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  1. When it comes to this status update I made, I have an update. Weer Dough deleted his entire Twitter thread that he made about his situation with Ian Flynn that he had years ago. He also never answered a question I asked him on Twitter as well.

    1. RedFox99


      Yeah seems as though he may have been full of it. 

  2. So a Twitter user named Weer Dough has been accusing Ian Flynn of doing some messed up shit to him and two other friends on his old Bumbleking Comics forums, and he's even mad about a parody Twitter account he had of Flynn that was taken down. This all happened years ago, and they recently brought this up in this Twitter thread they made. What do you all think of this?

    1. SaturnWolf


      He's just looking for attention and it's best not to give it to him.

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      EDIT: nevermind

    3. NiTROACTiVE


      @Ernest the Panda I'm sorry, but I didn't quite catch what you said before you edited your reply. What did you say before?

    4. RedFox99


      Yeah Ima put on my skepticles since the guy never actually cites what Ian said.

    5. PublicEnemy1


      He did post the twitlonger. Can anyone verify that?

    6. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      The twitlonger doesn’t exactly paint the accuser in the light that he wants tho.

      @NiTROACTiVE basically, I don’t believe the guy.

    7. NiTROACTiVE


      @Ernest the Panda Yeah, they should provide more evidence if they want to prove their point more, like @RedFox99 would say.

  3. I like to give a very special thank you to Axel Voss of Germany for destroying the internet for Europe and most likely the rest of the world with Article 11 and Article 13.

    Oh wait, did I say "thank you"? I meant to say FUCK YOU, Axel Voss.


  4. R.I.P. to the American actor Luke Perry, the actor known for his roles in 'Beverly Hills 90210' and 'Riverdale'. He died after a stroke he had, and it's sad that he never recovered.


    October 11, 1966 - March 4, 2019

  5. R.I.P to the Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, who played Adolf Hitler in the 2004 German movie Downfall (Der Untergang). He may have played a notorious leader, but deep down inside, he was a good man.


    March 22, 1941 – February 16, 2019

  6. You guys know of any other hilariously bad Sonic fan art seen in the ending sections of Archie Sonic comics like the ones I tweeted about here?

    Note: I'm sure these were done by young children, and this was only made for humor purposes only.


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Well I thought I saw a lot of hillariouslly bad Sonic fan art in the middle of those comics.

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      No worse than the dreck I used to draw when I was a kid. Pretty sure none of my Sonic drawings even had faces.

  7. Unpopular Opinion: When it comes to these forums, I feel bad for some users who make a thread with a petition for certain causes when it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog media, only to be locked pretty fast.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Well for one, I'm pretty sure it falls under the self-promotion rule, as well as not really being discussion worthy. So of course it's getting locked. 

    2. Sean
    3. Kiah


      The point of topics are to initiate and encourage discussion and a petition doesn’t exactly do that hence them being locked.

      However members are free to post them via the statuses as long as they aren’t being spammed so there is an option here if someone really wants to present one here on SSMB.

    4. NiTROACTiVE


      @Kiah Yeah, I feel that they're better off doing something like a status update rather than a topic.

    5. Milo
  8. What is the name of this stock music used for this PBG song? I heard it in other places before such as in this part of a different game.


  9. Does anyone know what video game this music track is from? I remember someone saying it was from Mortal Kombat 3, but I don't know if it really was from that game.


    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I'm not sure myself since it's the first that I've heard of it. Only clue is the audio quality meaning that it must be an old rip and probably downloaded off a certain music website judging by its lower casing. It sounds like possibly from a Western game but I wouldn't know (checked many of the high profile ones but couldn't get a match). I even tried a search for games that had The Nexus as a song name such as Crysis, Dead Space 3 and Demon's Souls but no match even though the latter had a similar feeling but not the same song.

      I can also tell you it's not from Mortal Kombat 3 that's for sure.

  10. How many of you remember this funny look Amy Rose gave in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog issue #258?


  11. A man from Missouri has been sentenced to watch the 1942 Disney movie Bambi at least once a month during his sentence, which is for killing hundreds of deer illegally. That is one hell of an interesting punishment.

    Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/12/17/deer-trophy-buck-poacher-jail-sentence/2340531002/

    1. JosepHenry


      lol Disney movies! They are for kids, except that they also could be used a torture devices. Bambi is for kids. Dumbo is for kids. Not traumatizing at all.

  12. The trailer was tragic, but it made me excited for this movie more. Here's a theory I have for Avengers: Endgame:
  13. It's been over 8 years since the whole thing with Hershey the Cat/St. John being M.I.A. in Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog started in STH #219, and it's still sad the character who needed development the most got removed at the worst time. What did Ian Flynn have planned for her? I still have hope that Lost Hedgehog Tales will be fully released by 2020. I also still wonder what Ken Penders has planned for Hershey the Cat in his project "The Lara-Su Chronicles".


  14. R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the legendary cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants. His legacy will live on for years to come.

    August 21, 1961 - November 26, 2018


  15. So some people are pretty mad about these tweets Ian Flynn made on Twitter, but all he said was that the series was defunct, meaning that he was referring to how SatAM has been cancelled for years. He never said he hated the show nor the characters either. Ian Flynn and the rest of the Archie Sonic crew fought to keep the Freedom Fighters in the series back in 2013, as said in this post (source) by Jon Gray on the Bumbleking Forums. We also still don't know if the Freedom Fighters will make it to the IDW Sonic comic or not.

    However, I'll admit that he could have made a better second response to EmeryKennedy77 rather than saying "I'm sorry you feel that way.", as that response could be tasteless sometimes. *cough Channel Awesome cough*

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Nah, I don't think Ian said anything wrong at all. It's that other dude's fault for getting way too into his personal feelings and sounding so entitled despite trying to dress it up.

      The SatAM and Archie characters are gone for now. It's time to let it go. There will be fan projects they'll still show up in like Sonic Legacy, so they should settle for that. That's what I'm doing, anyways. I think they had a good enough run.

    2. JosepHenry


      A better response though...? These dudes just need to move the hell on. Some of them said that it disgusts them that Ian got rid of them. How can they be that stupid? No sugar coating it, they need to have a straight response and that is, the freedom fighters are not coming back because of Sega. They need to stop whining to Ian about him doing something he has no power on. 

      (Freedom Fighters were the most influential characters... Sure Jen.)

    3. NiTROACTiVE


      @JosepHenry Just so you know, the last line in my post was referencing to this infamous Twitter tweet Channel Awesome made.

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