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  1. I've honestly enjoyed this arc a lot so far. I think it could have been less dragged out, but honestly one of the things I like about this comic is that it seems to actually care about taking its time with character development and such. The big problem for me with Archie was oftentimes I felt the action continued to ramp up to insane degrees while the characters remained far too static in comparison.
  2. Premieres at 3:45 PM EST (about 10 minutes as of this posting) but will be available in full afterward. Come on out if you're interested. EDIT: Premiere went well, I hope you enjoy it whether you saw it live or after the premiere happened!
  3. Apologies for the delay on getting this part out, had a lot of real life issues to deal with as well as Holiday obligations. Here's Part 1.
  4. I didn't say my opinion was objectively correct, I just said yours wasn't lol. You're getting awfully angry about this considering no one is really saying you don't have a right to believe what you will.
  5. Objectively, no not really. You're of the opinion that they are and that's fine, but plenty of people received the style well. It's not a fact that they look bad.
  6. Honestly, gonna have to agree with that. Detective Pikachu looks great to me and I personally don't understand the complaints with its style. Not only that, but I disagree that it even looks like a particularly bad film. It looks cute and interesting to me, at least. I still have time to be proven wrong on that, of course, but I think it looks just fine.
  7. For ages I've been trying to remember/find an old Sonic fangame I played when I was very young. Chances are, it probably doesn't even exist anymore, but I have to just...have confirmation that I'm not crazy and totally making this up inside my head. The only thing I remember about it is that a scene toward the end of it has Sonic mourning the death of Amy? And then the credits played Scatman by Scatman John, no I'm not making this up. I genuinely don't know why I'm going to all the trouble of trying to figure out what it was called, but you know how memory is. It's just going to keep bothering me until I know. So if anyone remembers this weird thing I'm talking about, please chip in.
  8. Ah, Roger's you mean? I think the Archie in front kind of distinguishes it enough so? Considering his is more general Sonic than specifically the comic anyway.
  9. So just recently I decided to do a dissected series on Archie Sonic (in the same vein as the popular Dragon Ball Dissection), so I figured I'd make a thread here for that since I can't think of a better place, really. Right now the intro video is all there is, but over time, of course, I'll probably post links to subsequent parts here. Discussion, comments, and corrections if I get a fact wrong at some point (which, knowing the potential length of this series, I probably will at some point) are encouraged. I hope you'll all join me on this strange journey!
  10. I don't know if this is totally within this board's purpose but I couldn't think of any other area that would accommodate for it so here we are. I made a bit of an analysis video about a YouTube series and the stuff I think really stood out about it, and feedback's always greatly appreciated.
  11. I really think people are just rushing this whole thing way too much, if you want my beef. By issue 8 of the original Archie run, we were getting a super-hero parody along with a Steve Urkel bot for plot... Not that I'm saying Archie is bad, I love Archie so quite the opposite. But stories take time, stories take work and they take development. Development takes breathing room. You see what I'm saying here? Some of my favorite shows right now in terms of plot and emotional depth had really lowkey sluggish beginnings, take Steven Universe and Star VS for big examples of that in animation alone. Wanting a big involved plot and lore and cast of characters after only 8 issues is asking for this comic to get way too into itself and complicated way too quickly. Give it the lowkey first arc, give it the building block time. It'll come into its own, but it can't do that right off the bat - or else there's no sense of decent pacing, really - considering this is the beginning of a series. I don't mean to come across as hostile to anyone, like what you like, dislike what you dislike. Freedom of opinion and all that. But I think a lot of the issues people have with this comic's pace reflects more impatience on their part than it does a failure to deliver on IDW's part.
  12. We'll have to see, I suppose. I still don't think moving a movie back in release date signifies confidence in the product (that's a pretty big leap of logic against the conversing point) but I'll at least agree that it doesn't necessarily mean they don't believe in it either. I just don't see anyone at Paramount really saying to themselves Yeah this Sonic Movie could totally go toe-to-toe with the Bond franchise, like...lmao dream as you will but...
  13. I highly doubt that. I think you might be missing the point, lol. It's that Bond and Mulan are easily going to be gigantic hits regardless, so more people are likely to go to theaters and see that on that weekend than a Sonic movie. Thereby less people will see it. Thereby less bad publicity if it's bad.
  14. Eesh...that's a fair point. Hopefully that isn't the case, though. Maybe they're more confident in it, lol (I doubt that sincerely but let me fool myself a bit longer).
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