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  1. I think the big thing about removing humans to me is it makes the world feel shallower and less diverse. Throw in someone like me indulging in the Japanese side of things and seeing many human or human-like characters even pre-Adventure and their totally removal just doesn't sit right with me. And I'm not really concerned about popularity when I yearn to slow down in a stage and look at what is going on and see both humans and anthros coexisting going about their days as Sonic races by. That feels so much deeper to me and makes the world that much more engaging. Saying only one or the other is such a closed minded approach to me makes me want to ask the memed to death question of "why not both?".
  2. spacer.png

    So, I've been having some more conversations about my Rosy redesign and a couple of ideas came up to address the difficult that some have realizing that she is wearing a leotard. As I was already in the midst of a pic I figured I'd experiment with it there and go fishing for feedback. So, please feel free to tell me which one you like most and I'll add it to a tally I'm keeping from everywhere I've posted it. In the meantime, please enjoyย ๐Ÿ˜Š

    And don't forget you can find it on my art thread as well


  3. So, I've been having some more conversations about my Rosy redesign and a couple of ideas came up to address the difficult that some have realizing that she is wearing a leotard. As I was already in the midst of a pic I figured I'd experiment with it there and go fishing for feedback. So, please feel free to tell me which one you like most and I'll add it to a tally I'm keeping from everywhere I've posted it. In the meantime, please enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. There's giving it a chance and then there is the advertising convincing me to spend my money. I'll admit I feel a lot softer on this movie than in previous months since the redesign, but it isn't selling itself to me. So sure the problems I have are based only on promotional material and some "leaks", but if that can't sell the movie to me due to my concerns which the advertising primarily adds to then how many chances am I supposed to give this movie? I'm already giving it an extra one just being here expressing my concerns, but right now it hasn't warranted my hard earned cash to give it a full watch level of chance. Also, I find it funny that you mention the part about Tom being lonely, which I recall from some of the early talk around his character, as the man is married. Now I know most marriages really aren't all that good or even end well, but in a small town where everyone is implied to know each other it's hard to fathom him being lonely without there being something about him that doesn't gel with his life. Now if that outsider in his own home is the angle they're going with to build this friendship off of then maybe there is something there. I could even see it developing Sonic's more at ease with his place in the world and laid back and chill aspects. On the other hand, as this movie has been heavily towing the line with being a very generic adaption, there is concern to be had about the outsider indirectly solving the human lead's problems. There isn't enough that we know to really go full positive at this point. Sure you could say that for the negative views as well, but my current negative views are now based on what I have been shown. And what I have been shown versus what i know the franchise to be and how these types of stories usually play out leaves me very weary. Throw in the franchise's history and how badly this movie will be for preparing those new to the franchise to experience it and it just quickly falls apart under scrutiny. I still blame the choice of story more so than the format though. Sonic has never been a buddy cop road trip of all things (even if Forces could have gone that way) and still don't know why they didn't take inspiration form Indiana Jones. That would have worked so much better in my opinion.
  5. It's definitely a problem that always annoys me. A franchise that has survived thirty years needs to be turned on it's head and thrown out to succeed just seems very disingenuous to me. If it didn't work to some degree it would not have lasted near thirty years so something about that argument doesn't quite work. And apologies if I sold being introverted short. As someone who has no friends myself offline, and no one to talk to about the things I love and engage in I can understand that dread of loneliness all too well. Frankly, being alone is my greatest fear in life, but it doesn't drive me crazy, maybe depressed, but not hyperactive crazy. And based on your own experiences that really annoys me about Tom all the more, especially as I remember a line from the various tv spots and trailers where Sonic comments on only the flash understanding him. I've not read enough Flash to see the comparison (read next to none), but it is kind of funny hat in the games Sonic's bets friend is someone who he bonded with after Tails demonstrated he could keep up with Sonic while sonic was doing what he loves to do most; running. So how does Tom fit into that I wonder. How can Sonic share the joy of pushing yourself with all you've got and enjoying the world one step ahead of the sounds around you to someone who could never understand. I would find that far more isolating myself thinking there might be a chance only to realize you live in two totally separate worlds with no chance to share your greatest joys. i don't see how Tom can fill that hole no matter how it is written as no one in my offline life fills those holes for me. There just isn't anything believable about this friendship on a conceptual level with a Sonic who isn't already sure of himself and at ease with his place in the world.
  6. True, the first trailer did have some hints of it. Since the advertising 180 though I have to admit it has been very easy for me to forget that. It also doesn't help the dichotomy between movie clips and other advertising with how Sonic is presented. There is a lot of conflicting imagery and that leads me back to my above concern. Then there is also me not really wanting to think about the first trailer and "that" stretching. It repulsed me so much it isn't even funny. That scene was so wrong.
  7. There's a reason I commented on BOOM! taking it to a certain extreme. And there is a major difference between a chill character and a bored character. Sonic used to be chill, not bored, and not hyperactive. He's not laid back, but he isn't hyperactive either. He usually has a smug air of enjoying himself when he is in the action. Both the Sonic CD and Unleashed openings portray this pretty well. It's part of why I say that Sonic is chill. That isn't to say he can't enjoy himself, but going in the Speedy Gonzales direction or how the CW and DCEU have portrayed Barry Allen is just questionable. Even if you look at AoStH, Sonic was still more Bugs Bunny like and not Speedy Gonzales. Additionally, as someone who has always read Sonic as more of an introvert than an extrovert the whole going crazy from loneliness angle doesn't sit well with me. Sure he enjoys the company of those he accepts (I won't say opens up to because they al open up to him and not the other way around), but he is described to typically be at his happiest when alone and running. Considering his speed in the movie, he should never have a problem with just running with no one to talk to. Honestly, the advertising thus far has not given me any sense of Sonic's love for running. It's kind of weird and bothers me a fair bit. Now, I'm not going to bash going for a different interpretation out right so much as the interpretation in question, but when you try to sell the story as an origin story you have to consider what you are being an origin to. Hyperactive to chill, can't stand the loneliness to enjoying his solitude, etc, etc. There is a lot this movie is trying to do as an origin story while throwing in Tom and his story as well as Eggman. Then it pretty much being a family friendly film means a shorter run time is expected which could lead to a rushed plot and horrible pacing. This film is chewing off a lot just for trying to pitch itself as an origin story versus a new take. Frankly, at this point I'd probably be more lenient if it sold itself that way, but there hasn't been any taking it back from the marketing side or the film's defenders. So I'm not fond of a hyperactive kid take of Sonic, but I can at least forgive it if you don't tell me that I'm supposed to buy it becoming Game!Sonic.
  8. I don't know what you've been up to since you stepped back to focus on your life, but I hope life is good and that you had a great and happy birthday!

  9. I think part of the problem with how Sonic is portrayed is literally just how hyperactive he is. Regardless of the subjectivity of "cool", if there is one thing that Sonic team has typically been consistent with has always been that Sonic is usually very laid back and chill. If Sonic isn't laid back and chill it is usually due to surprise or his anger actually coming to the fore and showing his rarely seen quiet and intense side. And I won't take the he's a kid excuse either in this case as I knew kids back in grade school who were laid back and chill and being laid back is a teenager stereotype for aloof characters, something that Sonic typically is described as. So this who hyperactive kid instead of aloof and laid back teenager is particularly jarring. Even for as much as Sonic has turned into a standup comedian in some games he is still usually laid back and chill. Heck, BOOM! took that to it's utmost extreme yet the movie is going in the complete opposite direction. i can get that laid back and chill characters aren't a popular or perceived as cool like back in the nineties, but it at least used to be a core component of Sonic's character.
  10. Just watched today's episode of MHA and wow. There were some parts I expected and some things I did not but


    as I watch on Crunchyroll I was not prepared for all the Fs in the chat. That is a first for me so... wow. What an episode and what a reaction.


  11. The funny thing about that is by saying you have to act only within the confines we say you can actually is even more controlling and demeaning of women on a whole. if anything, I agree with you more that if Amy was just on everyone else's level her personality and support of one of her friends would probably be better addressed. But of course instead of propping her up and putting her on that level and seeing how it plays out, she obviously has to be "corrected". A shame correcting her has only muddied who she is and stripped her of any purpose or direction, and has made her even more of a tag along than she already was. As it is, in IDW there really isn't anything for her or any of the characters that tells us why they are friends with Sonic. his lifestyle is so vastly different from theirs, which is ironic in Amy's case, that he wouldn't even normally interact with them if they don't follow him around. Of course that likely doesn't bother fans of SatAM and Archie as they are more used to a stationary Sonic who always goes back to the same place, even as that goes against his never look back mentality. He's supposed to be a character always moving forward, so hanging around doing the same thing over and over again is a curious approach.
  12. Doubling back a little, and maybe explaining why I see Amy a bit differently than others and why I find the major toning down of some of her traits jarring, lets go back and take a look her from what type of character she was created to be. So according to cutegirlmayra on tumblr (this post here) Hoshino designed Amy to be a cute character as well as going on to say her mind is always on Sonic and Sonic's mind is always on what's next, the adventure. So he created someone who would work for Sonic's lifestyle, always happily chasing after him as he happily chases after the next challenge or danger to his world. He then proceeded to ask if that isn't more interesting in response the question that prompted all this being about her outfit and if the aim was for Amy to be a tomboy but the audience he was talking to was simply confused. The event in question was the Sonic Boom 2013 Q&A panel and cutegirlmayra provided a link to this video and said to go around 38:40 or so. So, now with that out of the way, at the beginning at least, Amy was supposed to be a character who happily chases after Sonic and works with his lifestyle, while also being cute. Regardless of how well this has been executed, Hoshino still perceives her that way even as his perception of eth character goes over the heads of most Westerners. I'm not surprised with how alien Japanese culture is to a lot of Westerners, but his vision of Amy still falls within what I expect from her. But then we look at where SEGA has taken her, and IDW in particular, and her ever needing to be prodded by Sonic to do exactly what she was created to do is baffling to me. It's why I comment that I have no idea who she is supposed to be anymore.
  13. I agree with this whole heartedly, even if I'm guilty of it. it's why I usually try to explain my complaints as an absence or shift in balance without explanation or prior expectation. In the case Amy I also take into account things like her supposed intentions from way back around her inception and as a result find anytime her bubbly and energetic traits are played down to barely noticeable as very jarring. On a slight aside, on the matter of maturity, age is not something that determines that alone. Circumstances and individual ability to adapt play a strong roll in that. Just look up stories about single kids who have to take care of their households or kids who have had to raise their siblings. look at kids who have survived trauma and come out the other side stronger rather than broken. look back historically when 15 was an adult in may parts of the world due to short life expectancy, etc, etc. You'll find that there are all sorts of ways that a kid can be quite mature. And heck, silliness is not a trait that say Jerry Lewis was frowned upon for, and he is also respected for how much he changed the film industry with his more mature and behind the camera side. Using age as a determiner of maturity is really selling some people short and giving others way more credit than they'll ever deserve.
  14. Alright SSMB, I've got to bail. I've been depriving myself of sleep too much recently anyway and tonight's shift is going to be rough.

    Catch you later SSMB!

  15. For as much as people can't stand her, Marine is one of my favorite characters.
  16. And today's post isn't really anything special, but I threw together a more up to date reference for my Rosy Some of the stuff in here is perhaps a bit superfluous, but it is far more up to date than my old one and has a lot more important info as well. Anyway, enjoy everyone even if it isn't really a major art piece ๐Ÿ˜…
  17. I'll have to check the fic when I have the time, but I always find age perceptions interesting as Amy was listed as eight pre-Adventure and aged up to twelve from Adventure onward. Outside of that though, part of what is missing to me about the more mature takes on Amy is the charm she had as the more energetic character. Combine that with the loss of her perpetual optimism and faith in Sonic regardless of her crush, and she comes across a lot duller to me. I enjoy being entertained and mature characters who don't get ridiculous and have fun or try to lighten the mood (another role of Amy's as a mood maker type character) don't even feel believable to me no less come across as entertaining. I do find it funny though that you use Marine as an example of where you see that personality fitting better as I already consider Blaze a fusion of Sonic and Knuckles so now you have me feeling like Marine is a fusion of Tails and Amy๐Ÿ˜„ The Heroes/Sonic X era was definitely not a very good era as pretty much everything I enjoyed about Amy was simply buried under those two traits. But I'll still instead stick with Adventure 2 and Mania Adventure Amy myself though. That bubbly energy she has and her playfulness just gives her so much life. Maybe if maturing didn't strip her of that I'd be alright, but for some reason being playful and energetic are considered traits that have to go when being mature. I really don't understand that at all since maturity is really just awareness of ones actions, the consequences of them, and actively choosing the right thing to do based on careful analysis. None of that has to be divorced from being energetic and playful. EDIT: Alright @Sonario, I went ahead and read it now and it was quite the enjoyable little story. It also in no capacity contradicts my preference for Amy being bubbly, playful, and energetic. If anything, the story so small that it can barely show any other aspects of her personality with even her eagerness to be with Sonic only being mentioned by Sonic himself. Yet in the end she still got to spend some intimate time with Sonic ๐Ÿ˜†Thanks for the recommendation!
  18. To directly answer the OP, I honestly think that if one was going to reintroduce the characters and the franchise while capitalizing off of the movie as an introduction point, nothing really beats Sonic Adventure which. It's set in the human world retroactively, you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman in roles where they are being introduced to the audience as well what their schticks and gimmicks are as well as their relationships with each other. The game also naturally allows you to go into Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes if you need to add in Team Dark and the Chaotix. Going into Sonic Adventure 2 also allows Eggman to be more fleshed out and if you're going there from the movie then his understanding of the military makes a lot of sense. In truth, to me at least it is a thought process that lends credence to the Sonic Adventure remake rumors. It is a nice jumping on point for the franchise and even a good status qui restoring game. And to avoid totally cutting out other characters, you could actually use Silver traveling back in time to Adventure 1's events in a more drastic attempt to change the course of history leading to his future. It makes the game fresh, resets the characters to allow for a more efficient introduction to the characters, and gives whoever the current team working on it due to Sega's internal shuffling a good chance to learn who these characters are (using Silver also allows us to avoid fishing with big ๐Ÿ˜„). So I guess, if I had to reintroduce everything I'd probably start there; remaking Adventure. Though if you gave me that much power I'd also go back to Amy's classic design just to avoid species confusion for newcomers.
  19. It's really telling to me that Amy's maturity is a major focus of this conversation and says a lot about how differently I see her. I've always seen her as an childish, energetic girly-tomboy who is also very compassionate. Her being referred to as a rascal and genki girl has always allowed me to never be surprised when she throws herself into any situation and gets into or causes trouble one way or another. The whole mature-badass who happens to be compassionate and has a soft spot for Sonic or her WMD temper have never sat right with me at all. It's why I've been so disappointed with recent issues of IDW Sonic as it's like I don't recognize one of my favorite characters anymore. Tangle in Issue 24 was a heck of a lot closer to my expectations for Amy so honestly I'm really lost anymore myself.
  20. ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ

  21. You know, after all these years I never realized they looked light Nights. I always wondered about the flight type appearance.
  22. The Fight Type in the bottom left shares the same color scheme as Big.
  23. Surprise, surprise, it's Ray the Flying Squirrel. So, if any of you remember @MightyRay (honestly, why wouldn't you?) then you know her birthday is in January. I've also seen her on twitter talking about possible leaving the Sonic fandom and I wanted to leave her with a good fandom memory and gave this pic as much as I could to celebrate her and her birthday. For this pic in particular I decided to go with a clear blue sky as well to hope for the future of Australia where the fires are still raging out of control. @MightyRay has some links up on her twitter to some charities for those who can donate. I hope she has/had a great birthday and that the future of Australia isn't as bleak as it looks. Happy Birthday @MightyRay!
  24. Good morning (almost afternoon actually with me really needing to go to bed) SSMB!

    Odd posting times from me usually means a piece of art and for this one I went well outside of my usual Sonic art style.


    And surprise, surprise, it's Ray the Flying Squirrel.

    So, if any of you remember @MightyRay (honestly, why wouldn't you) then you know her birthday is in January. I've also seen her on twitter talking about possible leaving the Sonic fandom and I wanted to leave her with a good fandom memory and gave this pic as much as I could to celebrate her and her birthday.

    For this pic in particular I decided to go with a clear blue sky as well to hope for the future of Australia where the fires are still raging out of control. @MightyRay has some links up on her twitter to some charities for those who can donate.


    I hope she has/had a great birthday and that the future of Australia isn't as bleak as it looks.
    Happy Birthday @MightyRay!

  25. Totally unrelated to anything else, but I had a weird though.

    Sonic gameplay and aesthetic on a Soulsborne.

    Starposts serving as the equivalent of bonfires and spending fifty rings opens a stargate that lets you travel to other checkpoints.

    I don't know what caused this thought at all, but here it isย ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. DryLagoon


      I like the idea of using checkpoints for fast travel. I think if hubworlds ever did come back to Sonic, it would benefit from a fast travel option or menu option for quick access to stages.

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