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  1. Sonic Fan J

    A question about the Classic characters

    Alright guys lets try to stay civil. No need to start slinging insults and getting accusatory over opinions. That said, please allow me to point out that both the Oshima and Uekawa designs have been both used with pantomime and voice acting successfully (various voice clips in games as well as the OVA for Oshima's and Sonic 4, Night of the Werehog and the shorts in Unleashed for Uekawa's). Now, taking into account personal bias as well, Classic Sonic is typically affiliated with Pantomime while Modern Sonic is affiliated with voice acting. Now I personally prefer it that way as I do feel that Oshima's design lends itself better to pantomime than Uekawa's and pretty much all of my favorite voiced scenes use Uekawa's so there is definitely bias there. From a brand standpoint now though I would definitely choose to keep that distinction for as long as Classic and Modern are considered separate entities by SEGA. It creates identities within the separate branches making it easier to advertise the two and keep them from over mixing and goes along with the precedent set with Generations, Forces and Mania Adventures. Then there is also from a business standpoint that you save money by not having to pay your VAs for every Sonic product which always looks nice to investors. So from personal bias, marketing perspective, and general bottom line perspective I would still choose to keep Modern voiced and Classic do pantomime. Just so we are clear though, if SEGA could actually blend both tastefully and with good and fitting dialog I'd be all for it, but this is SEGA we're talking about and most of their stuff works better the more hands off they are which they are anything but with Sonic.
  2. Sonic Fan J

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Sorry, I forgot to clearly ask how come when one asks for a sense of urgency balanced with some levity that it escalates as an argument in a fashion similar to my example.
  3. Sonic Fan J

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Here's one that's more aimed at the fanbase than the franchise itself, but how come when it comes to Sonic this happens? A need for a sense of urgency balanced with levity escalates rapidly to serious versus comedy, edgy versus childish, dark versus light, grim dark versus it's for toddlers, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG RUINED EVERYTHING! I haven't seen it happen for a while fortunately but I'm just kind of curious what causes that to happen when talking about this franchise.
  4. Sonic Fan J

    A question about the Classic characters

    Your not one for pantomime then I take it @Splash the Otter? If not, I'm kind of curious how you feel about pantomime cartoons but staying on franchise; how would you compare Sonic in the Sonic CD ending and his body language selling his attitude, personality, cockiness, ability, fears, and triumphs to Most Sonic games post Unleashed where Sonic stands still spouting a whole lot of irrelevant nonsense most of the time? Realistically I expect that most people would say that dialog tells you what they're thinking, but body language is so much more expressive to me than flatly delivered lines to the void. I would also disagree with mixing the two as just smashing them together with the exaggerated movements of pantomime to sell the emotions in the first place would make the characters' speech come across as overexaggerated. While mixing the two should be natural you have to dial back body language when combined with speech to maintain a sense of balance instead of overall wackiness. Now if one considers that Sonic is for all intents and purposes a cartoon animal who is supposed to be able to convey a sense of urgency or levity through his massive head and eyes with a body that can be twisted to meet any need then dialing back the freedom of that design just so he can say a corny line or two feels like a waste of his design to me. And since they bothered digging Oshima's design back up I say let them take advantage of the flexibility of the design to it's visual fullest and leave the talking to modern Sonic whose body is not quite as flexible and loses nothing for having a voice. Truthfully, I'd argue that Uekawa's design benefits from having a voice due his less extreme proportions.
  5. True, she was. Though with the way this conversation has gone @StaticMania summed it up best Probably because he never needed to. Fun thing about Tails is that if you go by the Japanese manual as inspired as he was by Sonic he came across more terrified and timid of him at first but instantly fell in love with Sonic's plane. Regardless though, he still did his best to follow him around and based on future games managed to hit it off with Sonic. It is kind of weird though how their friendship is never really addressed though and just presumed to exist and have formed over the course of Sonic 2. To the best of my knowledge she actually is still technically considered the female lead of the series, which is funny in it's own right seeing as how she is the only character in my opinion asides from maybe Metal Sonic who willingly attempts to follow Sonic everywhere with him and his adventures being at the heart of her motivation. Even for as much as Tails cares about Sonic, if he hasn't heard from him for a while he'll lose himself in his other interests such as machines and whatever endeavors led him to meat and befriend Professor Pickle. Amy by contrast wants to be there with Sonic and for Sonic in everything that he does and has just as much enjoyment from the thrill of adventure as he does. Quite true, but unlike your following example I would love to see Amy at least once have the role of deuteragonist, as I feel it would bring her more the fore. Don't get me wrong though, the personal stories by slowing down just a little bit are every bit as important to Amy's character as well, I just don't think pulling her away from the bigger spectacle is necessary to do that. After all, Sonic is able to connect with Chip over the course of Unleashed and never has to step away from the spectacle to pull that off.
  6. I don't even know how to explain it honestly, but it's mostly stems from feelings of Amy being a Sonic light but in bright and garish colors if you go classic and pre hammer which just made me think of Batman and Robin with Dick Grayson wanting to be a crime fighter in the same vein as Batman and received the mentoring while wearing a bright and garish outfit. Though if I'm sticking with the Batman analogies after Adventure (though arguably implied with Adventure 2) Tails kind of and should have went Nightwing heading out to be his own hero instead of always following Sonic around. Of course I have this horrible tendency anyway of mashing all of my preferred aspects of the series together in my head as it is so it typically comes out in a jumbled mess as it is.
  7. So here's some opinions for everyone to have at. I don't like Sonic as a hero or savior. I prefer him as a jerk with a heart of gold who is an adventurer before all else but stops to help those in need as he meets them. I don't think any recurring character beyond Sonic is necessary beyond Sonic himself to tell his story. I think Amy plays as a better Robin to Sonic's Batman than Tails due to the fact that she wants to do everything Sonic does already and just needs a mentor to get her up to speed even if Sonic still typically runs off on his own.
  8. Kind of a weird day on the forums so far;

    Finally had the time and strength to catch up on a number of threads and outside of the Sonic Movie thread on a number of them I totally forgot what threads I was on. Some of those tangents were pretty long and off topic even if they were started on topic.

    1. Kiah


      It’s been a quiet day which I’m very thankful for. As for the topics I really don’t look at them like I used to and I definitely don’t post like I used to. Things change I suppose among other things...

  9. Whoops looks like I started an argument on wanting to see if anyone could sell me on this movie. Sorry about that. It's just, well, I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fan and I typically try to give every official product a chance (even BOOM! which I ultimately didn't like) but as of right now the movie is managing to destroy that desire before it's even shown anything. It's why I asked the more positive members here to try and sell me on the movie but so far no one seems to be up to the task. I've been advised to just be positive and believe something that almost in its entirety I don't like the sound of will be something I like and to just not watch the movie. While I appreciate the responses it concerns me that no effort was made to sell me the movie but instead telling me to not give it a chance or to change myself to like something. It's honestly very concerning to me if even the fans of what has been revealed don't even bother to try selling it. I'm kind of hoping that someone else will try because if even those who want to see can't sell it, it makes me worried about how word of mouth will effect the film's ticket sales. After all, Sonic is either a laughing stock or an unknown, and you're trying to sell an almost forgotten anthropomorphic videogame animal to a typically older audience than the target demographic of the franchise and you have nothing to use to try and sell the movie. I don't think that bodes well for the film at all. If those who love what has been presented so far can't even find anything to use to sell the movie to a Sonic fan, how are you going to convince people who have no reason to care at all to invest time and money into this movie? ----- Getting off of my concerns about selling me the movie, the only problem I currently have with Schwartz, who just sound like a more teenage version of Roger's Sonic from the clips that were provided here before, was that post someone here shared where he said he didn't know how they were going to take his recorded lines and make a great movie out of it. I'd like to believe the quote was just a little weirdly phrased but what concerns me about it is that it means he was reading his lines into an empty void. I can't stand when voice acting is handled like that as it makes the acting stilted and jerky without any sense of real emotion or integration with what is going on. At it's worse you get how most bad Funimation dubs sound or if you're really pushing it old 70's dubs on kung-fu flicks. Does anyone know who the voice director is for this film and have any examples of their prior work both animated and live-action CGI hybrid so that way we might have an idea of what type of acting style to expect from Schwartz as Sonic?
  10. So as a self proclaimed cynic of what the movie has attempted to sell me both officially and unofficially I'd like to ask those here who are more positive to try and do what the official channels have failed to so far. Now before trying you should bear in mind that @PeterPancake has tried and left me feeling like their is all of no faith involved in this project regardless of his passion. I'm obviously one of the fans who is not pleased with the silhouette or blue hairy man legs. My only main problem with the live action CGI choice is I find the real world too drab and limited compared to Sonic's own take on said world with Montana being the pinnacle of flat and dull (sorry to those of you who call Montana home). I believe a buddy cop movie is not as good of a choice as taking a page from Indiana Jones or the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies. I find a road trip movie undermines Sonic's speed and sense of adventure. The paraphrased quote "the story about a small town that comes together to help the sheriff..." typically is my introduction to the plot and setting and I do not like how it takes getting to third listed "character" to final bring up Sonic. I do not like divorcing Sonic from his fantastical world for the rules of my everyday reality. I'm not a fan of Junkie XL. I do not like being told to think about Deadpool, Fast and Furious, Guardians of the Galaxy, or anything else that isn't Sonic to sell me Sonic, especially when the plot prognosis is nothing like what I am being told to think about either. Additionally, I have never watched the Fast and the Furious Films or Deadpool as they were not to my tastes. And probably most importantly, I was not a fan of Sonic X and the Sonic out of his world setting. Anyway, so with that out of the way, to all of you who love everything about the movie so revealed thus far, I welcome you to address my concerns. I want to give the movie a chance but thus far have not met with anything but disappointment and disgust and would like to see my concerns addressed beyond being scoffed at for disliking the silhouette and hairy blue man legs. Sure they are an easy thing to make fun of for either side and a quick target, but I would like to see someone make me want to see all of these things that I either don't like or concern me.
  11. Health update time;

    So, wasn't feeling good for the fourth straight day and after calling out from work again went to see a doctor. Turns out I've been sick and feeling awful because I have the flu. Influenza Type A to be exact. Hurray \o/

    1. Failinhearts


      Yeesh. That sucks, man. Hope the doctor can perscribe you something to help you out with that.

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Tamiflu and bed rest so hopefully I'll be feeling better and ready for work again come Monday.

    3. Kiah


      That sucks that you have the flu. I thought that was what you were dealing with per the symptoms you mentioned and it lingering. That’s good that you went to the doctor and Tamiflu should knock that right out. 

      Did you get a doctors note during your visit? That should excuse your already legit absences with some documentation as it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Got the doctor's note but the company I work for willfully ignores federal law involving doctor's notes and still marks your absence as such. For the most part it's more legal protection for me in a state with right to work laws where it doesn't matter anyway. Still, my health is too important to worry about those details.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      Hope you start to feel better

    6. Kiah


      Of course it’s an absence due to you not being present at work but I’m referring to it being excused and that doctor’s note can serve as a means of protection if things ever got to that point where your job would try to use that against you. Just thinking ahead in case it’s a bridge that you will be forced to cross.

      Of course your health is more important. That’s why I encouraged you to call out in the first place lol. 

    7. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Oh as I said, my workplace willfully violates federal law and does not excuse absences due to illness even with a doctor's note. It's kind of ironic considering they are always preaching about doing the right thing and having good morals and they discard them at a drop of a hat. Regardless though my attendance record is pretty good for the most part so this won't hurt me too much.

  12. A quick question for you SSMB; how do you feel about how multiple playable characters are handled in Metal Slug 2?

    It's only a 2 player game but has four selectable characters who all play identically with the only differences being character appearances and flavor animations. Sure later games added stat differences between characters but I want to know just about Metal Slug 2. Does the lack of gameplay variety bore you or is the gameplay as is exciting enough so that way you don't care and simply pick the character you enjoy looking at most? Me, I'm more of the latter as I can pick my favorite character and enjoy the gameplay that brought me in in the first place.

    1. Diogenes


      it depends. if a character is strongly associated with certain abilities, it's kinda lame to not have them. tails without some kind of flight doesn't feel much like tails. on the other hand if a character's abilities are already covered by the core gameplay, or their abilities are more loosely defined in gameplay, then it may not be the most interesting way of using the character but i don't have a big problem with it. i wouldn't be particularly bothered if blaze's control over fire was only used as a visual effect, for example.

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Well I always play as Marco in Metal Slug 2/X...

      It is the latter reason. When you grew up in the days of arcade gaming, it is all down to the gameplay since not many arcade games actually have variety apart from graphical/sound changes. Some games only have about 3 levels or courses in the entire game. It is all about whether it controls well, the little variety it has makes up for what it does well which in this case is shooting/attacking various enemies, the length of the game making it not too long and tiresome, the level design and the flow of the game. If the game is enjoyable, then I keep going and the Metal Slug series (well most of them, not as keen on 3 for some reason) are fun to play. Hard but fun. The only thing that I find annoying regarding Metal Slug 2 is the slowdown and gets really bad on the latter levels.

    3. Tornado


      It's fine until the framerate starts running in the single digits after the second level.

    4. bmn


      If on emulator, there's a hack called MS2 Turbo, which fixes the programming error that makes the slowdown as bad as it is (it's a similar problem to how VSync causes bigger stutters than necessary when slowdown occurs). It doesn't bring MS2 up to the speed of MSX, which got an actual reprogrammed game engine, but it's still the better game anyway.

      Also Fio 4 lyfe don't @ me.

  13. Morning SSMB.

    Still sick unfortunately but able to at least sit up and get online today so that's an improvement.

    In other news, it's snowing where I live which is fun being in a desert and all. Don't see it very often so it's kind of a cool (mind the pun) novelty. Been going on for about an hour now and have a nice quarter inch coating it looks like through the window.

    1. Bloxxerboy



      Hope you get better soon!

    2. Failinhearts



      Hope things only get better for ya,

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone


      Hope you get better but at least the change of scenery cheered you up.

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Yup. The snow has been enjoyable and is still going. It's getting too warm for it to keep piling up but it's been fun to watch and a real treat for it to still be going for so long.

    5. Kiah


      Good afternoon. Sorry to hear you’re still sick but at least your improving. Hope that continues on a rapid pace. 

      And snow where you are?! This weather is something else lol. We just had snow and ice on Wednesday and now on Friday we are in the 50s. Crazy stuff. Hope you enjoyed they rare moment!

    6. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Definitely enjoying it. It's supposed to be 70s here by Monday which is more in line with this time of year but it's been a wet and cold winter this year which is definitely a nice change of pace. Hopefully as you say my health will return to normal as well here fairly rapidly.

  14. Have a good night SSMB.

    1. Kiah


      You do the same and hope you feel better when you wake up. 

    2. Failinhearts


      Night, buddy!

  15. Sonic Fan J

    Did the series already reached its limit?

    Well outside of Zavok and arguably Silver I can't think of unpopular characters who started showing up everywhere even when their stories were wrapped up.

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