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  1. It's usually a Tuesday with added pages coming in 24 hours before the issue is out
  2. Doubt it. We already had a Microsoft character with Banjo, so it would be a different series from a different company. Speaking of which...
  3. With the GMate thread now being locked, i would like to mention that the OP, has sadly passed away in 2016. I know that it's sudden, but I personally think that there are people who didn't know about it. That's all, hope that everyone has a great 2020!

  4. Yeah that's true, but Sonic just came in for that just a year earlier. So yeah.
  5. Hey, the issue sign has changed. But to be fair, it's most likely done to better match other comics by IDW.
  6. If I remember, that's next Wednesday, I think.
  7. Watch that The Game Awards doesn't even reveal Challenger Pack 5. Still tho, I am keep my expectations low onto who it is. So uh yeah... Also, enjoy the salt come Thursday night.
  8. Ironic that the three big things of today's State of Play, was already leaked earlier. (Dreams Release Date, KH3 RE:Mind and RE3 Remake.)

  9. Minecraft Bedrock (which is basically the cross-play version mind you) is finally coming to the PS4 next week tomorrow...

    and I got actual proof that it isn't some kind of an early "April Fools" joke:



    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Isn’t this the one that’s like proper Minecraft and capable of cross play?

      Hell, calling it the Mobile Edition isn’t fair, the mobile edition used to be a heavily chopped down version of MC, while the latest versions are pretty close to the PC, right down to the fully formed worlds that can go on forever and such.

    2. BlueSpeedsterYT


      @Ryannumber1Santa Basically yeah.

      Maybe I shouldn't had called it Pocket Edition, going to edit it now.

  10. 3f5sae.jpg

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry






  11. Eh, it's a wait and see regarding the new trailer. It's best that we be patient for it. I mean, we waited so long for a new trailer. What I would suggest is that once the second trailer is release, we don't start yet another war like the first or else thread lock. So please, clam down regarding everything during the second trailer here or else the thread will be locked for the second time, ok?
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