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  1. Well, due to the stress affiliated from finally starting my reverse timeline AU story project I decided to draw my Rosy again to calm down and cheer up a little so here she is again.



    And this time I also included an avatar icon because her smile is so infectious and cheerful I just had to highlight it. Anyway, she cheered me up so maybe her smile can cheer everyone else up as well.

    1. tailsBOOM!
    2. Kiah


      Sorry to hear that stressed you out but on the other hand this drawing is adorable ❤️

    3. Failinhearts


      At least she helped cheer you up, buddy!

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Yeah she always helps cheer me up so I may just start drawing more of her than I already di to counter my stress and get in some drawing practice while I'm at it.

      And no reason to worry about me getting stressed from my project @Kiah, it's a fairly natural reaction for me when tackling a project that I'm anxious about. That I have a counter to calm me down after the stress these days though can only be considered a good thing.


    5. Kiah


      That’s good that you have something established to counteract the stress. The drawing practice is definitely a bonus.

      As for me worrying about you being stressed, consider that a “fairly natural reaction”. I don’t like knowing anyone feeling that way for whatever reason and I can’t help myself on top of me naturally being a worrywart. All it really means is that I care 😉

    6. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Appreciate it @Kiah. Also, I hope you're migraine is on the less severe side now. I've never had one myself but know they can last a couple of days as my mom and sister have experienced them. Now hopefully we can both get through the rest of the end of the year without too much more out of control stress. Though if not for me then that'll just result in more Rosy pics 😅

    7. Kiah


      Thanks for the thought but unfortunately I’m being plagued with another nasty one today. Glad you have never had a migraine and I hope you never do as these things are awful beyond awful. 

      I have another holiday to deal with so the stress factor is a given but I’ll managr just fine as I’ve already been through the worst of the holiday season. 

      And more Rosy pics is always a good thing 😉

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