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  1. Hello! I'm not sure If this was already covered and right place to post, But anyway... So, after I posted about (glitchy) angel island zone in v1.04 PS4 leak, I haven't post something for long time. But, after 'Sonic Mania Plus' released, I recently found something interesting about 'Sonic Mania Plus' logo. Below image explain that well. Notice what I mean? (Hint : Look at the red circle.) Maybe this is just speculation, but I think there may be one more last dlc that fill the empty part of logo. If it's actually right that last dlc may contains hyper sonic and its final boss or something? (In case, the logo can called like 'Hyper Sonic Mania Plus' or etc...) Anyway, I think that's it and have a good time with 'Sonic Mania Plus'!
  2. Hello, I'm new to here! I think I just discovered the glitchy angel island zone leak video (not made by me). Looks like he posted at May 6th. I think he used debug mode glitch in v1.0.4.(In PS4 Version)
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