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  1. lol I'm sorta liking and hating how Sonic is becoming more of a TV show and animated series than a game Boom was not that bad. I'd say it had it took one step backwards and two step forward in what I'd expect from a Sonic TV show nowadays. Sonic Mania Adventures was cool but I wasn't that hooked to the story since it was supposed to be only simplified shorts. If they can pull off some cool story arcs and characterisations in this one, I think I'm all for it, humm... EDIT: Wait, is this supposed to be like a TV animated and episodic show? Or a limited series with some closed little episodes?
  2. Hi! I already said a hundred times I'm not questioning what they did, because it is pretty obvious 75% of the game are old assets lol What I replied to Space Yeow was exactly that I know all of what he said, and I totally agree 100%, I'm not blind. I was just (trying to) redirecting the conversation to >> why << they reutilized all of that so much, even considering all those 4 years in development. I mean, I can understand all the bad game design choices. They thought it was a good idea. But I'm finding kinda stupid that people are really believing the logic behind the reused assets were like... "- Oh welp, guys, what are we making that is new to the franchise in Forces? - Wow, I'm so lazy today, maaaan... I don't give a fuck about this game. - Yeah, I don't care about it too... Whatever... - Ok then, why don't we make 5 enemy types, take 100 old scenery assets and levels from other games, scatter randomly through the whole game with some straight line level design we already decided there will be, and call it a game????? - 😎 WOW GREAT IDEA GIRL, NOW WE'RE TALKING!! THIS IS HAPPENING BABY!!! I'M SOOO GONNA SLEEP MORE TODAY CUZ I'M TOO LAZYYY TO WORKKKK 😎 " It is not realistic, ok? They have their names in the credits. Nothing... really?! Considering there was a reason that was not laziness behind all that usage of old things... You really think that a tight/tiny budget can't be one of the reasons for that? Also, almost all new assets are copy-paste of the same stuff. Did you already realize for example, how the game uses the same floor, same walls and same platforms through Imperial Tower? Also, Kishimoto is the same guy who directed Lost World and Colors, and both games had a consistent level design and art style, always refreshing with new environments to play in. That's not what Forces does. Throughout the whole game we're getting back at the same zones and levels again, only playing with different characters. Of course throwing you £300 won't make you a better artist, but surely taking away from you £300 will make you a worse one, specially if you need this money to buy some materials for working. I'm not defending Sega actually, because just like you, I don't know what happened. I'm bothered about how you are attacking Sonic Team calling them 'Lazy'. I don't think it is fair calling a whole team 'Lazy' when you don't know what was happening in-development. You don't even know how Sega relates to Sonic Team. They are not one and the same.
  3. It is indeed a fact that they reutilized a lot of assets, but that's not really what I am talking about. Sorry if I'm not being clear enough, I'll try again: I am not asking or speculating about whether they did or didn't. That's obvious they did reutilise a lot of assets, and the game is considered basically mediocre-bad at this point also this reason. I'm not contesting Sonic Forces's quality of content right now. The focus of my point is WHY they did what they did. WHY did they choose to reuse every asset they could? And the answer to that is just speculation since we don't work at Sega/ Sonic Team. My guess is that Sonic Team had to reutilize those assets and all the stuff, because I don't really believe when people say that Sonic Team is LAZY. About the interview: The bad level design was just one of the reasons the game is terrible. And when you stop to think about it, (and now that's me guessing) Sonic Team probably didn't have enough time, money, and people to make something truly good considering the scope Forces has. So yeah, reading the interview just strengthens my theory that Sonic Team had to make a game with not much at their hands. The thing is, you weren't working at Sega and Sonic Team when all that happened, so you can't really say if all those bad decisions from them was actually their best option, you know? Also, I'm restricting myself to Sonic Team, cuz I dunno how Sega handles other titles and IPs. Sonic Team is a developer team under Sega's umbrella, so, again, you can't really know if Sonic Team's decisions were all really really bad or actually their best option under Sega's demands and circumstances. I'm not saying ST are smart either, because if Sonic Team has [ x ] materials and budget to make a game, they should always create a realistic scope for said game. And with Forces, they obviously didn't do that. I just don't think is fair to say Sonic Team is LAZY. That's a really really bad adjective to say when you don't exactly know what's going on ad why, and one which I don't agree at all.
  4. Not intending to be rude, but how exactly being a person that grew up watching a company from the 90s and from a distance can take any conclusions about their decisions and their reasons for said decisions? Unless you already worked at SEGA or Sonic Team or something like that, I really would like to know how can you be so sure about their ins and outs (?) ( I understand we have the ability to deduct stuff based in context, predictions, and confirmations, but even then, this isn't a guaranteed and verified enough information for someone outright say "oh yelp, they're all lazy" )
  5. Look, fact is that we don't know why the game came to be the way it is, so that's all speculation. But I will say I really don't believe the reason was because "SoNiC TeAm wAs LaZy aNd InCoMpEtEnT" They had TOO MUCH on their hands. Forces was obviously supposed to be a huge deal like unleashed was some day. And yes, I think ST didn't have enough money or time to even make Sonic Forces the way it was supposed to be. More money = more people working at the project, better pacing development and less time. Not saying that money was the only reason the game failed, not at all. I'm saying that more budget into Forces would surely make the game look better. Don't know if would make a great game, but better nonetheless. That's just logical: the scope for the game is so big (Eggman finally conquering the world, a resistance being formed, a adventure-type story, etc) that they decided to reutilize every single thing they could from past games because they didn't have enough resources. That was a choice indeed - of course reusing assets and whatnot was a choice deliberately made. But do you really really think they would choose to reuse everything instead of creating new stuff to implement in-game if they had the option? That's just not realistic to think about in my point of view. They made this choice because they had to and it was the best choice they had in their hands. I know how Sonic Team have a fame of being lazy, but I don't agree with that at all and also don't think it makes sense too. What I see when I play almost any bad Sonic game nowadays is just that something really stupid is happening at Sega that makes then treat Sonic Team like shit, so they struggle to create its own ideas and projects because of external sources.
  6. That's not about the game being good or graphically outstanding that I'm talking about, is more about how the game came to life with it's budget and money. I mean, Forces was a development failure mainly because obviously its budget didn't correspond to the enourmous scope game needed (I mean, c'mon, the final boss is from another game). The idea, story, world building, level design and everything else needed to be much bigger for the game to be considered a 100% original game with its own identity. In other words, Forces really needed a Unleashed-tier budget to come to life as a great game. As for Lost World, the game was indeed a success in that regard. For more that we can complain about it, most bad points on the game come to game design choices, not lack of material/assets, or new content... The team clearly knew what they needed to do and create to make the game what it came to be without exploiting the money invested. And it worked. Lost World is packed with a lot of content, tight controls, different aesthetic (I am aware about reusing assets throughout the whole game, but this isn't really bad considering they managed to make each zone different) and level design mechanics in each level.
  7. Since Sonic Forces and now with Sonic Team Racing, I realized a new pattern that I hope will not continue to repeat itself in the franchise. Although I very much doubt that it won't happen again and again. Is it only my impression or did Sega stopped injecting a lot of money into the franchise? I mean, we can see the amount of Assets reused in Sonic Forces throughout the game: the recycled levels of other Sonic games, Modern's straightforward and repetitive gameplay, and the reusing of Sonic Classic in the game... Instead of thinking that Forces was a specific case in that regard, I think we can see that the same is happening with Sonic Team Racing, right? I mean, Sonic Transformed certainly had a lot more money applied in its development, which resulted in a very varied game in every sense: several characters (20 in total, and 35 if we count post-release DLC/Special occasion stuff), tracks that were different from each other and were REALLY beautiful and dynamic... not to mention the gameplay that also changed in the middle of a race (car, plane, and boat thingy). But watching Sonic team Racing develop, we have less than half of the previous installment: very few characters - 12 in total, 21 tracks that will probably be divided into 7 zones with the same assets and concepts (nothing confirmed about this yet, however), and tracks that until now have showed itself quite plain and simple compared to Transformed... Also, the marketing is quite small. We still don't have a proper trailer for example, only gameplay videos and some kind of... intro(?). Speculating on this, it seems that Sonic Forces probably had a huge scope and investment early in the development considering the story, the idea and the characters... But then this was all cut off in the middle of development and we ended up with a game... that is the way it is. With this, I ask myself, and I also ask you: What kind of game do you think we'll see from 3D Sonic in the future? Judging superficially now, it seems to me that Lost World was the last game of the franchise to receive a really great polish and a healthy pace of development, right? Will Sonic Team and Sega continue to make huge scopes for sonic games that probably will not have that much money in development, or will we start seeing more "controlled" games like Sonic Team Racing? (my first language is not english, so I hope I wrote it all okay for understanding hehe)
  8. I don't really enjoy this too For what I could see and play in the latest years, Nintendo "came up" with that concept and applied in Mario Bros U, 3D Mario World, and in Donkey Kong TF like it was something really cool and creative and I always thought the concept of fire and ice never really evolved from the initial idea of "lol wouldn't be funny if there was lava at an ice level?" to something that really made sense design-wise. The concept didn''t actually did well in any of the games I mentioned (at least Ifor me), and for what I've seen up until now, STR isn't doing it great too.
  9. Probably yes, when we think about his latest personalities in the latest games. People are over-paying attention to him hoping the next game fix him.
  10. I think Eggman won't be playable in Story mode, which would make one team off-story. So the last team would be unlockable characters that has no co-relation: Eggman as Power, Blaze as Speed, and Silver as Tech
  11. Since the basis of what you said is the claim that a racing game is not justified by rules based on teams, I disagree with you. What Sumo Digital is doing is exactly the opposite: they are transforming the rules and adding a few more so that a team is justified in a racing game. And I believe they are succeeding, although I admit that they could delve further into these mechanics by creating a few more. Actually, players in the lead can trade items with them and ask for some items too, and that trading action fills the Team Ultimate bar. This ultimate team is clearly very very powerful, as we can see in the video where someone plays with Tails off-screen: Knuckles was far behind and almost immediately went to third place! - - - Two things that concerns me, though: 1) Planet Wisp's track was really bland and boring. It's probably the tutorial track for people to get the team based mechanics, so I guess it's on purpose. But oh well, they could at least add another track that feels more dynamic - surely there must be a track in the game, for example, that shows a bit more how each type of character can be different from one another. 2) Why 3 members in each team? I have a feeling that in a Local Multiplayer that wouldn't be that good since one of the 4 players would have to team up with AIs. Probably the game has an option of making teams of 2 members only - I hope so.
  12. It bothers me a bit to see some people say they didn't like the concept of the game when all we have seen is a simple track and 6 characters. It gives me the impression that no one likes to try out new mechanics, and they prefer to stay in their comfort zones by playing just every casual running game that looks like Mario Kart (?) And about what some have said about the game giving you the option to play all-vs-all. I do not think this is going to happen, and if it does happen, I'm hoping it's not a game-mode that has much emphasis or importance within the game. There is the problem that who creates the rules of the game and its modalities are the developers. As Sumo has already shown and said, the main focus of the game is on competitiveness in cooperation. So let's see how they will deepen this idea. Of course, Sumo Digital needs to make a game with these concepts that's fun enough for people to want to go back to play more - but some people's lack of faith in an idea that has not even been released/played is still a bit annoying. Please let's open our minds and try some new ideas. All we've seen is that the game will focus on cooperation - but we don't know how that will be implemented in gameplay variations. Especially when it comes to the tracks and other game modes (which I hope that's also in teams!)
  13. I noticed that too and I totally agree Another thing I didn't like is how the cars are enourmous, they steal completely our attention from the characters itself - all you can see from Tails when he is driving for example is his tails flying around. and with Shadow, his car has the same color pallete from him - he is basically invisible in all of that machinery and glossyness.
  14. Well, I commented a thing in the youtube video and didn't want to creat another topic about it so here we go About what I expect from the game: I really like Sonic Racing's games more than Mario's. Although, I think Mario Kart is really successful in a thing that any Sonic Racing games ever succeeded: Acessibility. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes with Auto-Steering (the kart won't let you fall a pit or hit a wall), Auto-acceleration (it won't stop accelerating unless you hit a wall) and a 50cc mode which is really slow-paced and friendly. It doesn't sound a lot, I know, but when I invite someone who's bad at videogames to play Mario Kart 8 with me (like my mom or my boyfriend), anyone can win and basically have fun on the first try. The last 2 Sonic racing games were A LOT harder to get into the controls - driving was stupidly fast, the items were not intuitive or self-explanatory, the transformation thingy had a lot of ways of turbo-ing that was really hidden and not obvious, and basically, whoever played the game for more time would ALWAYS win, no matter what items the opponent gets. Playing Sonic Transformed locally with friends was always really bad in comparison to Mario Kart 8 so I was never playing my favorite multiplayer game locally. I really wish this new Team Sonic Racing have more acessibility into it core gameplay and options! That'd rock. Also I'm curious and hyped about the game since it's being made by Sumo, becaese they simply made my 2 favorite racing games in the past decade. The "Team" thing reminds of Crash Team Racing or Mario Kart Double Dash. Both games weren't that good in my opinion but I always felt that a micro-coop racing game is a realy cool idea that can be really great if done correctly. I'm optimistic. (my english is kinda rusty, I just hope y'all can understand lol)
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