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  1. Well we see the titanic monarch get destroyed at the end, and the HBH and were still in there I believe. The heavy magician had some way to escape, being a magician and all...
  2. Dunno if anyone mentioned this yet, but watch this game end up a sonic dash clone with cars and pretty graphics lol.
  3. That one image with sonic in angel island and the phantom ruby portal thing above him looks more or less the same starting point as adventures, or right after coming back from forces. It could just be a way to transition between zones in encore mode, but for now the former idea seems more likely to me. It's something that's been happening a lot lately anyway. It feels like there's a lack of communication between the different groups handling all the sonic related stuff at sega when it comes to keeping 1 consistent story. Take this whole sonic mania/forces connection; The animation team does something, Whitehead's team does something else, sonic team in Japan does something else, the comics that are supposed to be supplemantery content to the game (sonic forces) do there own take and then they just let people doing the manual write whatever they want, and it doesnt seem like any of these group check facts with each other (or have the time to do so). Anyway enough rambling about that. I just have 1 question... Why is the phantom ruby back in classic sonic's world lol?
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