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  1. Racism is not legal, but still exists so you are right, everything is racist in this world depending how one defines it or what neo marxists consider racist. Same thing but there is a difference between being a racist and killing people over it. I think being racist against bad ideas is fine, white or black it doesnt matter, being racist against people just because they look different is insanely dumb though. So yeah it kinda is the same as being homophobic since being black is like being gay, just kidding. But it does work in terms of racist democrats who made Jim Crow laws, KKK and just made it into a civil rights movement to earn subscribers to use them as trophy for their cause considering its not arguing based on issues but on what group you belong too. So democrats think they own them or something, so democrats seems to be the racists here if you ask me.
  2. Eh youtube and other places. I'd just do it to annoy people if people went this way. I mean you could always try to kill them but you are always gonna breed homophobes. If anything bullying helps you grow a spine and its normal behavior aslong as it doesnt lead to suicide or mental issues for the weak. Like one can try to hold the hand of the person as its all rainbows and sunshine but then you are gonna have it burst when you meet someone who is gonna shatter it. So no i am pro this because it exposes the loser side of humanity and builds character in you. But he needs to find the answer like most humans to not be ok with it. Besides homophobia is a normal part of life in other countries aswell as here. Not going away by just censoring it, other ways to get the homophobia accross. Either way i would just spread it as much as i could if i had those views and got fired. That would be me, i have never been fired but yeah, i live in Norway and not places with oversensitive people may be the problem.
  3. But now the guy is just gonna go to a bar and spread his homophobia there. If i were him i would just continue doing it out of spite if people told me to stop. I would just say its not cool to hate people for no good reason if i were to ask him to not do it. That would be me though. Like firing people is not gonna solve his extreme view points, you need to reason and give that person an answer. Or atleast make somewhat of an attempt, firing is just not helping
  4. You know i stopped to watch this show some days ago. Like i feel i need to grow up is the reason, i just feel its mostly girly and i like girls but eh to be into this stuff about rainbows and stuff just rubbed me the wrong way, Spike is probably the only one i sorta like still because he is more relatable due to being into RPG games and having fun. But i feel MLP is more about escapism type of show to escape real life problems, which i get is a thing. But yeah i just wanna be cool as Sonic and Shadow is my way of living in reality. In either case whatever one likes i am cool with!
  5. But without guns we won't get anymore GTA games. Its part of the american culture and smaller government. If they don't have smaller governments its gonna be more like socialist europe where neo marxist globalist trade deal is the way of life, so they can shut your platform more easier. In USA however you have freedom of consequences as in Europe you don't, so if anything they can say it and get group of people but in Europe you probably are gonna go to a bar and say it just because its tempting because they dont try to reason with you and you just don't like it and wanna say anything. So you just do it out of spite to annoy them. Either case you get my point. USA gets it out on a more healthy level, with big government they tend to become more authoritarian on speech on what is allowed on a selective form of ultimate level. USA is much more spread where everyone can have an opinion. And whoever wins on best interests is the winner and not the elite that much.
  6. One thing i kinda am leaning on the right on is defending humanism. Islamic religious culture i feel have not really developed that as compared to Christian culture. Now understandable the bleeding hearth liberal that cries through your veins when it comes to oppression is fine. But, what kind of solution would liberals propose if anything?. Hope for the best or just say conservatives don't have the right intent. I am just curious to what some of you guys think?
  7. I like both Shadow and Sonic. I like it because it creates a good guy and a bad guy. They are both cool, but you wanna be the good guy so most are gonna pick Sonic i bet. But i think both of them rule!
  8. Who are you? I'm Shadow, Shadow the hedgehog!!!
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