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  1. Why not giving them Statm season 3 instead ?
  2. Gumbit

    Help Me Understand The Love For Mighty

    I would swap Mighty & Ray in the fav of Amy .
  3. If you don't like other characters , then just stick to classic games and that's all .
  4. That's mostly why I don't like him , in his own game he felt like 10 years OC . He is Immortal , overpowered and can blow everyone at once . Would be better if Sonic Team at least followed Sonic Heroes roots where he brought back .
  5. I'm not going to like this OC . Tangle was enough to me .
  6. Gumbit

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't understand why can't have Fang , Bean and Bark in both classic and modern timeline like Amy , Tails , Knuckles , Metal Sonic and Chaotix . I don't even understand making an OC that look like it came from deviantart when there plenty official of characters to use ?
  7. Something tells me that I'm gonna laugh so hard when Penders finish his project .
  8. Gumbit

    Who are the best villains in the franchise?

    Best villain : Eggman Worst villain : Pen Kender .
  9. Should Sega create a 2d minor series like Sonic advance ? The series allows us to play different characters , with enhanced graphic and little diversity in gameplay for each character , but not completely different from Sonic gameplay .
  10. This would never work , even Shadow and Silver were redesigned and played in classic fashion , Classic Sonic audience will complain that Shadow and Silver are ruining classic formula , since they despise everything from modern Sonic . Let Classic Sonic for Classic fans and Modern Sonic for Modern fans .
  11. Gumbit

    Who's the most popular character now?

    I'm girl myself , Shadow and Silver are least favorite characters .
  12. -This is one of SEGA bad habits shoving too many characters in one story and divide them into groups .some characters hold potential to carry story by their own , but they get limited as sidekicks and never used without being involved in team , which is why I hate this Sonic heroes concept . I want both Espio and Rouge to go by their own without being involved in team dark/Chaotix . - There should be variety use of the cast with every story without following the same stereotype .
  13. -Rouge's mouth should be on the middle . - Her body color should be white . - Her eyes should be more open . I love how they made her eyes in this pic , they were more open than usual
  14. Shadow the hedgehog and Infinite I don't hate them , it's just that edgy cartoony animals don't appeal to me at all .
  15. Gumbit

    Sonic Headcanons


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