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  1. Anyway SSMB, I think I'm going to bail for a few months if not longer. I'm fining myself not articulate enough and frequently too angry by the results of that. That, and every single time I come on and partake of late all I do is get riled up and angry. It's bad enough that my POV seems so incompatible as it does some days, but I feel like I'm less so contributing and just being a thorn in the side of member that have decided to stay. I want to enjoy Sonic, and frankly there is no enjoyment left here for me at this time so instead of causing trouble and picking fights I'm just going to pack my bags and leave. I might return when there is actually something to share joy in again, but for now I'm out.

    If you want to keep in touch with me for some reason feel free to join the Discord for my Sonic AU (https://discord.gg/ePgQ4Cm), or you can find me on twitter @JoshTarwater, on tumblr at https://sonicfanj.tumblr.com/, or DeviantArt at https://www.deviantart.com/sonicfanj. Anyway, take care everyone and hopefully the franchise this site is built around will give everyone here some joy again. At least with me gone that should be one less troublemaker bringing things down. Later everyone.

    1. Kuzu


      I've always appreciated your views, so take care of yourself and hope to see you back in the future.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm sorry to see you leave, I hope you come back some day. Good luck.

    3. Failinhearts


      We'll keep in touch on Discord, at least.

      See you, buddy.

    4. iambitter21


      Well, sorry to see you go, I never got to talk to you but when you ever come back, here's a tip: if you gotta do something... BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

      farewell Junio fan, your kind is one of the best around.

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