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  1. Well looks like I made it through another birthday. The second cake turned out good and the nachos were solid. My computer only gave me issues this morning and other wise worked fine. My little thrown together pic at least got me drawing something today and even though it's not great it serves its purpose for the most part. Now tomorrow it's back to the regular old grind and I can put another birthday behind me peacefully. Thanks to everyone who offered their support and sorry if I still came across as a downer. No promises about being more positive, but I'll at least have a go at being a little bit less pessimistic and negative. Have a good night everyone.

    1. Failinhearts


      Happy birthday, man. At least things didn't turn out terrible for ya.

    2. Bloxxerboy


      Happy birthday. Maybe next birthday will be better.

  2. Sonic Fan J

    Avatar and Signature Art

    Double post and bump, but oh well. Wanted to share a quick and sloppy scribble I threw together of my wonky little Amy/Rosy design Flaws aside, since I thought seeing her drawn in my design again would be a nice birthday gift but don't know anyone who'd do it, doing it myself was actually pretty satisfying. Also, if anyone want's to use any of the pics here for a profile pic feel free. Also, if anyone does decide to take a gander at my wonky little Amy/Rosy design feel free to post it in all of your usual circles. Just make sure to credit me for the design please. My tumblr is here https://sonicfanj.tumblr.com/ and my i'm also over on deviantart here https://www.deviantart.com/sonicfanj.
  3. So quick birthday update before nachos for dinner;

    Computer trouble to start the day
    Cake fell out of the spring form-pan and oven while nowhere near done
    Thought a great birthday gift would be seeing my wonky little Amy/Rosy design drawn again so whipped up this sloppy and haphazard scribble

    Other than that uneventful so far. Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the day, or at least trouble free.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Happy birfamaday bud! Your day will get better

  4. Kind of been in a bad mood all weekend and there isn't much logic to it. Oh sure there's a reason, but it definitely isn't logical. Most people would be happy to celebrate their birthday, but I usually dread the day. Experience has told me that everyone tells me that it is a special day when i should celebrate but I instead am usually disappointed even as I expect nothing as usually something horrible happens instead. Hoping tomorrow will manage to at least avoid the something horrible happening part at least so that way it's just another boring empty day.

    1. MightyRay


      Don't treat your birthday as a another day getting older. Treat it like a day where you enjoy everything you like and relax. That's how I still enjoy my birthday. Best of all you can justify making a jiggly cheesecake and watch it jiggle all day!

    2. Kiah


      I wouldn’t say it’s illogical at all if you are like me and are in a bad mood on your birthday because I’m in a reflective mood and tend to be overwhelmed with disappointment as I’m not at where I want to be or living my life the way I want to. The older I get this worse it becomes (and the fact that I’ve been sick on my birthday in recent years hasn’t helped matters).

      I tend to be pouty for a brief period of time then I make it a point to change gears and instead of dwelling on the negative focus on the positive. I’m alive for starters which I am extremely thankful for and I have a lot even amid my disappointment have A LOT of other things to be thankful for.

      Focusing on “would of could of should of” does you absolutely no good as what’s done is done. Make it a point to make the most of the current situation we are in including seeking ways to make it better now and in the future. 

      Hope that helps and I hope tomorrow will be neither a terrible one nor an empty one for you as it should be a memorable one like every day.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Appreciate the sentiments.

      @MightyRay this years cake is actually going to be a chocolate cheesecake with strawberries (it's my mom's thing to make a cake for birthdays) so your accuracy is impressive.

      @Kiah, I typically prefer empty days versus memorable ones simply because the memorable ones are usually the worst. Just to give an example, my single most memorable birthday was the day my one and only dog had to be put down because she had maggots and I sat there petting her as the euthanasia took effect. Very memorable, but utterly depressing and easily my worst birthday ever. Hollow empty days are always an improvement over days like that, but I appreciate you trying to cheer me up and will try to at least not approach tomorrow negatively.

    4. Failinhearts


      It's a shame you happen to have such a negative viewpoint on birthdays, I share the opposite but I understand how the right amount of bad endings can equal paranoia.

      But constantly worrying, expecting the worst out of things never help. Even if nothing remarkable happens, just remember the people you touch, and think of that as the reason to celebrate. As without your birthday, those people would never have been affected.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      Hopefully this one goes well for you.  I've had a few, uh, rough ones as well

  5. Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I agree, but that wasn't my problem really. My problem is that she simply did not entertain me in her first outing and in an entertainment medium that is not a good start. Sure she has mystery and intrigue surrounding her to serve as a hook to keep the reader invested and curious, but as she failed to entertain me I simply am not interested in learning more. I even reread the issue before posting here just to see if i was missing something based on the general love that she is getting and was subsequently not entertained again. I don't know why I don't find her entertaining, but right now I don't. As she should be a recurring character I'm genuinely hoping that my stance on her changes down the line, but that's only because I know she will be back, and not because I care to see more of her.
  6. Sonic Fan J

    Your outlook for the 3D series

    Me being me I'll follow this franchise until it dies, but that doesn't mean I have much faith in future 3D entries. Now, I won't play the blame because frankly that would require having some kind of knowledge as to what is going on inside SEGA and Sonic Team and about the only thing I know is that Iizuka was surprised that Mania sold well to SEGA's target audience for Sonic (not surprising to me since I was in that demographic when the first game game out and have been hooked on the franchise since). Even without playing the blame game though it seems blatantly obvious that something is not working out right in the process between Sonic games. I don't know what that is and frankly I can't say that SEGA has it pinned down either since there always seems to be something totally off base with the 3D games. However, it is almost always something different that goes wrong and that hints at to me that a lot of what goes wrong is in preproduction and concept as well as being able to actual execute what was planned in preproduction during the primary development cycle. Now looking at the problem like that it starts to become easier to guess where the trouble might be brewing, especially if looking at successful franchises like Yakuza, but if it was such a simple to find and address problem I'm certain a noticeable change would have transpired already. As it hasn't, that tells me that the problem with 3D sonic games is spectacularly more convoluted then it seems to outside observation and in light of that I have little faith that anything good will come out anytime soon. Perhaps Sonic needs to take a console generation break again like with the Saturn so that way the franchise can be reevaluated and the problems it has properly addressed so that way the next 3D game will be able to be developed to the best of the abilities of the teams working on it.
  7. Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Bit late to the topic and bringing a more negative opinion to it about issue 8. That is to say, it did nothing for me. Despite handling the character introductions well and further addressing why Sonic may not necessarily be up to speed, I just got nothing from this issue. Silver was enjoyable in his own way and the art was good with the fight scenes easy to follow, but I just feel like it was missing something, like it could have been a little more dynamic. Of course my negative opinion could also be stemming from fatigue of the current formula, or maybe because I was still on a high from issue 7 and the little previously page in the digital copy preceding the comic put a damper on things for me. I can't really say. What I can say though is that Whisper didn't work for me in her introduction. Her motives are unclear, her personality is difficult to judge, and her destructive methods while also striving to avoid making contact with others didn't feel complimentary at this point. Obviously there is a mystery surrounding her and more of that will be explored going forward, but I really have little interest at this point. I'll try to avoid making any comparisons between her and Tangle since they are two totally different characters, but the bottom line is right now I'd rather see more Tangle than Whisper simply because Whisper failed to really entertain me. If not for her character hook of some sort of history with Eggman I would just write her off as a one off character and forget about her as the story returns to the battling Metal Sonic. I know that isn't the case though and that we should be seeing more of her going forward so hopefully in her next outing she'll manage to entertain me or give me a bit more to chew on about her character so that I can start to become invested in her. Right now though she isn't even engaging enough for me to earn an eh.
  8. Sonic Fan J

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Back online again and have to say that the new "team" was not what I was expecting, but considering it was predicted by a number of users here I shouldn't be surprised (comically though Vector is still teamed up with an overly serious purple colored character and a flying character that many find annoying). For the most part though I guess I agree that it just feels weird as a team of any kind. Frankly I think Blaze and Silver would have been better off teamed up with Amy as it would call back to 06 (I know, I know...), be able to take advantage of Amy and Silver's roles in the Resistance, and Amy's similarities and contrasts with Cream would have resulted in some interesting interactions with Blaze. Of course though it still wouldn't be helping Vector out any if Big and the chaos are a must have for this game.
  9. Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Character Names

    A quick story to get started here, but after various conversations over the years on character names and the importance of how characters are named left me investigating the names in the Sonic franchise. Now most of the names are pretty straight forward and speak for themselves. Sonic to imply the speed of sound, or Eggman because of being shaped like an egg. Or perhaps names like Tails and Knuckles as descriptive names along with Rosy to imply a description and an outlook. Even beyond that most character names in the franchise are simple names that tell you about the characters and their characteristics or are making fun little jokes (miles per hour anyone). But when looking at that I then turned my attention to the comics and other media for the franchise and that simplicity washed away. Sure names like Bunny Rabbot still hinted at that playfulness but then you had names like Snively, obviously taken from the words snivel and sniveling which doesn't really come across playfully at all. Even further out though you start finding more and more characters whose names just seem normal with no purpose and were just chosen because they sounded good when they were decided on. But is that really true? As normal names are not always without meaning, for example Amy's actual name is perhaps even more descriptive of her than her Rosy the Rascal nickname as the imagery of roses says quite a lot about her and the name Amy meaning beloved in French implies heavily at her role as love interest (on an aside strange that both Amy and Antoine have french names but only one has an accent). Looking at that I decided to start researching some of the character names and found some fairly interesting results. As my first example, Uncle Chuck is kind of a fun one. While the name Chuck itself is pretty boring on a cursory search as it simply means man, doing some research into who else has held that name bears some more interesting fruit. Most notably for my research is Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier. It's a fun little tidbit in a story about a hedgehog who runs faster than the speed of sound. For my second example though I'll turn to Princess Sally Acorn. As Sally has always received a great deal of attention for some reason or another and considering her role pre-Archie reboot, her name just seemed unduly boring. On its own it doesn't really do anything, tell a joke, give an idea about her character, or really anything else. It doesn't even sound particularly engaging as a name of member of a royal family as it sounds more plain than regal. It doesn't even sound like a quirky video game character name. Fortunately though, even a cursory search in the case of her name gave some very immediate results. Supposedly in Hebrew (shouldn't that be Yiddish is wonder?) the name Sally means princess. A fairly apt description of her most basic character descriptor. Of course that means her name with title comes across as Princess Princess which is just kind of silly and redundant, but at least Princess Acorn works as quirky video game name for a princess who also happens to be a nut eating rodent of some kind (squirrel, chipmunk, something). So those are just some examples. There are obviously a lot more considering how many characters are in this franchise so please share some of your favorites or comment on those names that just really don't make any sense to you no matter where they are from in the franchise.
  10. The problem is more so that when looking at the Team Rose team name you expect characters that relate to Amy and Cream is one such character whereas the chaos are not. Chaos are more affiliated with Cream and Tikal then Amy who really has no relation with them beyond by proxy through Cream. So while bringing the chaos in may be a rational idea, putting them on Team Rose in place of the character who gives Team Rose any relation to chaos is questionable at best. In it's current state Team Rose is a very disparate group that does not feel like a legitimate team to me. You have Amy who chases Sonic, Big who goes fishing with Froggy, and the chaos who sit around being cute beyond Omochao who harasses with advice. Even as out of place as one could argue Knuckles is with Sonic and Tails being adventuring buddies, at least 2 out of the 3 are known for working as a team and share a common interest. Sure Big was on Team Rose in Heroes, but as Amy was helping both Cream and Big find missing persons the team up made some sense. Arguably, I could see going with the plot of them being pulled to another world that they can only escape by racing being grounds to justify Amy putting together such a team, but considering chaos show up everywhere anyway and Omochao is an advice giving robot, why would they need Amy's help getting home? I mean we could just assume that they aren't local to the race world, but we could just easily assume that they are. To me, the plot makes just raises even more questions. I would like to agree with this, but this is SEGA that we are talking about and they seem to enjoy plugging Zavok and Zazz into everything. It would not surprise me if SEGA had three of those limited fifteen spots given to the Zeti. I hope not, but I really have a hard time trusting SEGA sometimes.
  11. Sonic Fan J

    Does No One Here Want A SatAM/Archie Sonic Game?

    I can't speak for others but I get the effect that a legacy has on an individual. My negative stance against them typically started though back in '93 as what came out of Japan just appealed to me more than what came out of the states (it didn't help that nothing in the cartoons - including Sonic himself - resembled the games at all). That said though, with Archie's soft reboot at 252 combined with the love for them that others shared allowed me to give them a chance again. I still prefer certain characters over them and feel that they would never fit in more traditional stories with the roles they played, but with Forces and IDW taking the approach that they have I do feel like they could find a place to fit these days. If anything, I think they would be great characters to hand the Resistance and post Forces rebuilding off to when the others typically return to their globetrotting ways. On the other hand, as I always look at Sonic as a globetrotting adventurer who coincidentally encounters Eggman's next great scheme to take over the world first and foremost, I don't see any room for the SatAM/Archie characters in the games which typically take that approach beyond background Easter eggs. I mean I could maybe see Mina have some potential, but aside from the complications there she is not one of the original SatAM/Archie characters that you are referencing @MadmanRB. Her legacy isn't as strong as the others even if she would better fit the example of a globetrotting adventurer. At the very least though I don't think I would be against the idea of a game that has SatAM/Archie elements at first, but how it would be handled going from there would strongly affect my perception. But even if I would not be against it, it isn't something I would ask for as I really have no desire for a SatAM/Archie game. As I said above, first and foremost I view Sonic as a globetrotting adventurer and I always and still find the SatAM/Archie approach and the games are very different to how they approach that. In the games Sonic is a free spirit who adventures because he wants to whereas in SatAM/Archie he he enjoys adventuring when it coincides with his duties. This difference can't be blended together in a way that I could find believable without undermining Sonic's character, nor does it even address the whole globetrotting angle. At best I could see a game based on SatAM/Archie being a one off thing where Sonic just happens to end up in the Acorn Kingdom and helps them deal with Eggman's latest scheme and moves on as he always does. That's not to say that I don't see any potential with the SatAm/Archie cast, rather the opposite. I feel there is a lot that can still be explored with them, especially in a post Forces world, but I feel that IDW would be a better place for them than in the games. Honestly, I think anyone who wants them in the games in the current shape the games are in are almost asking for them to become hated and loathed. No, I say let them come back in the IDW comics where they can be explored as the individuals that they are instead of in a game that is going to shaft them in favor of Sonic anyway. I may not care for them as much as the game characters, but they sure don't deserve the treatment they would get in the games.
  12. Yeah I probably phrased that wrong, as the concern I was trying to get across was more a matter of what if one of the remaining teams was a Deadly Six team instead of some of the more popular characters. I mean, I know that Cream is not particularly popular, but she still was not expected to be replaced by the chaos. Looking at it like that and SEGA's questionable track record (mind the pun), I could see the expected villain team turning out to be a Deadly Six team. It's an irrational thought sure, but so is replacing Amy's (supposedly) best friend on Team Rose and that didn't stop them. I don't know. Maybe I'm just expecting the franchise to have a train wreck year after Mania Plus with the signs that I've been seeing. Not that I want it to happen, but what I've been seeing is leaving me feeling very pessimistic of late.
  13. You know, a thought just occurred to me. What if one of the teams is a Deadly Six team? I'd think it's unlikely but SEGA has this weird way of dropping them in unusual places...
  14. Still to me, the pinnacle of Sonic the Hedgehog. 3&K may be the better game technically and presentation-wise, but it will never top CD for me for sheer joy and atmosphere. It's such a shame that the CD add on and a lack of frequent ports in the future like the original trilogy kept it as an outsider that still barely clings on to being considered a classic game. Oh well, still my favorite game and interpretation of Sonic :D

    1. superman43


      Besides the add-on issues and "inconsistent level design" (this means I do think it does have a quite consistent level design), some also have an issue with CD mostly reusing the Sonic the Hedgehog zones, which is true to some point, but, I still like how that kind of a reuse made up a unique game. 

      Besides that, CD adds to the classics as much as do either Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 and Knuckles. If someone never played CD, he loses a big chunk of the universe. They might bash well... controllers, keyboard, mobile during the play, but when CD is mastered, it makes game a miracle.

  15. Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So quick question. Since Issue 9 is releasing earlier than normal are we to believe that that is to accommodate for the the TSR book or do you suppose that the comic has already been successful enough that they might be testing release schedule changes to accommodate for a second book?

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