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  1. Is the franchise in another ‘dark age’? I can’t really say, as at this point I’ve kept Sonic at arm’s length for many, many years, with the Archie comic being the only thing that appealed to me for so long. ...At least we have Mania? And the IDW comic, even if I just don’t connect with it the same way I did the Archie comic. I think for me, personally as a fan, I’ve lost a lot of interest in the franchise, and while Mania is fun for me? I think I’m more or less done with Sonic for the foreseeable future. I’ve been getting the IDW comic at the store as part of my pull-list, but think I’ll be taking it off of it soon. Just not what I wanted from it. So, from a fan perspective? Yes, though this has been a longstanding problem before Forces was released. From a franchise perspective? Nah. This is small potatoes compared to the last time. That being said? Sega, for the love of all that is good, push another of your franchises for the next little bit (and I’m not talking about Yakuza). The blue hedgehog needs a break. EDIT: Wrong Thread.
  2. Which is ridiculous, since EVERY comic is done in layers these days, with better coloring to boot.
  3. I agree with the current line of thinking about Penders. He has to be trolling at this point. He has to know nobody really cares outside of a select few. Even those guys have to be sick of his stalling by now, they’re just not saying it. I just want to say that I am brand new to the forums as a poster, but my history with Penders’ Sonic stuff has a long reach. I became sick of him during his infighting with Karl Bollers. Even then, Bollers always came across as the more mature of the two writers. I was ecstatic when Ian took over and loved a lot of what he was doing with the characters Ken had created. Then the lawsuit occurred and, lo and behold, this increasingly histrionic older comics creator re-entered the picture. Now, as I think is the same for most, if not all of you, I had no issue with the royalties he wanted. He should have gotten them the second the first Sonic Archives was put in production. His desire for complete control over what Ian was doing with his characters enraged me, never mind his attitudes toward Ian, Karl, Mike and Angelo, or his general lack of respect for any artist other than himself and Jack Kirby. The more I read about the guy (his repurposing of the Niemoller quote and his ‘I have first-hand experience with the Holocaust’ statement, his wishy washy attitudes toward feminism and race, the tendency to post divisive clickbait on specific days. Anybody else remember the time he took a completely unnecessary jibe at Ian on Christmas Eve?), the more I disliked him. I do wonder what the point of this topic is at this point, though. He completely lost any and all relevance the second Sega went to IDW with the license. Anybody want to clear that up for me?
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