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  1. Morning SSMB.

    So asides from my usual self promotion


    story blog update live at 8am PST

    today I have a weird question.

    Quoting myself from tumblr


    Probably going to post this a few places just to get some wider feedback, but anyway, one of the odder things I’ve heard is that Cosmic Eternity is considered by some to be a theme for Amy.

    Now this is kind of an odd thing to me since I’m not particularly good at deciphering the meanings of songs (so bad I got a D on a college paper where i still got an overall a for the class bad) and the song plays to Sonic’s actions juxtaposed against the end credits. So it is kind of weird to see that some people make that correlation. 

    Putting aside my difficulty seeing it for the question itself, to those of you who do, or are good at deciphering the meanings of songs, what does Cosmic Eternity say about Amy? At the most, all i can see is that it would be Sonic encouraging her to do her best but i feel like my simple face value reading is missing something.


    Anyway, that's a long enough greeting this morning 😅

    1. tailsBOOM!



    2. Failinhearts



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