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  1. So the original Teen Titans show gets cancelled after 65 episodes and gets one TV/direct-to-DVD movie, yet Teen Titans Go! is still going with over 205 episodes and has a theatrical movie coming up. There is no justice in this world. As for my opinion on the upcoming movie, it looks dumb just like the TV show.
  2. I'm glad the senate saved net neutrality, but we still have to convince the house and Trump to save it as well. It it doesn't pass house or gets vetoed by Trump, then we'll have to fight the FCC more than we are right now. Lastly, if we fail to save net neutrality by June 11th, then I hope any ISP that starts to block websites and implement "fast lanes" get screwed over big time, as they would deserve to lose all their customers.
  3. @horridus Thanks for that info there. Also, he just answered my question:

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Besides her deviantART and Facebook, is there any other known way of contacting Aleah Baker (A.K.A. Kureejii Lea)? I'm asking this in case if I wanted to ask her a question.
  5. I've asked this before, but where will Ken Penders go if The Lara-Su Chronicles were to fail? Does he currently have other work? Either way, I tweeted him this, and he is yet to answer:

    NiTRO's Artwork And Fan-Fiction Thread

    The NSFW content didn't take up most of those stories, but I'll keep this in mind for next time.
  7. Man, was this one hell of a movie, and I saw it on May 5th this year. It had lots of great action, and Thanos was a true badass in this movie.

    NiTRO's Artwork And Fan-Fiction Thread

    Hey guys, here's some art that I made that has to do with Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. I also have some fan characters that I made. I'm also not the best artist, but I still like the art that I made throughout the years. I hope you like some of these drawings I made. Here's some pictures of single official characters I made: Here's some pictures of single fan characters I made: Here's some character group pictures I made: Here's some fan-fictions I made listed in chronological order: Ultraviolet Like A Family An Unthinkable Loss

    Is There Any Hope For The Archie Sonic Pre-Reboot Cast?

    According to the end credits of SatAM, they were created by SEGA.

    Pictures of my fan game ^^

    This could be a good idea, but like many others here, I would like to see a video of some gameplay footage.

    Is There Any Hope For The Archie Sonic Pre-Reboot Cast?

    Antoine and Bunnie are owned by SEGA, and they did say "the door was not closed" for the Freedom Fighters. But we'll have to see.

    Is There Any Hope For The Archie Sonic Pre-Reboot Cast?

    Because there are plenty of good pre-reboot characters, even if they could have used more development, such as Geoffrey St. John and Mina Mongoose. As for the echidnas, they should stick with the more memorable ones such as Julie-Su, Lien-Da, Remington, Enerjak, Dr. Finitevus and Mari-An.
  13. You know, I've been thinking about this for quite some time ever since the Archie Sonic comics were cancelled on 7/19/2017, and it's pretty disturbing to some extent. Ever since the reboot of STH #252, there was never any mention of any pre-reboot characters not made by Ian Flynn. This also resulted in more mandates on the comic by SEGA. What's worse is that from what I heard, Ken Penders wanted full control of his characters if anyone wanted to make arrangements with him, which is ironic since he had full control on the comics back in the day. Not many people seem to care about those characters anymore, especially when it came to this poll posted by TSSZ over five years ago. So it's pretty sad when characters with potential become forgotten over time. The poll may have been just about Ken's characters, but I'm sure the characters by other creators aren't being brought up more than his. People also seem to just talk about Ian Flynn's characters nowadays, and I think he's a good writer, but just imagine how cool the removed characters could have been if the reboot never happened. So is there any hope for these said characters? It would be nice if someone knocked some sense into Penders, so we could possibly see these characters in IDW Sonic, a new cartoon show, or a spinoff game series based on Archie Sonic. Even if it's as likely as trying to find a lost wedding ring in a desert, it still would be really nice.

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well the thing is, it was implied in STH #251 and beyond that pre-reboot characters were either killed or erased from existence, and they weren't ever seen in the comics or other forms of media again, and it only got worse when Archie Sonic was cancelled. If that never happened, then I wouldn't be as upset about it. There were also many characters that could have used development as well, and now they're most likely going to be completely forgotten in a few years. It's sad that people are forgetting about them. Well to be fair, I don't think the hate on what Ian Flynn was doing wasn't too bad, as I can see why some people wouldn't like the Mecha Sally arc. I also didn't hear as much accusations of Flynn doing bad things back then as well.

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