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  1. Checked the art threads and felt it wouldn't be appropriate too dive to heavily into there for my intent, so I figured I'd post a link here to my Deviantart account for those who want to see the full size version of my avatar. Anyway if you want to see it and some of my weaker art (and some sprite work my younger brother let me post) the pic itself is here https://www.deviantart.com/art/Hedgehogs-Special-740692166 and my account page here https://sonicfanj.deviantart.com

     Or if it's not too large, the image itself:


    There's a long story behind my Amy redesign as Rosy so feel free to ask if you want to know.

    1. Kiah


      You may want to reconsider making an art topic because once your statuses roll off the main page then that is likely the end of it whereas making a topic in Showcase along with its updates (which you are free to do in the statuses) are bound to be visible longer in the Showcase sub-forum and therefore give you more exposure to your art. 

      And our fellow artists are good at giving advice and support so it couldn’t hurt to take advantage of that ?

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