and arrogant man to anyone he didn’t care for, which would add an extra layer to his character, since it’s at least hinted that he was a bit of an egotist considering the ARK’s cannon form looks like his face), with her death causing him to snap completely.

      On the other end, I would have also liked to see the relationship between Shadow and Maria more, like a sickly big sister with a naive younger brother relationship. It would play out that Shadow does everything in his power to try to help and protect her despite how little he understands about the world he’s been brought into, and she in turn would give him an identity and a sense of being his own person.

      For him, this would be a huge deal, since I kinda would like to believe that Shadow was treated more as an experiment by the scientists of the ARK more than a person, and Gerald in my mind was torn between his fear for Maria’s failing health and his own inability to find the cure to her disease, resulting in him being unintentionally aloof and distant to Shadow, though still trying to be kind.

      This dynamic would be tested more as Maria’s health declines, resulting in Gerald’s declining mental state, Maria feeling more and more trapped due to something she has no control over, and Shadow feeling inadequate and a failure for not being able to do what he was made to do.

      That said, when Maria finally does face her death, I’d like to think she did so with a sense of dignity, and that her last words would be expanded on so that she’s telling Shadow not to let the evil of a few people taint his views of humanity, that despite what he might want to believe about himself, he made her remaining time alive warmer and brighter than what had come before, and that she was grateful and happy for knowing him.

      And most importantly, she’d want him to be the light in someone else’s life, to help others have the chance to be as happy as he had made her...and to give himself a chance to be happy as well.

    2. JosepHenry


      Is so weird right? Is possible that Maria didn't even got killed but Shadow's memory is so messed up that he think just that. Maybe she died of her disease during the raid.

      Heck, if you play the HD version of SA2, they removed that gunshot sound in the flashback cutscene (possibly cuz the port is crap)! Is possible to think that Maria just was dying right there because of the disease finally getting into her.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Yet for everything they messed up with that scene it is still my favorite scene involving Shadow. Admittedly though I do like some of his interactions with Mephiles, his memories of Maria just to me at least make Shadow a character worth exploring. As someone who is all for the Sonic franchise returning to a more adventure and wanderer driven narrative like the classics I would love to see Shadow as a wanderer like Sonic, Mighty, and Amy to an extent, whose adventures and wandering are contrasted against his memories of his time with Maria. I know he supposedly put his past behind him but I still think this would be a great way to explore him and his past.

  14. Good night SSMB!

    See everyone tomorrow!


  15. Just a thought on two worlds in Sonic;

    You know, for as much as people don't believe Iizuka's claim about two worlds and a portal between them harkening back to Adventure, it's kind of funny to think about that being kind of the case with the OVA even though it was one planet. If you take the time to further look at the differences between the two "worlds" you start to really see an emphasis between human architecture and the more fantastical even though there are hints of both in both worlds. Looking at it like that, I can actually start to see the two world thing being as old as it is claimed and even being as generally unaddressed as it is in narrative.

    Anyway, that's my thought for now...


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