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  1. Anyway SSMB, I think I'm going to bail for a few months if not longer. I'm fining myself not articulate enough and frequently too angry by the results of that. That, and every single time I come on and partake of late all I do is get riled up and angry. It's bad enough that my POV seems so incompatible as it does some days, but I feel like I'm less so contributing and just being a thorn in the side of member that have decided to stay. I want to enjoy Sonic, and frankly there is no enjoyment left here for me at this time so instead of causing trouble and picking fights I'm just going to pack my bags and leave. I might return when there is actually something to share joy in again, but for now I'm out.

    If you want to keep in touch with me for some reason feel free to join the Discord for my Sonic AU (https://discord.gg/ePgQ4Cm), or you can find me on twitter @JoshTarwater, on tumblr at https://sonicfanj.tumblr.com/, or DeviantArt at https://www.deviantart.com/sonicfanj. Anyway, take care everyone and hopefully the franchise this site is built around will give everyone here some joy again. At least with me gone that should be one less troublemaker bringing things down. Later everyone.

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      I've always appreciated your views, so take care of yourself and hope to see you back in the future.

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      I'm sorry to see you leave, I hope you come back some day. Good luck.

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      We'll keep in touch on Discord, at least.

      See you, buddy.

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      Well, sorry to see you go, I never got to talk to you but when you ever come back, here's a tip: if you gotta do something... BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

      farewell Junio fan, your kind is one of the best around.

  2. So to start off what you are describing here is a reset, not a static character. Resets are typically things that happen in most long running narratives, and usually to adapt to the story to the times. A static character does in fact, not change. that's kind of why people complain about it with Sonic despite his static nature being a point of reference to show how the rest of the world changes. It's a problem that stems from investing in Sonic as a person when he is typically presented as larger than life. Nothing wrong with that, but it will create a lot of disappointment. And now you are talking out of context. The zombot situation did not exist when Shadow wanted to off Eggman. Sonic saw Mr. Tinker. He did not see the future calamity that Shadow's actions would have solved. He saw an innocent man who he believed deserved the right to try and live what life he had in peace. So when you say he was dealing with the zombot scenario Eggman hadn't even engaged that plan yet as Eggman's psyche and memories were not present in his conscious mind and that is what Sonic was responding too. Hence why I say Sonic lives in the moment, and he is described as a shortsighted character so it really shouldn't be a surprise that he does. What you are advocating as the solution to future problems is kill an innocent man who happens to share the same body as that of the madman. But as the madman was not present, Sonic chose to protect the innocent man as befits his sense of right and wrong. He acted on his personal justice as he typically does. And sure, Eggman is the long term problem but that isn't how Sonic thinks. He thinks in the moment and the moment only. The problem he was faced with Eggman was letting an innocent man be killed because he shared the same body as a villain. Sonic acted on his sense of justice and prevented that murder. And regretting things isn't in Sonic's character. It's taking actions when something does happen based on his values which you seem to be ignoring in this entire debate. Sonic is an act on what he sees type of character. Not on what happened or what could happen, but what he sees happening. this is why I say you want to change him as you don't want him being like this. That is advocating for a change. Wanting to solve the problem is how Sonic reacts to mistakes or bad things happening. You are putting the story before the character and not considering at all how Sonic functions. That's why I said you want Sonic to dwell on it. But that isn't in Sonic's character. you want it to be and that is why you are frustrated with him. Something bad happened because of an action he took, but he didn't stop and think about it, which is part of his character to begin with. Sonic's reaction to a problem is to address it, not prevent it. he's very immature in that way and again, shortsighted. This is where Sonic being a static character becomes a problem if you are trying to tell the story from his point of view because him being a larger than life figure rather than a humanized character conflict here. It is rarely a good idea to tell the story from Sonic's point of view unless you are trying to establish his character so you know what to expect from him. As it turns out, you're appalled by him because he actually isn't the good-two-shoes you think he is. He's actually rather passive unless his sense of Justice is triggered. But just because you are appalled by that doesn't mean that basic story telling is being ignored. Respecting Sonic's character and telling the story based on that is what needs to happen and what Flynn actually has done regardless of execution. So no, I'm noyt ignoring basic story telling or saying Sonic should either, I'm saying Sonic's character has to be respected while writing the story and the two have to work together harmoniously. If the story being told doesn't work with Sonic's character and vice versa then it should not be an officially written story. But we are also talking about this in a vacuum now and not considering that with a static character, and one who only lives in the moment, it is important to make use of the supporting cast and the world itself to create pathos and disdain. This is where I would argue that too much of the cast has been being used and that Shadow was a waste and is even the actual problem narratively. If you remove Shadow from this whole mess then the question was never even presented. Further, asking it all when it does not fit the setting was a grave error on Ian Flynn in the first part. Yet, he still respected Sonic's character to write him as he would be in that situation. Shortsighted, in the moment, and not looking back at the past. the results speak for themselves and are actually required for the story to function at all. So when you accuse me of letting Sonic slide by basic story telling, to me you are talking a bout a character growth arc, which a static character like Sonic who has a flat arc will not have. As Sonic will not have a growth arc it is not basic story telling in regards to his character. Outside of Chaos flooding Station Square I have to disagree that Sonic causes death and destruction. typically he prevents most Eggman situations from being worse and that is what most people in universe see. Eggman is mucking things up and Sonic stops him before things get even worse. That's where most people consider him a hero. They look to him about as much as they do Batman to clean up afterwards. They don't expect him to partake in the clean up and he doesn't. But he did stop things from getting worse. And they expect him to do so again. Now for this situation we don't even know if anyone will even affiliate Sonic with it beyond those aware of the decision he made, which was made without knowing the future, and not looking back at the past as is true to his character. But it is a mess he's trying to clean up and failing miserably at. But even despite that he is trying and giving it everything he has to solve it. He isn't dwelling on it because that isn't like him. But this mess isn't even 100% on him. He didn't even instigate it. He protected an innocent. That did not create the mess. It allowed Starline to create the mess. Even if Rouge had not found Eggman Starline was still going to find him there, still restore his memory even without Metal Sonic, and Eggman still would have initiated the Metal Virus. Yet you are blaming Sonic for Starline's actions when Sonic had no interaction with him before Eggman was restored. And that's the thing, you say Sonic never cleans up his messes, but most of the messes in the games are not his. He's usually stopping other people's messes from getting worse. The biggest mess he is directly responsible for he solves, and that is in Unleashed when his compassion and shortsightedness got the planet split apart. But you know what Sonic did as soon as he knew there was a solution? He went and put the planet back together again. And even the zombot arc he keeps trying even appealing to Eggman to fix it. He's looking for a solution and trying to support possible solutions and coming up short. It's not from a lack of trying or not caring that he isn't succeeding, but the plot dictating that he doesn't. I would never expect Sonic to be a better hero because he is only a hero in the perspective of others based on the consequences of his involvement. And yeah, he isn't proactive. He doesn't try to stop things before the could happen. People do praise him as a hero because of what they experience. But Sonic does not call himself a hero. He allows bad things to happen unless he sees them about to happen and acts on his own sense of justice. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but Sonic is not a hero. Everything your saying makes him a horrible hero is because he isn't one. As you say, he's an asshole, and the only thing that keeps people from realizing that is that he is charming which makes him come across as cheeky instead of as a straight asshole. And that his actions do save people when he does get involved in a short term perspective is why people paint him a hero. Should he be considered one? depends on the situation. If his actions just saved your life and could have gotten him hurt or worse in the process more often than not you'd consider him a hero in that situation. And hat's all hero really is is someone who risks their life to protect the life of another. Sonic doesn't make a career out of that or try to be the Justice League, rather following a live and let live mentality only acting when he sees something that triggers his sense of justice. So feel free to find that boring, but I actually find it refreshing and it keeps Sonic from becoming an authoritarian figure like Batman, the Justice League and SHIELD, and any other superhero force who forces their will and way of life onto everyone. As a character who represents freedom, Sonic has to allow Eggman the chance to make the decision to be evil or not. And that again is respecting the character which I find to be very interesting. Seeing how Sonic's unchanging approach to life affects his world is extremely interesting to me and makes Sonic himself an extremely interesting and engaging story. That's why I advocate for seeing him adventuring and not fighting villains as it will show more of his character. Flaws also matter when they set the story in motion. A character who is clumsy can set a story in motion by not hanging up a phone properly causing an important phone call to be missed resulting in a full story where the character's clumsiness never needs to addressed or the character hit over the head with it. Saying they only matter in one instance is a very closedminded approach to the application and use of flaws in a narrative. Again you are describing and sticking solely to a growth arc which Sonic as a character will not have. And you keep using what happened after Sonic's action which is so vastly outside of the realm of anything any character knew was going to happen. The zombot arc does not matter. The argument Shadow had was Eggman hurts people so kill him. The argument Sonic had was Mr. Tinker is innocent, let him live his life. The Zombot Arc doesn't matter in that context of Sonic's decision just whether or not he believes Eggman will hurt people again. His character flaw being that he lives in the moment and is shortsighted doesn't see that looking at Mr. Tinker so he acts on what he sees. And acting on his sense of Justice does not make him a career hero at all. As you said, Shadow is a career hero, but Sonic is someone who acts on his own sense of Justice and would never allow someone who is fearful for their wellbeing and has done nothing wrong to be attacked. That goes against his values and does not require being a career hero. If you saw someone being bullied and stepped in would that make you a career hero? No, it just means you acted on your own sense of Justice which is exactly what Sonic did here. And this is a fully fundamental misunderstanding of having one's own sense of justice. Sonic did not want to be a hero. He saw an innocent man under attack and that triggered his sense of justice and he acted on it. He thought it was wrong and intervened. Saying he should have just left is ignoring an entire facet of Sonic's character which is his inability to ignore those who he sees in need. He saw Mr. Tinker in need and had to act on it because his sense of justice demanded it, not because he wanted to be a hero. Sonic is vain and an egotist, don't get me wrong there, bit he already knows he is viewed as a hero and plays it down in most cases because that isn't who he is. He's just a guy that loves adventure who also as t so happens can't ignore what he perceives as injustice that he is actively bearing witness too. That has nothing to do with heroics but is rather a different angle of Sonic's ego. And though it is a different angle of his ego, it also shows that he does care even when you try to dismiss it because he doesn't care in a big picture way like you think he and everyone else should. As it turns out though, not all characters are like that. Sonic won't criticize himself as that isn't in his character, and the world doesn't criticize him as it doesn't react to every detail of how he goes about doing what he does. Most of the world only notices what they perceive as the good he has done. Just like most people don't have a clue who Shadow is, most people react to Sonic based only on what they know. His friends trust him to save the day because that is their experience with him. The rest of the world only sees that he stops bigger messes from happening and helps out nigh everyone he meets with their problems. What you are advocating for is for the world to actually learn who he is as a person and the decisions that he makes and to punish him for it. The problem is, that actually won't happen because Sonic typically doesn't engage with people. For as outgoing as he is, he is very much an introvert who stays outside and away from everyone, putting on a show when he is present. And the funny thing about the show he puts on is it's one that inspires confidence and the desire to step up and give it your all. When you look at that it's little wonder people in universe and out don't see the sociopathic world ender you do. If anything, most fan content of Shadow that I've seen calls Sonic out best, he is an idiot if anything who is really just skilled enough and caring enough to fudge his way through and get good enough results. It's honestly why Shadow and Knuckles are ideal foils to Sonic because they have the sense of duty that he lacks and are capable of calling him out on being the idiot that he is. And I'm afraid I disagree. Your entire argument has been that plot, the plot, the plot, and how it should be. You have yet to actual explore Sonic's use or the data available about him to actually look at why things happen the way they do and how Sonic gets offs scot-free. You call him a sociopath who will let the world burn despite the fact that the evidence against that is directly in front of you showing he wont. You say he doesn't care despite everything he does for people and the anger he feels when he does see people put in danger. You ignore every aspect of his character at every opportunity to sell him as sociopath more dangerous to the world than Infinite was, simply because he isn't a proactive hero when he never was to begin with. Your complete and total ignoring of his character for the plot, plot, plot, with no regard to how his character and the plot should work harmoniously. You ignore what his world sees of him and only go off what you see and say everyone else should feel the same. You demonstrate zero understanding of his character and then limit yourself to only seeing growth arcs as valid storytelling. When you do all of that I'm afraid I find it impossible to believe that you have any understanding of Sonic as a character. He flies right over you with every level of depth, nuance, and detail completely going unseen, simply because he doesn't have a growth arc. I'm sorry, but that isn't understanding the character at all.
  3. I was actually referring to this one But as is clearly obvious the height is not listed and despite my best efforts I can't find a listed height. It's rather frustrating as I knew Sonic was 100cm tall before the Adventure redesign but can't find any evidence. the only evidence I can find is his age in both the technical files http://info.sonicretro.org/Original_Story where he is described as 18 and from his Sonic Jam profile where he is listed as 16 And as Sonic Jam came out in June of 1997 over a year before Adventure was unveiled and he is listed as older than the 15 Modern is it makes things rather weird and convoluted. Regardless though, Sonic was never meant to be presented as a kid and that Generations went with that idea is a retcon. Of course pre-adventure Sonic, or Naka/Oshima Sonic is also not a mute, but again, retcons for reasons unstated. But as Naka and Oshima were still involved and did not treat Adventure Sonic differently from how they originally perceived Sonic I find little reason to believe they would have changed his height. In fact, Naka is on record stating that the redesign in Adventure was to put Sonic's image back where he wanted it to be (http://info.sonicretro.org/images/0/05/CS_S_US.png). Now if you consider that Sonic's creators were not involved with Generations and that Naka still speaks out against Sonic being presented as cute (he complained about Baby Sonic from the movie on his twitter account but I have no links I'm afraid) then the cute kid approach is actually inaccurate to what he was from all angles. To be fair to this debate however, if one considers the "Modern" Classic Sonic then his age and is entirely up in the air and in the hands of Takashi Iizuka who has already retconned that he is not younger, but from an alternate dimension. In that case we would be safe to presume that "Modern" Classic Sonic is also 15 like Modern or Legacy Sonic. In the most literal of chronological viewpoints though he is younger simply due to his adventures taking place before the Adventure games. If you want to get really weird with the ages though there is this page from the Japanese manual for CD In it, Amy's age is listed as 8 yet she is 12 in modern content. Now consider that Sonic is conceived as 18, is listed at 16, yet from when Amy has her age moved up by four years he is made even younger by becoming 15. In light of this figuring out Sonic's actual age is a bit of a mess, but if you want to account for a near four year passage of time for Amy, then likely Sonic would have been 15 in the classic era and 18 now, 19 after generations, and putting him back in line with Naka's vision. It also aligns in a way with his twentieth anniversary being his birthday and celebrated in game. Problem is, it requires a lot of supposition as the evidence available does not allow for definitive extrapolation of data. At this point, you are best off sticking to headcanon, but Sonic's original conceived age and listed age pre-Adventure should be considered when addressing the subject. Sonic was never an adventurer kid, but an adventuring teenager. So if his listed teenage years are listed at 15 at the youngest and 18 at the oldest, and Amy being 8 to 12 along the same path then a 3-4 time gap does make sense until you bring tails into the equation http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/character/tails.html The Sonic Jam bio shows he is 8, and then he is also listed as 8 right now on Sonic Channel. Or in short, for Tails a full year has yet to pass from the Classics even though it have been 4 for Amy and Sonic has grown younger. When you start looking like it like that actually determining a passage of time is pretty much impossible. So how old is Sonic then? Depends on the Sonic you're talking about really, as he could be anything from an uncounted kid to 18. Though arguably, the kid is only from Generations on, and considering how much smaller Classic Eggman is than Modern, height starts to become a factor that cannot be counted when trying to determine character ages. In a USA court of law, there is too much doubt cast on all available evidence to be useful and thus height must be discarded due to Eggman alone. In short, really you just have to take Iizuka and SEGA at their word, even as their word makes things even more of a mess.
  4. Which is usually where Sonic's next step is to try and rectify the mistake he made. If we acknowledge that he doesn't dwell, but acts, then you realize he does care quite a bit, but his never look back mentality and also shortsightedness become points of abrasion with those around him. As you point out, Lost World actually attempts to explore the flaws naturally born of his approach, but they jack up Tails in the process and try to make Sonic dwell and regret when he doesn't do those two things. Typically, Sonic's ill seen temper should actually be more explored in those moments when he is expected to regret as that shows you that he does have an emotional response but that he is quicker to act than to think which plays into his shortsightedness. It's important to remember that Sonic is regarded as a her due to the consequences of his actions and that when the consequences of his actions are bad he takes immediate to rectify them. Frankly, Sonic is a very unusual character that a lot of people try to pigeon hole into a mold that he isn't built for instead of actually looking at what type of character he is supposed to be. It's why for as much praise as BOOM! Sonic gets as a deconstruction, it's disregard for his love of life and adventure for the sake of the sitcom feels like it's deconstructing the perception of him as a career hero, which he is not, instead of what he actually is. It doesn't surprise me though as Sonic is a very different character type than he appears to be at first glance and most of the nuance, subtlety, and depth he possesses is completely glanced over for wrongly looking at him as a career hero. Again, it's why I yearn for more stories of his that do not focus on his conflicts with Eggman as then you have to static characters bouncing off of each other which really isn't engaging beyond introducing them. They need a dynamic world to react to them and highlight them so you can see how they function and the types of characters that they actually are. Though comically I think Eggman is actually a lot easier to understand than Sonic because it is far more difficult to mistake the type of character he is compared to Sonic.
  5. Thanks for answering! I'm really looking forward to it since Archie never really touched on Amy's relation to Mercia and being a princess of said nation. Her reckless globetrotting and hanging out in different kingdom really should have had explored consequences and I'm hoping the team will really help me appreciate it.
  6. Hey @SonicWindAttack, really I should write editorial, but I only recently realized that due to Rob'o being King of Mercia, Amy being his cousin means she is a princess (a female cousin of a ruling monarch, read king or queen, is technically a princess) and I was wondering if that would ever be addressed by the ASO team if you know or not.
  7. This is why I don't like the Sonic vs. Eggman focus as it ignores that Sonic is an adventurer and not a career hero. When people say Sonic has no drive because of this point they demonstrate a total failure of understanding Sonic's character whether t be the writers or the fans. And speaking of not understanding Sonic's character, @Shadowlax you have demonstrated time and again you want to replace a key component of Sonic's character with something else. This to me demonstrates not liking Sonic as a static character which is fine, but you do so at the expense of Sonic's character traits of never looking back and never regretting anything. Sonic is a character that dwells in the moment and the moment only. It's what makes it baffling how so many people are attracted to him as an individual as his life's philosophy applies to him and his personal sense of justice only. You have to understand that Sonic is a selfish character, not a hero, and acts solely on what he thinks is right and doesn't regret the consequences, but resolves them. You want him to dwell, when Sonic's approach is to solve. He didn't dwell on being transformed into the werehog and the planet splitting apart because his way of life is to instead solve the problem, not regret it. As he tells Chip, it's a good excuse for an adventure which speaks to you of his selfishness. the reason he gets a free pass most times is because he usually can clean up his messes. But if you don't truly understand his character is actually a flawed person to begin with and base him solely off of being something which he is not, a career hero, it becomes little wonder you don't understand Sonic and find his lack of changes boring. And you know that's fine, and you're free to share that you find him boring and explain the reasons why, but you have to lay off the my view is right and yours is wrong approach when you fail to demonstrate a grasp of the character in question. Share your opinions please, I find yours so uniquely alien compared to most fans, but remember to respect that not everyone agrees with you and that you might be missing some important details. You shouldn't need to say IMO with every statement, but you do need to avoid talking like you alone are solely right. Honestly that bothers me a lot sometimes, there are so many ways to interpret these characters, but there are actually facts about them that we can research from the games and supplemental material that actually answers most of these questions we have. We just need to stop ignoring them and acting like they never existed. It makes our arguments closeminded and makes discourse insufferable. Our viewpoints are not singular and when you share them you have to respect that. But when there are facts, like Sonic being an adventurer or even not a hero (from the Sonic technical files - http://info.sonicretro.org/Original_Story - If you take a gander at how Sonic is described here, you'll notice the second to last line tells you he is not a hero. This is a fact that is conveniently ignored and allows the discourse born of the career hero viewpoint that most people have and leads to failures to understand Sonic's character. Even in the games Sonic describes himself as just a guy who likes adventure yet this aspect of his character is ignored by fans in favor of the career hero discourse which leaves Sonic horribly misunderstood and held up to scrutinized on a level he has no business being near. Sonic is no hero, and until people let that go they won't understand him and will talk about him in ignorance and confusion. That needs to stop in my opinion and when it does people will be able to look at Sonic and the franchise in a very different light and see things they previously were simply confused by clearly. Didn't mean to rant, but can we please avoid contradictions like he's a static character but he should change. Asking for a static character to change demonstrates a lack of understanding of the character, their role, and how they work making most arguments maddening. Maybe talk about how you think he would be better if he wasn't a static character that could spark some interesting conversation. As it stands, I prefer Sonic as a static character and enjoy seeing the adventures he has both unrelated to that and born of it.
  8. It is, but the character art they base the model off of by Oshima is like most Sonic reference material marks him as 100cm. The fact that in game Sonic perceives himself as the same by both versions also implies there is no actual height difference in universe and that it is purely a Meta observation due to art style proportion differences. Admittedly, the Metal Sonic height inaccuracy never made sense to me since he was shown the same height as Sonic who was always described as 100cm. It seems odd to me to a single example which was later corrected to justify suddenly changing everything else. the fact that Classic Eggman is also shorter than modern despite adults not continuing to grow taller also supports it being entirely a meta perspective rather than in universe.
  9. Here's a thought that might be reasonable to have on Modern and Classic Sonic's relationship; the two Sonic's in generation see the other as simply themselves at first. They don't distinguish the other as different until after the "mirror" scene shows Classic is quicker to act. Then it is mostly the rest of the cast in non comital dialogue noting the differences, but less so as Sonic being younger, but just looking off for a reason they can only vaguely place. If you break it down like that Classic Sonic is never really implied to be younger, just different, which is accurate since he doesn't match any of the classic character descriptions or media interpretations free from the limitations of the games, unlike Modern Sonic. So in a weird way, both Classic and Modern are fifteen and 3'3''/100cm despite what we see on screen. If anything, while a novel idea for an anniversary situation, it was horrible for a plot since Sonic has always been the same bar art style. Generations Classic is the first time he was ever really changed, and it was done in a weird retroactive way which ignores everything.
  10. Well, wasn't expecting to see my name invoked, but I guess I'll do what I can here. So, You have to consider before anything else the fundamental flaw with Sonic stories is that 99.9% of the time you are only going to be told the stories of Sonic's conflicts with Eggman. In short, you have two static characters bouncing off of each other and that just doesn't work. Now most people say the solution is to allow Sonic to change, but that kind of ignores Sonic's no regrets stance. Sonic doesn't regret his decisions. That is a character flaw which Lost World conveniently ignored for some angst instead of Sonic looking at correcting his mistake as a chance for an adventure. That is another thing people forget about Sonic as the superhero narrative typically distracts people from it; Sonic is an adventurer and not a career hero. So, with that established what type of character does that really make Sonic? Well, you have to look past Sonic to see that and you'll quickly discover that Sonic's character type isn't in his flat arc, or his heroics, or sadly even his adventures. Sonic's character type is that of a motivator. He motivates others and it is why the whole "main character" bias that a lot of people have with Sonic allows him to be horribly misconstrued. Sonic in most games is not the main character. In Solo games, maybe, but even then those stories don't work for a motivator type character. A solo story is to introduce Sonic, and every so often you need one to reestablish him since this is a 30 year franchise. But as a motivator he can't be the main character. What Sonic is as a motivator is the "Title Character". For as much as I dislike Sonic X, it actually understood that. Chris is the main character whose story is instigated by the title character and his interactions with them, hence why you call it Sonic still, as he is the motivator and instigator of the main character ,even more so than the primary antagonist. Now people who like Sonic as a character and want to see him "grow" won't like this reading, and understandably so. But Sonic is not a dynamic character. It's why I like him as a larger than life figure myself as it allows for the more dynamic characters, from his world itself to those actively motivated by him like Tails and Amy to react to his presence on the world. That's where his absence in Forces should have been interesting was the loss of how he motivates. And as an aside, the Tails argument really doesn't work as well as people think it does since in SA2 Sonic told Tails to step up and fill his shoes while in Forces he asked for help and went down leaving Tails failing him. To totally different scenarios that need to be respected regardless of execution. But back on point, Sonic may be static, but there is also a lot of depth and nuance to his character that most people don't see. These traits need to be highlighted based on who he is motivating at any given time, whether that is Eggman trying to overcome Sonic, Tails trying to be a hero like him, or some new character discovering what they can only discover because they interacted with Sonic. To an extent, Sonic's problem is that he is Obiwan Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy, but we follow him instead of Luke and barely see the world affected by his actions and the motivation he brings. It's why I consider Sonic a horrible POV character as it undermines his role to humanize a character that doesn't work so blatantly humanized. I'll continue to forever vouch for tails and Amy to be the primary POV characters because they have room to grow and due to their hero worship can actually have conflict seeing both the good and bad caused by Sonic. Before I go too off on a tangent outside of this thread's topic though, let me look at Sonic the motivator and whether Knuckles should be friend or rival. Frankly, neither to be honest. Sonic's impact on Knuckles versus Knuckles' role in the world don't agree with each other for either scenario without vastly changing Knuckles. That does not mean though that Knuckles should not trust Sonic or actually have conflicts with him either. In fact, Knuckles' trust in Sonic should be the very reason he has conflict with him. Knuckles is a naïve loner who doesn't understand the world beyond his island. But you know what. he knows Sonic is a good guy after the initial misunderstanding and when he goes out into the world will imitate Sonic and get burnt for it since he lacks Sonic's awareness. This will tick him off and have him lash out at Sonic. It creates conflict. Heck, Knuckles gets tricked by Eggman for the nth time; blame Sonic. He keeps sparing the guy so the good knuckles is said to believe is in everyone must be in Eggman too and it's worth giving him a chance. That's on Sonic as much as it Knuckles, and creates conflict born from trust, an angle frequently forgotten. Even Knuckles leaving Angel Island does not have to be an abandonment of his duties. I paraphrase it a lot, but the Japanese manual for Chaotix does tell you that the Master Emerald reacts to the activity in the world below and that as the Guardian of the Master Emerald Knuckles will go and investigate things it is reacting too. Again, his trust in Sonic can create conflict, and even rivalry if that is what you want if say Knuckles goes down, encounters Sonic, knows he can help, asks ignorant of whatever Sonic is doing, gets put on the back burner and decides to solve Sonic's problem for him to get help with his own. You get trust, conflict, rivalry, and Knuckles' ignorance all playing at once and it all stems back to Sonic as a static motivator and not an ever changing main character. Comically, you also can use Knuckles more naturally this way when he is actually motivated and influenced by Sonic rather than just as the muscle of Team Sonic which goes against Sonic's approach of you can follow if you can keep up. It gives Knuckles back his agency as well looking at Sonic not as the main character who needs to be dynamic, but as the title character whose existence motivates others. Which is what Sonic excels at and is the part that Amy is more based on with the love of adventure coming secondary and being a hero tertiary compared to Tails who is heroics first with adventuring and motivating others coming after if at all. Knuckles meanwhile is the character who sees the bad in trusting Sonic but believes in the good in him because of seeing it first hand and the positivity it brings. In summation, Sonic being static is actually useful if you remember he is the title character and effects others instead of trying to make him the main character because it's his name on the box and excluding everyone else. He is a motivator, and frankly for Knuckles that actually allows his dynamic character to be allowed to expand if you remember everything there is to his character, including the oft ignored Japanese manuals and the details they hold. Knuckles more so than anyone benefits from Sonic being static as it challenges his trust in Sonic and creates the conflict and rivalry the two are supposed to have without compromising his trust either. Or at least that's my read on it.
  11. Morning SSMB!

    And yup, a status greeting from me means art 😅 But today's art is birthday art for @Failinhearts's!
    It's Sentinel Sonic from Failin's AU here to make sure Failin' can enjoy his birthday! Happy Birthday Failin'!

    And yes, it's on my art thread too


    1. Failinhearts


      I can't thank you enough for this amazing art!

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      😁 I'm just so glad you like it Failin'!

  12. Been a while since I was on here it seems 😅 But I'm back with for good reason! It's @Failinhearts's birthday and I have birthday art! Happy Birthday Failin'!
  13. Haven't seen you in a long time but still wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope that you are doing well!

  14. Thank you so much @Monkey Destruction Switch! Glad you like it 😊
  15. Afternoon SSMB,

    Please enjoy a Rosy pic with a wonky right ear


    I noticed it way to late to do anything about as I had already started posting it onto social media, but other than that I'm having fun playing around with this style. I'm still a bit slow with it and am hoping to pic up the pace sooner than later, so I might go ahead and make a reference sheet for it now. In the mean time, please enjoy everyone and remember you can find it over on my art thread as well

    [EDIT]: And ear fixed! Hooray!

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