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  1. Edit: Whatever. This is why I hate discussing NSMB, because people will defend it to the bloody grave, and then act like you're unreasonable for pointing out its flaws, by virtue of the fact that it's not the worst game in the universe, and because it's a Mario game and playable which makes it exempt from criticism. "Ohh but it's fun so what does it matter?" Bad design philosophy and lack of effort are never excusable, even in *gasp* Mario games, because if these games aren't criticized, they will keep being made that way with no improvements. It's plainly an observable fact that the series is lazy, but apparently even that is "subjective". And since people can't have an honest debate, and instead resort to essentially saying "umad?" "hahahaha no" and "just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad" (which one could say about Sonic '06, and is basically a way of saying "well I like it, so it's good"), and respond to any disagreement with "Whoaaaaa why do you care so much", I am done. Hopefully when I return to the discussion it's a little more mature. P.S., Trying to ridicule people, subtly or otherwise, who disagree with you is not cool. This isn't the GameFAQs forums. I always thought this was a friendly community but sometimes this place gets out of hand.
  2. But we're the ones who are "so angry" and "causing a ruckus". Stop getting so offended that Hasn't-Been-"New"-for-a-Long-Time Super Mario Bros. is getting criticized. We're not angry, you guys really need to stop making stuff up to make us look bad for disliking a bland, rehashed, sad excuse for a Mario game series.
  3. No, facts decide what's objective. Lack of story, lack of imagination, lack of challenge, bad art direction, rehashed EVERYTHING from bosses to cutscenes to level tropes to enemies to barebones plots to stubborn design choices to characters (there are two Toads). Things it excels at: Multiplayer, and that's it (and many people hate the multiplayer so that's not even a universal success). I seriously can't fathom how there are NSMB apologists in the world. It's a fun game but it's a horrible game series. It's Nintendo's Angry Birds. It is not good for the Mario series and just because it sold well and isn't offensive to play does not mean it is a good game.
  4. It was thought to be NSMB at first, and people who objected to NSMB representation were criticized for objecting to NSMB representation, even after it was speculated that the level looks more like 3D Land (and honestly, it looks like a hybrid of both, still more along the lines of NSMB). If it was flat out a 3D Land-looking stage, no one would care. Even though 3D Land still has that "typical Mario, nothing special" look, at least it was an excellent game.
  5. Stop saying it's a game "they didn't like". NSMB is a game series that is objectively mediocre, objectively does not innovate in any way (other than multiplayer, and perhaps the first one since it wasn't a cash-cow level pack thing back then), and is OBJECTIVELY stagnant. Whether it's fun or not, it does nothing good for the series other than multiplayer. Just because you like it or don't like it doesn't make it a great game.
  6. Why the hell is it so difficult to find mid- or high-rise jeans that aren't from Wal*Mart? I dunno about other guys, but I hate having my pants hanging off my ass.

    1. Sami


      Wear a belt?

    2. goku262002


      Get a bigger ass! :D

    3. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      I'm not worried about looseness, I want them to sit higher on me without looking weird.

    4. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      @goku I wish. Might start doing squats actually XD

    5. goku262002


      baaaah, eat! eat like the wind!!

    6. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      But then I just get a fat gut :<

    7. goku262002


      google "foods that make asses fat".

    8. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      I'm pretty sure you can't target weight gain OR weight loss :P

    9. goku262002


      You'd be surprised. :P

  7. There aren't likely going to be 10 Mario levels. While we don't know if it'll be 1, 2, 3, or 4 (excluding Yoshi, Wario and DK levels), we still know the number is limited and therefore only highly deserving, unique and quality stage choices should get in. "Typical NSMB/3D Land grass level" doesn't really seem like a great pick, especially when scrolling stages are commonly disliked. Well, the argument is still valid. They should represent their good games before they represent their mediocre ones. That's just logical.
  8. Hmm... Amy Pond, Rose Tyler or Captain Jack for my next "regeneration"? :P

    1. Celestia


      Captain Jack

    2. Celestia


      aka best companion ever

    3. Celestia


      (other than Donna)

  9. There is now factually a less likely chance of them getting in because one Mario stage slot is taken. And both are obviously important, but there are more chances for an interesting stage AND stage look by using those or other suggestions. 3D Land and NSMB have typical grass, snow, mountain, etc. level tropes. For one game's example, Land 2 had the Pumpkin Zone, Space Zone, and quite a few others. On the Mario vs. DK front, there could be a stage where the minis change the makeup of the level and you have differing stage designs to keep up with. Even NSMB could have AT LEAST used one of its less bland tropes, like the purple swamp or something.
  10. Delfino Plaza is a "touring" stage. Scrolling stages are different (and, aside from Poké Floats, quite lame). ITT: If you don't like it, you're super angry and crying and god it's just a level why care about it why care about anything in fact Maybe people would rather the stage slot not be wasted on a mediocre game and be used to represent something better and more unique, like Super Mario Land 2, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, etc. And let's face it, even if it's 3D Land, that game didn't do much interesting with regards to level tropes either.
  11. If we're going to have auto-scrolling stages, which always suck, at least let's have interesting-looking ones, not reminders that the Mario series is starting to stagnate.
  12. If I were a woman I would put all money in my cleavage all the time

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      You mean... you're *not* Sarah Jane Smith??? D:

    2. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      Makeup, wigs, and Kleenex ;)

  13. Only on episode 2 but seriously Orphan Black is the best

  14. Found a baby bird on the sidewalk with what looked to be a broken leg today. He was trying to hide from the rain under some leaves. We took him to the vet nearby but I have no idea what is going to happen to him.

    1. Klinsy


      Hope it will be okay.

    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      I'm sure he'll be fine. =)

    3. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Someone's having dinner tonight.


    4. Sarah Jane Smith

      Sarah Jane Smith

      Goddamnit Spin

      What's worse is he was in front of a Chinese restaurant that serves "free range chicken"

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