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  1. -Not only Big , I hate Blaze's lava bomb and how it's 70% cannot be avoided when you are first , suddenly appears in in front of you with very close distance to have time to react even if I jump I still get damage . - Also I hate how Rouge , Shadow and Amy got the weakest , shittiest attack in the game . Aside of it 75% not effective , it doesn't make much of damage if it's hit the other players , and I swear there is a times when I really hit the other players and they just keep ruining .
  2. Wish if there is was Rouge custome like this
  3. I think the new character might be Zeena . I hope they add Rouge witch custome , gonna pay for it .
  4. Let's not forget how unbalanced some of the characters are . Hope Sega heroes do better in balancing the characters .
  5. Should Sonic team do something about Silver's time travel ? I think Silver is screwed up with time travel thing , I find it to be not convincing enough for Silver to travel through time to warn Sonic and his friends from a danger , because how the future will be doomed if Sonic with many competent friends on his side are in present time to save the day ?
  6. You are right this game is cursed and unfair .
  7. -Guess you found Sonadow fanart while browsing tumbler/deviant art , that made you pissed off . edit : I understand you wanting Sonic and Shadow to have unfriendly rivalry , but not necessarily the fandom reflect what their rivalry is , it's matter of the writers , not the idiotic shippers . Also yeah Shadow and Rouge interactions are kinda bland after Sonic 06 , again it's matter of the writers , not those stupid shippers .
  8. I would like to expand my perception on Eggman , I would like to hear your opinions about him .
  9. Gumbit

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    - Really don't get how being sexy limits Rouge as a character , when actually that sexy thing is so minor that everyone in the cast don't give it attention , seem that they are not of aware what sex is , and has nothing to do with storyline . - This basically your whole argument in nutshell "Rouge can't/shouldn't be independent because Shadow exists"
  10. Gumbit

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Omega has a reason to be around , despite and he is much enhanced robot than Gamma . After SA1 Gamma has no purpose to be around .
  11. Gumbit

    Defending The Treasure Hunting...

    I find Knuckles level more annoying , because they are broader .
  12. Simply because they don't care , just pick the money and run away . Fans care so much about the characters , and when you care so much about anything , you wouldn't accept its downgraded .
  13. Gumbit

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I would rather have Sticks than that emo drama queen . At least Sticks feel that she belongs to Sonic world .
  14. Gumbit

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Turning a character evil or killing him/her is a lame excuse to add another character .
  15. Gumbit

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Big is nice character as a cameo or in spin off games , the problem is that he was never qualified to play as a main character in the story , as playing him in SA1 was pointless . He is in much better position as cameo/ minor character .

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