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  1. Well, looks like everyone enjoyed the game awards (not me I was at work 😅). Glad to see so much enthusiasm even as it makes me feel like a total cynic. Not a single trailer or announcement I saw this morning made me feel anything except maybe the Joker in smash trailer, and that's only because I enjoyed the anime (never played the game, sorry). Somedays I can't help but ponder if I'm just disinterested due to my tastes or if I've become that bitter with the games industry...

    1. Kiah


      It could be both. I know for me my interests in the video game world are very minimal including the tastes in the genres I’m interested in. Aside from Crash absolutely nothing caught my attention with the game awards even though it was nice to see the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone. Also I can’t get into it as much because of things like my demanding work schedule and those awful things called bills.

      As for the bitterness with the games industry it seems there’s a fair amount of bad news and decisions out there on the matter so I could see it being a huge factor with how you are feeling on the matter. But with most things it’s best to keep that in check and don’t let it completely ruin the experience for you. You like what you like and be sure to enjoy it. 

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I didn't watch the awards either as I was sleeping. To be honest, the only one that had a bit of interest is Crash Team Racing and I'm pretty weary of it until I get to play on it considering who are involved. Have to wait for more info and maybe some gameplay footage first. Ultimate Alliance 3 is a bit of an unknown with the only thing that got me a smile is Wolverine is back, I'm not a comic book person anyway but apparently Koei is involved so hoping that it might play like Dynasty Warriors. Others don't interest me at all including Joker's unveil in Ultimate (considering how apathetic I am over the game).

      These game awards are more focused on Western tastes of games (and the entire event is American focused) so it is understandable to be disappointed. As for the gaming industry itself, if it wasn't for me having a Switch I would have retired from gaming all together what with microtransactions, online only gameplay, subscriptions and an all digital future being common. Even with the Switch, the future especially where I'm from might be a bit grim in terms of upcoming gaming selection. I nearly retired from gaming 10 years ago due to the PS2's lack of competition putting me off and the poor quality control regarding the Wii and its games. I'll say you're probably a bit of both.

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