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  1. Gumbit

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    I think the new wasted potential will be the sonic movie .
  2. Gumbit

    The chosen animals species

    Rouge is suitable for her species , as bats are pretty interesting animals , in real life bats can see in the dark using echolocation and there is some bats species that has infra-sight to detect its prey in the dark , in addition to bats strong hearing sensation and ability to fly fast . I find that being related to Rouge being a spy/jewel thief as jobs like this require to work at night , flying ability could be used to escape and moving fast avoiding obstacles that animals on the feet would face , also she could use her wings as a shield . She could see in the dark , detect her enemies through using her ears to hear their movement , or even detecting ultrasounds that secret machine produce , like the night episode in Sonic X , she can sneak into secret place and use her strong hearing ability to listen to secret information . BUT I still think choosing species based on real life fact would never 100% work and I don't find really essential . We are talking about fictional animals that are able to walk , dress , talk and act like humans , then why their abilities has to be a thing then ??
  3. I really want it to come out , so I can on laugh on it , see the memes popping up .
  4. I'm wondering if the Lara-su chronicles book will come out or what ? maybe Penders will give up on it .
  5. Meh , I quite this game , a long time ago .
  6. Gumbit

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't like your attempts of ruining the characters for the sake of giving lame excuses to shove freedom fighters . Rouge might have some selfish personal desires(not everyone with selfish desires has to be a villain ) , but that doesn't mean she is gonna trade the world safety for a piece of jewel , she can balance between her personal desires and her duties , planning to help and keep a a little for herself . Also how is Omega has blood lust when he is just want to revenge from Eggman , saking for revenge isn't a blood lust . Shadow being a villain makes no sense at all , since he promised his human friend to help the world , not destroy it . If you want FF to comeback that's fine , but not at the coast of changing other characters to accommodate their presence . Give them their own comics with Sonic as alternative universe , have their own in IDW whatever , but don't change other characters .
  7. Unfortunately STH is like sonic 06 , people will always remember it and laugh on it . I honestly don't recommend take a risk and make another game based on him , not with the current writings of games . I think giving him a spin off comics would be a nice beginning to redeem him . Edited
  8. I don't think a different story and different characters will cause legal issues .
  9. -Maybe a RPG game about the echidna legacy , but with different story from Pender's , more polished and finished . You know a game that redeems Chronicles .
  10. I believe that Blaze and Silver are characters shouldn't show too much .
  11. I hate Knuckles current voice , it makes him sound like a 40 years old man . His voice in SA1 makes him sound like a young man .
  12. -The real question where was Chaos the whole ? all villains in trailer were boss fight except Chaos .
  13. Gumbit

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    I can see why some fans don't like underground show , still would like to see Manic and Sonia again , but not as Sonic's siblings .
  14. Unpopular opinions : -I find mighty design ugly - Chao garden is boring

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