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  1. Good morning (almost afternoon actually with me really needing to go to bed) SSMB!

    Odd posting times from me usually means a piece of art and for this one I went well outside of my usual Sonic art style.


    And surprise, surprise, it's Ray the Flying Squirrel.

    So, if any of you remember @MightyRay (honestly, why wouldn't you) then you know her birthday is in January. I've also seen her on twitter talking about possible leaving the Sonic fandom and I wanted to leave her with a good fandom memory and gave this pic as much as I could to celebrate her and her birthday.

    For this pic in particular I decided to go with a clear blue sky as well to hope for the future of Australia where the fires are still raging out of control. @MightyRay has some links up on her twitter to some charities for those who can donate.


    I hope she has/had a great birthday and that the future of Australia isn't as bleak as it looks.
    Happy Birthday @MightyRay!

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