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  1. Morning SSMB!

    No video to go with this morning greeting as I have my first pic of the year done.


    Naturally it's my Rosy to get the year started.

    While I'm happy enough with how it turned out it is riddled with problems, and since this is here I'll allow myself to be more critical than elsewhere. Critical as I am though, I am happy I was able to add color to her eyes, though without me saying anything I don't think anyone would realize it's the same shade of blue that I use when I color Sonic. I also finally got around to naming the AU I've been thinking up for her so that's pretty cool too.

    Anyway, enjoy everyone and it'll be up on my art thread

    for easier long term tracking as well.

    1. DryLagoon


      It's cute, I always liked Amy's Classic design.

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