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  1. It's the voice direction fault , not the VA .
  2. -They did good job everyone except Rouge , her kit is pure garbage . - there Sonic at the Olympic mobile game , which is I think it will include all characters .
  3. I know this might be off topic , but does anyone know how to send fanart to Sonic channel , I really want to know .
  4. Where the hell is Rouge during all this ?
  5. I would love to see this , I always wanted to Rouge to beat to some bad guys .
  6. I feel in your pain , even I was so disappointed , they turned her from totally original great character to recycled half-assed character . Have you seen how they made her so stupid in victory animation , I don't buy that Pasadena would act like that . I was wondering why on earth , would they make another skin for Fake Crash ? he already so many skins . why they even created King chicken ? he is so unnecessary . A lot of effort gone on the other characters , while Pasadena got the minimum effort . Beenox really have priority issues .
  7. -season 5 will be have 4 new characters which is kinda weird , considering every season after nitro squad , introduced only 3 characters . - I'm so excited to see how they redesigned Pasadena , the silhouette alone looks interesting to me , I hope they don't change it too much from original her designed .
  8. She is finally gonna come back after all these years
  9. Knuckles and Rouge rivalry isn't really ruthless , but in the same time it shouldn't reach the point of intimacy , you can say they can be friend/rival relationship . As for Rouge teasing Knuckles , I don't really find it something special at all , Rouge basically would tease anyone , she teased Topaz in Sonic X , teased Omega in final in scene in forces , teased Vector in IDW comic , teased Knuckles in TSR overdrive , and recently teased him in story mode . So , I don't think romance is what drives her to tease , it's basically her nature and personality .
  10. Not necessarily , being rivals is enough to do the purpose .
  11. I prefer Rouge and Knuckles as rivals more than couple , TSR animation showed funny rivalry between them without shoving some crap romance in it . Then I guess there is no need for romance between Knuckles and Rouge , rivalry is enough to do the purpose .
  12. When I ever have time to play TSR , I pick Rouge mostly , I love her car and I really enjoy her voice lines . I didn't like Karen Strassman voicing Rouge in Generation and Forces , but she sounded way much better in this game , that I ended up liking her voicing . Other characters I tend to pick are Shadow , Omega and Tails .
  13. Personally don't care about more sonic characters getting into Super smash whatever , and they are not gonna be there anyway . I will be just happy with playing them in spin off games .
  14. At least I want Rouge and other character to be playable in the mobile version , I don't think add them wouldn't be a big deal as switch version .
  15. Can we not bring the whole CTR vs TSR thing ? Both games are different too compare . TSR is obliviously low budget game , with forces getting so many lash , might be the decision for Sega not take a risk on the game . although the low budget the game is fun and beautiful . Crash mange to sell over 10 millions copies with N.sane trilogy , so it's a motivation for Activision to spend risky budget on CTR:NF , not to forgot that Crash reputation isn't butchered as Sonic reputation , which could be a factor for N.sane trilogy success .
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