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  1. Completely agreed with Tracker. Also aside from the fact a lot of unused material goes unused for good reason, and the presence of unused material indicates absolutely nothing about the potential for more DLC, what in the world would they name a second piece of DLC? "Sonic Mania Plus Plus"? "Sonic Mania Plus: 2"? "Another Encore"? "Encore… again"? (I'm just kidding; obviously they could come up with another name. But yeah I'd say there's a 1% chance of more DLC for "Mania" happening. I am hopeful/think there's around a 75% chance of a "Mania 2" or otherwise named sequel happening at some point, though, so yeah now it's time to hope for that and try to indicate to Sega that we would all very much like to see it happen.)
  2. Completely agreed with this. Also this accidentally-pushed-way-too-early patch was restricted to one platform in one region and was live for only a few hours, meaning the amount of people that have it should be relatively low. Way bigger problem would be if the final 1.04 build shipped on July 17th and the ability to access all the Encore mode zones without having made the $4.99 DLC transaction was still intact--that woulda been a catastrophe. This all seems like a huge blessing in disguise if the devs didn't already know it was possible to do this with just the 1.04 patch; now they definitely do and can fix the digital versions of the final 1.04 so that nothing from Encore/Plus can be accessed until the $4.99 transaction is made. (Of course none of this affects the physical copies--they could not bother including the fix with those versions if they can't have it ready by the time those discs and cartridges are being manufactured, which should be very soon if not already.)
  3. The other three songs are all from Hyper Potions: "Time Trials" (from the pre-order trailer last year), "Friends" (opening animation song), and "Time Trials Plus" (remix in the new "Plus" trailer). You can see the full track listing and other info here.
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