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  1. MarioAmigosYT

    Sonic Unleashed Sequel: What Could Be Added?

    Did you not even notice E3/the final Smash Ultimate Direct? Anyhow, another addition will be that the game could contain a bulit-in real-time function that will make the game be played at around the same time as the real world in the stages/cutscenes/hub worlds
  2. MarioAmigosYT

    Sonic Unleashed Sequel: What Could Be Added?

    On the Switch? yeah!
  3. MarioAmigosYT

    Sonic Unleashed Sequel: What Could Be Added?

    but I think that it could have some nice stuff on Switch like amiibo support (like if you use a Sonic amiibo, then you can have unlimited boost energy for the day)
  4. MarioAmigosYT

    Comic-book Legend Stan Lee Dies at 95

    Let us never forget that Stan Lee was in TTG to the Movies.... Sad really.
  5. New server for Project Nexus because the old one died: https://discord.gg/MJ9kRat Oh, I forgot to mention this... you can check out a one stage demo of the game in action via Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/project_nexus/375359
  6. MarioAmigosYT

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Star Allies: Wave 3 DLC Update)

    I find it funny that nobody mentioned that KIRBY HAS A SCAR ON HIS FACE
  7. https://discord.gg/JAYUW6V Discord Server Link is up
  8. MarioAmigosYT

    There is a ghost browsing SSMB

    He was spotted in the Pokemon Let's Go thread
  9. Maybe the renewed Virtua Fighter trademark is for Smash Ultimate and (possibly?) Sega Ages. as for Battle Genesis... not sure.
  10. MarioAmigosYT

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    can't wait to get two $50 gift cards..... speaking of... reminder that i have a Switch
  11. Updated the thread! More reveals of "Project: Nexus" will be shown off here and on the (going to be linked) Discord server! Stay tuned!
  12. I might make the old "Sonic Damage Control" thread into my own fan game showcase thread instead

    1. MarioAmigosYT


      Update! Already did.


  13. MarioAmigosYT

    Team Sonic Racing OST - "Boo's House"

    hold up.. new release date, I thought it was at the 21st?
  14. You can skip the final boss of Octo Expansion.....


    1. Polkadi~♪


      What point was there to point out their nationality?

    2. MarioAmigosYT

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