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  1. A quick question for you SSMB; how do you feel about how multiple playable characters are handled in Metal Slug 2?

    It's only a 2 player game but has four selectable characters who all play identically with the only differences being character appearances and flavor animations. Sure later games added stat differences between characters but I want to know just about Metal Slug 2. Does the lack of gameplay variety bore you or is the gameplay as is exciting enough so that way you don't care and simply pick the character you enjoy looking at most? Me, I'm more of the latter as I can pick my favorite character and enjoy the gameplay that brought me in in the first place.

    1. Diogenes


      it depends. if a character is strongly associated with certain abilities, it's kinda lame to not have them. tails without some kind of flight doesn't feel much like tails. on the other hand if a character's abilities are already covered by the core gameplay, or their abilities are more loosely defined in gameplay, then it may not be the most interesting way of using the character but i don't have a big problem with it. i wouldn't be particularly bothered if blaze's control over fire was only used as a visual effect, for example.

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Well I always play as Marco in Metal Slug 2/X...

      It is the latter reason. When you grew up in the days of arcade gaming, it is all down to the gameplay since not many arcade games actually have variety apart from graphical/sound changes. Some games only have about 3 levels or courses in the entire game. It is all about whether it controls well, the little variety it has makes up for what it does well which in this case is shooting/attacking various enemies, the length of the game making it not too long and tiresome, the level design and the flow of the game. If the game is enjoyable, then I keep going and the Metal Slug series (well most of them, not as keen on 3 for some reason) are fun to play. Hard but fun. The only thing that I find annoying regarding Metal Slug 2 is the slowdown and gets really bad on the latter levels.

    3. Tornado


      It's fine until the framerate starts running in the single digits after the second level.

    4. bmn


      If on emulator, there's a hack called MS2 Turbo, which fixes the programming error that makes the slowdown as bad as it is (it's a similar problem to how VSync causes bigger stutters than necessary when slowdown occurs). It doesn't bring MS2 up to the speed of MSX, which got an actual reprogrammed game engine, but it's still the better game anyway.

      Also Fio 4 lyfe don't @ me.

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