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  1. Don't currently have any reactions or anything to contribute to any threads right now so I'll waste some time posting a tiny bit about myself for a change.

    So, here's a weird fact about me that every time I've shared it has received stares of total disbelief followed by pretty much people calling me crazy including from my parents; I personally am of the opinion that flirting is rude.

    It's hard to explain how I developed that conclusion but it dates back to my teenage years (mind I was homeschooled so I didn't have a lot of contact with people my age) and what I saw on TV, in the news, and just general interactions of people in public at the time around me. Everything I saw honestly was getting to the point that if I thought in extremes that I could have easily been convinced that men and women shouldn't even be on the same planet (go figure that I saw an anime like that once and of course the whole push of men are from Mars and women are from Venus routine).

    I would not be surprised if no one is surprised that I've never had a girlfriend, though I've met plenty of women who are shocked about that as long as they don't know about my viewpoint on flirting due to how polite, courteous, and well mannered I typically am. Of course I always laugh about that myself since I treat everyone I meet (in person anyway since I seem to let myself get heated online) exactly the same; as fellow human beings and as I would prefer to be treated myself.

    Anyway, since I wasn't contributing anything anywhere else I thought that'd be a fun little tidbit to share about myself since I am always going on about how strange I am or how different my viewpoints are and that is definitely an opinion of mine I've yet to meet anyone who hasn't considered me strange as anything for.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I can certainly see that flirting can be inappropriate for some. That's why people say "Get a Room" to a flirting couple on public display. And even if man and women had lived on different planets, this is an age where man are allowed to flirt with man. It's not about needing a partner of the opposite sex to flirt.

      For me, I find it best not to flirt with a partner until you've become very close enough in your relationship that you both agree that you can start getting mushy. If you flirt too much in front of other people, they'll basically think you're perverts. And flirting with a partner you just met or expressed not being into that is a BIG no-no in making romance go anywhere.

      If you really want to express how important a partner is to you, then actual gestures in kindness are the way to go. Till then, Get a Room.

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