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  1. Didn't read every post here cause my god they're walls of text... But from what I've read, and I'm not sure it was ever addressed, there's a lot of praise for SLW's characterizations and ugh... It's almost physically pains that we've come so far in this broken mess of a franchise that we can praise something like that. If you dig through my minimal post history, you'd see I think SLW is a pretty underrated game and can be pretty fun at times, so it's not that I have anything against it. But man... I simply cannot in good faith say it's characterization was good. it was pathetic... You can't just flip a character's tone 180° out of nowhere like they did with that stupid Eggman cutscene and with the whole tails getting jealous stuff. Just because it broke the "Sonic Colors&Gens" mold doesn't make it good. It's not about things happening for the sake of happening, it's always always been about execution, and SLW's execution was a dreadful and sad wet fart attempt at trying to be "serious" or having "characterization". It's just as bad of an approach. It's something I think the franchise should never ever look back at foldly, cause if we... Hooo boy we'll just be burying ourself in further complacency and pathetic writing. And while we are at it, for the love god I hope they don't use supporting characters like they did in Forces... Knuckles pretending to be a military leader and Amy looking up readings and data is just nonsense. Not only does it completely and utterly have no commonality with their already established characters and doesn't build on anything we know about them, but you can literally put just about any other character or a random npc in their place and it would not have mattered.
  2. Sonic Jump on Smartphones because it didn't have a story mode like the Java version of the the game.
  3. If Morio Kishimoto is doing the level designs, then yes. It becomes a major problem. Otherwise it's very much tolerable and not that big deal of a issue as long as the controls arent too clunky.
  4. Eh, honestly this is just your typical internet overreaction in the heat of the moment. Happens everywhere all the time and it's really not something to get caught up about. The franchise literally had the highest box office for a video game based movie OF ALL TIME, just 3 MONTHS AGO. Thus I highly doubt even the most aggravated of commenters actually believe themselves when they post something like "Sonic is dead" (unless they're just reaaaaally not very bright). If whenever SEGA reveals the next game and it actually looks promising, then these sort of comments will disappear just as quickly as they appeared without any need to interfere.
  5. At this point I just hope I can live long enough for this era of Morio Kishimoto blocky/straight line/mixture of both level design and gameplay to end and hopefully something better follows (I honestly cant picture it getting much worse). Anyways, I'm hoping they'll finally announce something on Sonic's birthday. I dont really care if its a year and a half away from release, I just want to know if itll be something to look forward to or if I have to go back to sonic hibernation till the game after.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of Sonic Lost World 3DS mentions, but honestly I'm gonna say the console version. I know its not technically bad by any means, but it seems to get a lot of hate online, and even gets compared to or called worse than Sonic Forces (which just makes me sad how unappreciated it is). In general I think boost gameplay works for what its worth (In Unleashed and Gens mainly), but compared to adventure style Sonic? I'd take the latter any day in a heart beat. Lost World wasnt really "adventure style" per say, but damn did it feel good after so many years (since 2006!) to have a new Sonic game that doesnt have on rails or race car controls and actually lets you roam around in 3D. Having the spin dash again was just a pure joy. It's such a freaking underrated move in 3D sonic. Not even exaggerating when I say it made this game infinitely more fun for me. It wasnt exactly like the older games but man it was still sooo much fun abusing it and its pseudo drop dash mechanic, heck you could still dash off ramps and all that jazz. The whole run button fiasco was such a non-issue for me. Would I prefer momentum and building up speed? Yes, but who cares! after a few levels my hand was just instinctively glued to the button. I guess I might as well get to my negatives on it as well since I'm bored. For one, the wisps were kinda whatever, a lot of them were sluggish and I still dont know how the music wisp works. The only one I liked was the Eagle wisp but I wish it was available in more than uh... 3? stages. Burst wisp in this version wouldve been cool tbh. Moving on, 2D levels were weird, you ran at an oddly slow pace aside from the scripted stuff, and... It just paled in comparison to the 3D stages. If I had the ability to go back and change the game, I'd say remove the 2D stages entirely and make a few more 3D stages and expand the existing ones. They were so focused on the tubes and other gimmicks that they didnt even have a single loop de loop in any non-mach speed and non-rail grinding 3D section in the the whole game. I didn't like the story either, it was basically as forced as it gets, but it didnt bother me too much since I wasnt really coming into this with any hope for a good story. The most annoying part though is that Sonic Team seems to be introducing new stuff like the Deadly Six and lost hex without any intention of explaining who or what theyre supposed to be (it gets worse in Forces), which I find weird cause its really not hard to just come up with a simple explanation at least. But DAT spindash though. And the bounce coming back was very fun too. In a nutshell, it's not perfect, its decent, and I can confidently say I enjoyed it about as much as I enjoyed Sonic Generations (which is a fair amount). Oh and compared to the 3DS version, eh I appreciate it being a 3D Sonic game on the 3DS cause thats ambitious in of it self, but the later level designs and the general floatiness and not being able to turn on a dime are my main gripes. I can see the appeal, but it wasnt for me. Funny enough I prefer the momentum-ish based console parkour (just kill the afterimages). Bosses are much better in 3DS though.
  7. Well we see the titanic monarch get destroyed at the end, and the HBH and were still in there I believe. The heavy magician had some way to escape, being a magician and all...
  8. Dunno if anyone mentioned this yet, but watch this game end up a sonic dash clone with cars and pretty graphics lol.
  9. That one image with sonic in angel island and the phantom ruby portal thing above him looks more or less the same starting point as adventures, or right after coming back from forces. It could just be a way to transition between zones in encore mode, but for now the former idea seems more likely to me. It's something that's been happening a lot lately anyway. It feels like there's a lack of communication between the different groups handling all the sonic related stuff at sega when it comes to keeping 1 consistent story. Take this whole sonic mania/forces connection; The animation team does something, Whitehead's team does something else, sonic team in Japan does something else, the comics that are supposed to be supplemantery content to the game (sonic forces) do there own take and then they just let people doing the manual write whatever they want, and it doesnt seem like any of these group check facts with each other (or have the time to do so). Anyway enough rambling about that. I just have 1 question... Why is the phantom ruby back in classic sonic's world lol?
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