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  1. Morning SSMB!

    Got a few questions to get everyone thinking this morning since they've been nagging at me for a while.

    1) How do you partake in a sensitive subject without upsetting everyone who takes offence about anyone but them partaking in it?

    2) Do you have the right to request tolerance, inclusion, representation, acceptance, and equality when you yourself are intolerant, exclusive, suppress representation, unaccepting, and demanding privilege under the guise of equality?

    3) How do you find value in your work when more often than not all of your hard work has the same result as inactivity?

    Normally I wouldn't ask these types of questions because just addressing any such subject affiliated with them can pretty much ostracize the asker regardless of their intentions for asking and have them painted black by everyone by sheer affiliation with the subjects. My problem is my emotions have been swinging back and forth between near suicidal depressive and want to get up and dance highs with these types of questions eating up at me the whole time so figured I'd throw them out there now just to get them off my chest so I can hopefully function properly again. Apologies if anyone takes offence to any of these questions as I mean no harm but just honestly need to ask these questions aloud before they totally eat me up. While answers would be nice just asking them is really all I need to do. Thanks for your understanding SSMB and giving me a place to get these questions off my chest.

    1. Kiah


      Good morning!

      1) That  sounds near impossible to be completely honest with you. There is no way someone isn’t going to be offended by something one way or another. 

      2) The whole thing sounds rather hypocritical. Asking for something you refuse to be? If anything you should aim to be the thing you are inquiring of generally speaking. 

      3) It’s okay to be critical of oneself but like most things moderation is needed. Also it might be best not to hold so much weight on your own opinion of things as that tends to be distorted and look at that of others. Especially when that self-viewpoint is negative. That tends not to get us far at all. 

      Sorry but that’s all I got in the time I have as a had a few minutes here at work to respond. Hope that helps at least a little. 

    2. Nobody


      I honestly don't see how asking those questions can be seen as offensive, though I should at least point out that I'm not the most observant person around.

      The questions themselves do seem complicated and wouldn't have a simple answer, that might be why they have been bothering you. I don't think I can answer the first two, but I think I might have something for the third...

      3) Change your way of thinking. Rather then dwelling on the negatives ("It doesn't look as good as I envisioned/It contains many mistakes/I ran out of time to properly finish it.") and choose to focus on something else about the experience. ("I had fun making this/I completed it and that's a good thing/This will make for a good conversation starter.)

      It sounds simple but is far from it. Looking on the dark side can become a habit, it is also very hard to break that habit. You'd need perseverance to succeed and break that cycle.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Thanks for answering @Kiah even if that was all you could put together for now and also @-dan- as it does help to an extent just addressing these as the first two pretty much make it impossible to converse with people who don't realize that they are being the very thing they supposedly stand against and the third is much more personal.

      Hmm... I guess if I were to try and explain the third it would be for me that I can easily see the value I hold for others but it is hard to see what value I have to myself so naturally when things I strive for don't work out or things I desire aren't attainable no matter what I do it starts to strip me of any belief that I can have the things I want. You'd think at 33 I'd have thick enough skin after a lifetime of this to just accept it and find contentment in just doing what I can for others, but not being able to achieve for yourself in pretty much any capacity is honestly demoralizing. It gets worse when you think you have a chance to and then life just pretty much throws you a curve ball that throws out all of your hard work with no chance to start over again. Sometimes I wonder how it is I hold on to any hope at all with my experiences on the matter as I would love to know just in the hope of using it as a weapon against all of my doubts. Unfortunately self-analysis is far from a strength of mine.

    4. Failinhearts


      Morning, dude.

      Might as give my two cents on this.

      1.) Trust me, especially nowadays, everyone takes offense to something. It's hard to do something without the risk on stepping on somebody's toes. 

      2.) And yeah, for this? There's a saying, treat people the way you wanna be treated. If you want something your way, you have to send it back.

      3.) I think when it comes to creating something, if not many finds value in it, take solace in the people who do and do it for them. And if nobody does... as long as you're enjoying it, keep going!

    5. Nobody


      @Sonic Fan J What you've just described is the very thing that my book had warned me about, that same book I mentioned before. It's taking me a while to read through the whole thing and if the subject really interests you, it would be unfair of me to make you wait for me to read it all if the information might also help you.


      If you want to look into the book yourself, it's called "Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine" and is written by Derren Brown.

      It might put you off the idea, but I should at least tell you that Derren Brown is a well known magician in the UK. He also "plays tricks" with the mind and has appeared on Television, getting people to do things that they normally wouldn't do. This book also shares a story of him looking into exposing fraudsters who were tricking people and taking there money under the disguise of religion and using humans strong desire to find happiness to there advantage. You might be able to find the shows he's appeared on, online somewhere.

      Sounds a little complicated, but this information helped me understand that he has knowledge of human beings thought process, since his chosen profession requires misdirection and manipulating expectations. He also shares his own struggles with happiness.

      It might help you or it might not. Since you've expressed interest, I feel like it could benefit you in taking a closer look yourself.

    6. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Thanks for the recommendation @-dan-. I've gone ahead and downloaded a sample to my Kindle app so I'll start on it when I have some reasonable free time and see if it's worth a purchase. And honestly his background as a magician is no negative to me since I find that satirist have a better understanding of the human condition than the most renowned and respected of the science of psychology.

      Thanks for sharing your two cents as well @Failinhearts. I appreciate it and am always glad to see when others pretty much feel the same way as I do involving doing to others as you would have done unto you. I guess I've just been letting it bother so much of late as I have seen people doing it so much of late but simultaneously making themselves as unapproachable as possible making it impossible to ask them if they even realize that hey are doing it without appearing as some enemy of humankind in the process. I know the old saying that hatred begets hatred, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but that just makes the cycle persist and prevent any true progress from occurring. It's just so frustrating to see and be powerless to change it.

      Also, you are definitely right that I should cherish those who do. It's just a shame that as a creator I don't know of any good ways to open dialog with those who consume my works and not feel aggressive and disrespectful.

    7. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Morning Sonic Fan J!

      As for the questions, I admit that I'm not the right person to answer these but to give it a shot.

      1) The hardest thing is that it is an almost impossible task as nearly everything these days would offend someone whether by accident or in many peoples cases intentionally because of so many extremes ranging from the usual to even eating habits. We live in a day and age of divides over anything... While you can compromise so much to try to not offend to the point where people either call you bland or two faced, it is extremely hard to be neutral or try to not show bias. I mean that I get quite upset and stressed fairly easily over anything nevermind touchy subjects...

      2) Again not the right person to ask this question even there are a metric ton of people who would answer it including my parents! In general I would find this contradictory as someone who has indeed suffered from lack of acceptance by others. They should only have the right to request acceptance if they really are like that rather than being the opposite. I personally believe that people should only be judged by their personality and there are a lot of dark hearts out there or people with false personalities. Sadly there are a couple of groups in particular from my own personal experience that are grouped together with their personalities tied to something to the point of almost stereotype (and all the negatives that you mentioned) but that's another issue.

      3) Considering that I retired from the only thing that I was half decent with and the only other thing is lost to time, it isn't good. When I was doing sprite preservation, I know that it wasn't for myself but I saw value doing it because it's no different than say emulation or anything contributing like science. The artists for the games can do a pretty good job and their hard work shouldn't be forgotten. Very early on, I got some praise because I was one of the few who were willing to rip from arcade/Mega Drive games but the praise died down. It felt like I was worthless like I would rip to the point of crunching at a couple of spots on hard rips (whether its lots of poses, the game or the console/computer itself) with my hands hurting by doing the rips and barely anyone looks at it or a thanks but someone rips from Pokemon/popular Nintendo game/Undertale/meme game of the month very easily and gets instant praise/views/comments for months. I felt like what's the point of preserving something as a general thing when people only go for popularity and pretty dangerous too regarding the timeframe of those rips get added, surprised that big companies haven't C&D/sued them for having their assets day 1 to be honest. At least most of the games that I did do were much older, apart from one game the newest games were from 10 years ago with most usually around the 1980s-1990s era. There is also a community bias/issues as well that I don't agree with at all.

      While I have retired, still do the odd one now and again for myself just out of boredom really while I still have the skills.

      For the other thing that I did, nobody cared despite doing it for years, closed my account and no one is of the wiser, the ones who did value moved on. By the end, only one person liked it.

      Saying that, don't be like me! Keep at your drawings and your Sonic stories if you enjoy doing it.

    8. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts as well @Mr Loopone as I find every viewpoint on the matters valuable. Just having people address them when they were eating me up for sometime honestly takes a huge weight off of my chest and I appreciate. It's a shame people are the way they are but a lot of it is a learned behavior unfortunately and I've seen too many examples of people not wanting to think for themselves. I don't know why beyond it's the easiest way to live your life, but I can't wrap my head around such an unfulfilling outlook. Unfortunately whether I can or not though this bandwagoning harms countless people and seeing that you are amongst the count of those harmed by it is upsetting. Though conversely, that might be why I see some people act the way they do by over asserting themselves and their beliefs; they may trying to make their stance appear popular so people agree with them and they both don't get drowned out and feel validated. Validation itself is a weird beast to me though as wanting validation for your hardwork is one thing, but the amount of people who want validation for just existing boggles my mind when self validation should be all you need. Of course as I notice society on a whole tries to make people feel worthless if they are not validated by others just for existing it is honestly shouldn't surprise me. When I think about it too much I start wondering why people choose to be cruel instead of kind.

      Anyway I've rambled on enough when I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts @Mr Loopone. Then again that you got me rambling shows how much your words inspired me and I think that in itself is also worth saying thank you for.

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