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  1. I mean, I'm not against universe crossovers in future, but for now I would give Classic and Modern universes time to develop their characters, especially Classic one. But eh, our voices still don't matter: SEGA sees that we supported a fan game that they've spent very little money on and reused old assets to the point of level segments and even the whole level designs, and all of it is just because of never ending nostalgia, so this evil company will indeed put it everywhere it can possibly fit.
  2. And your doubts are correct. If you read the first paragraph closely, you'd see that there I said I was talking about the majority, not about all of them.
  3. I mean, their tastes in Sonic games? I do. And by the way, I hope I shouldn't explain, that I talk about the majority, and not about ALL of them, right? As much as English community, especially Classic Sonic one, values the gameplay in Sonic, the Russian one values plot: for them, it should be Archie-like: no matter how stupid it is, if it's epic and massive - it's good. A lot of games are defended with the words: "Well, the gameplay is OK, but the plot is just crazy!" Therefore, one of their favourite game in the franchise - and I kid you not - is SONIC '06!!! You might compare them with SA3 movement, but even they are not saying that '06 is one of the best. Strangely enough, Russian community loves SADX and Heroes, but is pretty cold towards SA2 and ShtH. They liked Storybook series, but the last game praised besides spin-offs is Unleashed (just as in English fanbase, when it came out it was received badly, but then loads of people changed their mind), and then it was pretty negative towards all the games that came out. The only two exceptions are Generations (half are hating on it's nostalgia pandering, half are saying that it is a great anniversary game) and Forces (half are saying that it's a cheaply made game, half feel about it like English fanbase felt about Colors in 2010). And by the way, they are absolutely furious at nostalgia pandering! Sonic Mania was trashed there - they were saying that it has nothing new and it is just a paid fan game people like because of nostalgia. You might ask me - why are they so different? Well, the reason starts in 90s, where russians didn't even have a licensed Mega Drive - they had it's chinese clones. There were no S&K cartridge with lock on technology and no SEGA consoles past CD - there was just no SEGA's part in market there. On practice, it means that there was a very small possibility to build a fanbase on classic games. Moreover, in addition to logical absence of Dreamcast, there were almost no GameCube consoles around, and PC gaming started to become popular, which easilly explains, why SADX and Heroes were so popular, while SA2 and ShtH weren't. Later, PS3 and XBOX360 has arrived. The last one became really popular there, because it was cracked really fast. And here people found their love for '06 and Unleashed - because XBOX360 was cracked pretty early. The same story with Wii and its Storybook series. So, what do you guys think about them? P.S. If you have more questions about their perspective - ask me anything, I'm pretty long in this fanbase.
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