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  1. I currently have a video up of my series, showcasing the voice actor I chose for my star lead, Aster the Hedgehog. Visit my Youtube page to see/rate his work.
  2. Hey everyone. Long time, no post. I want to pass along word that production of my first episode of my Youtube series, "A New Hero Rises", will debut. This follows the story of Sonic Forces almost to a "T" except for a few script changes and some hand drawn "moment" scenes between Aster (the name of the protagonist Avatar) and Infinite as it leads into a sequel story I was creating where Aster tries to find Infinite again. Anyway, if you want to know, my Youtube channel is named after my account name here: "Aster_Hedgehog" Please have a look at my preview of my series and subscribe if interested. Episode 1 will debut very soon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1gaskEVtDAYR-jV413QkA/featured
  3. Whatever happened to the concept or racing that was Sonic Riders? That's a better racing game than generic kart driving in my opinion. The Riders games felt more like a kind of racing game that Sonic really fits well into.
  4. Are you kidding? Its more consistent than a story about a "plumber" playing the knight in shining armor role against a fire breathing turtle. Nothing about Mario's world even makes sense when you compare it to the way they built the Hyrule Warriors games. I mean, most of Bowser's army consists of Goomba and Koopa soldiers that can't even get out of a pit. Eggman at least arms his robots with stuff like blasters and shields. Only characters on Bowser's army with any shred of intelligence are Bowser himself and the Koopa brats + Bowser Jr. If anything, Mario games hardly re-use anything except the STORY (like re-hashing Galaxy's exact plot line and calling it a "Galaxy 2")
  5. It's not that I'm trying to "throw out" the combat. I was saying that the way Sonic and friends fought in Rise of Lyric could be where they could get inspiration for combo attacks if they implemented them to the Sonic cast. Sonic sometimes feel stiff when you see his generic 3 "A" button combo in Smash Bros. Also, about mixing the other realities with the games, you can't tell me that you forgot Sticks is in the Rio Olympic Games when everyone else is game continuity. Plus, the likes of Bean, Bark and Fang weren't game originals to my knowledge. I think mixing the roster with the other worlds could be good to get attention for the game from longtime fans of Archie Comics. They could even use the last design changes to them.
  6. I bet Sonic could get his own "Dynasty Warriors" title. I mean, if Nintendo can get away with re-releasing Hyrule Warriors (as well as OTHER Wii U to Switch ports and a ridiculously dumb idea as Nintendo LABO), it proves anyone can have a DW game (Fire Emblem has one as does Gundam). Here's what can make it great: - Have the characters battle system similar to that of "Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric" - Make it Sonic's next "anniversary" title (I think his 30th Anniversary is next, right?) - Use the Chaos Emeralds as a plot point - Mix in characters from the comics and television shows (ex. Sticks the Badger, the Freedom Fighters, Tangle the Lemur) - Give fans of "Forces" the chance to bring their Avatar back (like the save data recognition between DB Xenoverse 1 -> Xenoverse 2) - Have Super Form an optional "final boss" power-up for Sonic, Shadow and Silver - Free DLC periodically (like Splatoon) - Re-use famous locations from Sonic's long line of games as maps - Make new routes based off character types (ex. Loops for Sonic/Speed, Air rings for Tails/Flight, breakable walls for Knuckles/Power) - Allow playable villains besides the heroes
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