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  1. "Innocent until proven guilty, except when accused"

    "Eyewitness testimony is evidence, except for in cryptozoology and UFO sightings."

    Not trying to make any commentary of any kind, but I always find this type of stuff interesting as these are hypocritical situations that everyone seems to practice. Just to give an example on the two; a liar is guilty until it is proven they were telling the truth, meaning they are guilty the moment they are accused and eyewitness testimony is not evidence for their case.

    I can understand making exceptions in some cases, but sometimes it just doesn't make. For example, if 10 people say they saw a person commit a crime the accused is guilty as long as there are no unbelievable contradictions in the account. Conversely, if thousands of people all saw a scientifically unprovable scenario at the same time in real time it's a mass hallucination and none of them are telling the truth because what they saw can't be proven invalidating eyewitness testimony. When I look at examples like this I wonder what is the threshold for eyewitness testimony being accepted as evidence nd just being mass hysteria. I know 1 witness is not considered enough, but at what number does it become too many to be believable? It's just a really weird phenomenon in my opinion.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      That is a very true and hard to answer question.  Society tends to like to decide for themselves what's best for themself at the very moment


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