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  1. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    I never anywhere say that stripping her of the hammer would defeat the purpose of adding her. I only, if anything, have probably over pushed my dislike of the hammer and have provided avenues of exploration that exclude it to demonstrate that my POV does have potential. As for pace breaking, I feel that way every time I grab a wall with Knuckles or exit his glide because I'm too high, or even have to land as Tails from a great height. When I've got a good pace going and effectively have to stop and wait to continue because I can't just tap down to quick land as Tails and Knuckles climbs so slowly even the vaunted abilities of those two break the pace. If those two can be allowed to break pace if our skills at using them aren't up to snuff then I think my Amy suggestion isn't too bad. Even from what I've seen of Ray's gameplay his Air Glide can completely destroy a players rhythm if the mess up. As for the shield powers, my argument isn't particularly strong but I side with the camp that sees the shields as limited compared to Tails and Knuckles who always have full use of their abilities plus nearly Sonic's entire moveset. My suggestion keeps Mania's drop dash which gives Sonic a speed advantage after jumping as well as opening up a short range aerial option that he would have full time access to like Tails and Knuckles have with theirs. I won't deny that better options could be put together but at least I address that particular problem when comparing Sonic to Tails and Knuckles (the old vanilla vs vanilla with sprinkles or vanilla with chocolate chips with peanuts argument - with Sonic just being vanilla with the shields as dipping sauce which occasional come by on a conveyer to sample with you vanilla). Now that comic,
  2. It's a long story for the most part that I should probably comment on more in my status than derailing this topic. As for why I commented on my distaste of it here , it was more a response to the "Hammer Drop" comment and it being a reason to not include Amy that was meant to be a joke more than anything. Only my gameplay suggestion follow up was really meant to be taken seriously. As for her hammer being iconic and even SEGA affiliating it with her Classic and Modern Designs; well I could argue for the sake of argument but I won't. Instead I'll just say that I never affiliated it as iconic with her Classic design because I had never heard of Sonic the Fighters until after Adventure had come out and never saw it affiliated in an official capacity beyond that game until the Archie Mega Drive comic less than two years ago. I hope this doesn't come across as sarcastic sounding (apologies if it does) but that does not seem like an iconic affiliation with her Classic design to me. Lastly, I do agree, regardless of my dislike of the hammer (especially when affiliated with Amy's Classic design) that since she is one of my favorite characters just seeing her playable again should make me happy. Sorry though if my dislike of the hammer offends you, I know I'm pretty much alone in disliking it and have already once been ostracized from a forum because of that dislike. On topic, @Son-icka I'll take Phantom Ruby warps if that's all they can get us realistically if they truly offer randomized level playthroughs on every encore run.
  3. Hyped for Plus as much as anyone but feel like I'm getting a little touchy on some other topics and jumping down peoples throats. Hopefully I haven't offended anyone. Think I'll jump out for now and cool my jets, rejoin the conversations later. Apologies to anyone I may have offended.

    1. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      Though I dought you bothered anyone. It is wise to back off, if things get too heated with the hype. Excitement must be tempered with cautious optimism after all.

    2. Kiah


      Statuses like this tend to be a red flag for us moderators on top of the curiosity so I went on and looked at your posts from today to see what you could possibly be talking about. 

      And I don’t see anything wrong with your posts. You explained your thoughts and even your disagreements in a civil and constructive manner which is what we want around here so you’re fine. 

      Just keep doing what you’re doing as things are bound to get heated around here especially when it comes to Sonic discussion so try hard not to get caught up in it. 

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Thanks @Kiah. I appreciate you looking things over. My paranoia is probably just getting the better of me because I've been told before that I'm pretty much just raving like a mad man when I've never stepped outside of how I've posted here so far.

    4. Kiah


      You’re welcome! And like I said you’re fine as I’m seeing nothing of the sort and if you aren’t then surely I or one of my fellow moderators will let you know one way or another lol.

      But if you keep doing what you are doing then that will be a bridge none of us will ever have to cross. 

  4. Not just out of order but have new transitions for the new order as well. If I was really being greedy though, my dream setup would actually be a mode with randomized level order every time you played it with unique transitions for every possible combination. The replay value would feel near endless then and the only thing missing for me would be a playable Amy (though I don't see it ever happening preferably without the hammer).
  5. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    I find a different solution without bogging down one of the simplest control schemes around is to approach Sonic's aerial options. Sonic is the only character who truly lacks any and what aerial commands he is given are taken from him the moment he picks up an element shield. Useful as they are there Sonic only auxiliary abilities are rather inconvenient. If I was tasked with making a sequel and had to improve Sonic's Aerial options and add Amy i'd take this route; For Sonic - Keep his Drop Dash but allow it to be released while airborne in the direction the player is holding to give sonic a short range aerial direction change (kind of like in the Sonic CD opening when he blasts through that one boulder). To keep it balanced, and to challenge the player's skills, have Sonic uncurl and immediately re-curl to build the charge creating a moment of vulnerability which Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray all have with their aerial options. For Amy - Since I affiliate her hammer with her Modern version and not her Classic version, while jumping press jump again near a badnik to grab onto and ride it where ever it goes. Push jump again to jump off destroying the badnik in the process and the vulnerability aspect is present for as long as she is clinging onto the badnik she is vulnerable to everything else in the environment including any deployable spikes or other barriers the badnik she is clinging to has making some enemies (like orbanuts before firing their projectiles) impossible to grab. Taking this route you open up further platforming opportunities without adding additional button inputs (which I have been told is not a good idea when designing a game) and use elements affiliated with the characters (Sonic's spectacular aerial acrobatics and Amy's tendency to grab things - primarily Sonic). The only thing you sacrifice this way are the Shield Powers, but since they are optional and non-permanent I'd rather have this simple abilities that slightly tweak how I play each character rather than each character starts feeling like they are built for totally different games with the primary gameplay being regulated to a unifying element instead of the main dish. Legal Disclaimer: All ideas presented by myself are fully available for SEGA and all associated affiliates to use without my prior consent or notification in any way that SEGA deems applicable without any and all reservations.
  6. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I personally feel it's more that it was as advertised. We were told before we ever saw the first issue that each of the first four issues would be Sonic arrives in town, meets major friend, defeats enemies, and moves on as a way to introduce the characters. Seeing people complain about being delivered what was promised reminds me about how Dragon's Dogma was dogged for delivering a traditional medieval fantasy RPG with no unique flare when that was exactly what was advertised. I can get behind certain executions being criticized for not being up to snuff, but criticizing what you got when it was exactly what was promised boggles the mind. It was one thing when the fear of repetition was brought up before release but criticizing the idea now instead of the execution of delivering what was promised seems strange to me. I get that it was repetitive, but we were told it would be out of the gate. That's what to me makes issues 2 and 4 so good is because the characters make the story pop regardless of the repetition. It's part of to me why Tails and Knuckles need more time right now because they both came off as little more than Sonic's bot-bashing buddies. Technically even Blaze came off this way whereas Amy and Tangle had a more facets to work with (Amy's crush and responsibility to the Resistance, and Tangle defending her home town and reactions to what Sonic considers normal). As I said execution vs concept. Introduce the main characters in a simple game-like action of bashing bots and show us who they are and what they are about. The concept is admittedly flawed as these comics released once a week instead of once every two to four years so of course they will feel repetitive. Conversely, they did introduce to all of the characters in as short a time as possible which is what they aimed to do even if they did not necessarily show us what everyone is really about in a satisfactory manner.
  7. Strangely that's exactly why I like Amy. She is a girly and a tomboy to an extent and in a world where everyone is always telling people what type of people they should be instead of being themselves I find it extremely refreshing. The sheer amount of times I've seen girls insulted for being either too girly or tomboyish is rather overwhelming to me so seeing a character who embraces those strangely frowned upon characteristics is very enjoyable for me. If you were to ask me, overly serious characters like Shadow and blaze who have no sillier, more human, sides to them are painfully boring. It's part of what makes a lot of so called great western stories boring to me is because everyone is emotionless one-dimensional serious caricatures of what a real person is like. Amy is the very opposite of that and lives her life to the fullest letting no one tell her what she can or can't be. Her sense of freedom and willingness to run away from everything else just like Sonic is what makes me enjoy seeing stories in this franchise and one of the reasons I am severely unfond of her portrayal in Boom! where she is stripped of her primary personality traits to appease the masses. It strips her of all sense of freedom to be who she is and undermines the freedom Sonic himself represents. As for whether she can draw in a larger audience, she probably can't for the very reasons I describe above. She represents things society frowns upon these days, but comically Sonic himself was introduced to me back in 1991 as a teenage rebel with an attitude which was heavily frowned upon in my experience. I say let her have the freedom to be a girly-girl tomboy because hat's who she is and she should not have to conform to what everyone would prefer is an idea role model. For crying out loud, she's not a role model for the type of person you should be. If she's a role model of any kind it would be in the vein of Sonic himself, someone who chases after their dreams and lets no obstacle stop them, overcoming any challenge life throws their way and never giving up. If that doesn't sell a character anymore than it speaks volumes about the values of society on a whole these days. Apologies if this post comes off harshly but few things boil my blood then when I see being any type of a non-harmful person as a bad thing and I have never understood what makes girly-girls and tomboys bad.
  8. No, it's going to destroy their wallet, and I might know how they feel. I plan on buying the physical release for the PS4 and will probably additional get the digital upgrade as well just to keep the disc pristine XD
  9. Sonic Headcanons

    I like this theory a lot as it shows her carrying out her duties but also gives time to hang out with the friends she's made thanks to Sonic. I kind of wish Knuckles was handled the same way (or at least similarly) since the whole reason he is involved with the events in Chaotix is (according to the Japanese Emerald) because the Master Emerald was reacting to something and he went to go investigate. ... Honestly, since this is the head cannon thread i think I'll adopt that head cannon. When Knuckles and Blaze show up it has everything to do with their respective Guardian duties, but as Knuckles is the untrusting sort he never tells anyone what he is actually up to. Pushing it even further, it's why he agreed to follow Tails in Heroes because the Master Emerald reacted to Neo Metal Sonic and his Chaos Data abilities. Adding onto this further, I see Silver after his various time traveling adventures discovering the Time Stones and managed to witness part of Sonic's adventure in CD thus encouraging him to naively think he can be the guardian of the Time Stones and ending up in over his head every time they send him off on an adventure that he isn't prepared for.
  10. Only if you're a fan of her hammer (everyone but me it seems). I'd rather see her added with a grab ability (press jump during jump near enemy) where she is able to grab onto most enemies and ride them around. That would hearken back to her grab animation in CD and would open up some rather unique platforming situations.
  11. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    I was hoping they would do this and it is absolutely awesome. Now I'm just hoping Ray's wackiness also makes it over in his animations.
  12. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer

    Quoting myself from the No Spoiler Thread since it seems my trailer reaction is better placed here XD
  13. HYPE!!! Adding some context to this post now (that's going to be difficult cause of how hyped I am), I loved everything I just saw. Things to note I like the platforming potential I see in Mighty's Hammer Drop (I love that animation) and it looks like momentum is going to integral in making use of Ray's Air Glide (though I wonder how abusable it will be by Spin Dash jumping off of slopes).
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    This is the worrisome part no matter how you break it down. At the end of the day that was what the Archie Comics were supposed to do, get readers to go check out the games, but instead it became its own thing in more ways than one. The question at this point is will there be a "Fallout" arc in the comics after every game forcing a time skip and disrupting the flow or will this be allowed to be it's own thing and wrap up any ongoing story before having to advertise the latest game. Since I've already found myself looking forward to seeing more of Tangle I'm hoping it'll be a lot more of the latter since she is currently IDW exclusive and her along with future IDW exclusives won't be in the games so adaptrions will need time to be worked into the story so that way the IDW characters can be addressed properly. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind time skipping past every game when it comes out and having a "Fallout" arc that encourages readers to go buy the game. Since new games don't release very often I would say it shouldn't be to obtrusive and it would give Flynn the ability to twist the status quo to fit his narrative without having to fully give in to the game.
  15. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I actually enjoyed this issue a lot more than #3. Sure #3 mixed things up with a different enemy and that for the most part these opening comics danced the same dance to the same tune, but to me what sold this issue was the character interactions. I'm a sucker for character interactions and maybe it's just because I found the lack of Sonic and Knuckles' rivalry on display that the interactions in issue 4 just stand out to me so much more. But I rather felt the same way about issue 1 and 2 where I found the Sonic/Amy team up was a lot more dynamic than the Sonic/Tails team up. Then of course there is Tangle. Tangle for me came across as well meaning goofball and I simply enjoyed her energy and enthusiasm. Her constant confusion and inability to grasp things the fan base had treats as common knowledge was the type of meta humor I enjoy without it ever going over board instead allowing her expressions to sell the reactions. Seeing her fall behind Sonic and Blaze nearly instantly but put in the effort to not fall behind was also nice and I could easily see her becoming a recuring character especially since she has shown a concern about the threat behind the organized badniks. All in all, I was sold on Tangle as she appealed to my love for simple yet dynamic characters and if she persistently is portrayed this way I will find it a delight every time she appears in the future. Comically, I've never had much investment in Blaze (I criminally prefer Marine more) but her presentation here seemed on point with how imagine her being handled. Her sense of responsibility to both the Sol Emeralds and those around her is a nice contrast to Knuckles who, even though he shows some level of care, still puts the Master Emerald above all else. It'll be nice to see how that plays up once the Master Emerald gets pulled into the plot and how Knuckles will persist in the story once it's truly out of harm's way. So on a whole I'd say for me the comics in ascending order are #3, #1, #4, and #2 at the top. The combination of ABT's art, Amy's characterization, the use of the established history from the games up to and including Amy's role in Forces, and the fluidity in which it was all tied together just does it for me more than any of the other issues. Issue 2 alone and wanting to see both Amy's and ABT's artwork return is enough to keep me invested in the comics for a while longer but issue 4 has also done a good job at keeping me invested as I find myself wanting to see how Tangle will react to rest of the gang. I can already imagine Amy constantly having to assure Tangle that all of the zaniness they get involved with is par for the course and Tangle just smiling lopsided at her. Lastly, going to play my hand at a final positive (bear with me here as I start negative to get to the point) take on the first four issues and their repetitive story structure. To start though, my primary negative; they had to follow Sonic's point of view. It's a weird stance to take especially since this is Sonic's story and we have to be introduced to his story, but I feel that actually hurt things more than anything. If we could have had a first five issues (#1 and #5 debuting on the regular monthly release schedule and then #2, 3, and 4 releasing in the interim weeks) I feel like the first issue could have been solely dedicated to Sonic to introduce to him and the world through his eyes as well as the contrast between his free spirited adventuring and perpetual battle with Dr. Eggman. From there going into the Character introductory issues could have shown us everyone else's point of view and would have been a good way to inform us of what to expect from them going forward. Instead, we simply have Sonic's take alone on all of them and what Sonic expects out of each of them. There is a strength in that though, especially for those new to the franchise and not scared off by the strong expectations of having kept up with nearly 27 years of the franchise, and that is that they get to be as pleasantly surprised or horrified as Sonic is when things happen that neither he nor the reader expects. With Sonic as the focal point of the story it's important that his viewpoint is what informs the reader more than anything else and I feel that these first issues established that very well as character prologue stories. Perhaps it still could have worked better if there were five, maybe even six, issues that released simultaneously to cover Sonic Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Tangle, and Blaze separately, but considering time constraints I can accept what we have been given as it did entertain me and give me hope for the future of the comic and I feel it serves as an adequate prologue. That said, with the character based prologue out of the way it's time to see if the comic will step it up or try to get by as a simple but still entertaining read.

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