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  1. I have been waiting for steam pre order since the first trailer , few days of releasing the game with pre order announcement still no pre order .
  2. I'm glad they are taking customs from CTTR , I tried the game and I love it , so many adorable customs . wish if they take Nina and Pasadena too
  3. Rouge learns to not distracting the driver while driving a car -I really love how Sega are building rivalry between team sonic and team dark properly with this animation . -I never thought of Omega can be a little bit dumb , but it's acceptable to me , adding more charm to his character .
  4. this is some skins in CTR:NF demo I just adore the comments in this video , they so funny 🤣
  5. I hope part 2 will be Team dark vs Team Vector .
  6. I loved the skins , I would like if Beenox take skins from Crash Tag Team Racing like Princess Coco , she would be so cute in that skin .
  7. I don't mind it too , it's just adopted way too late . I think it needs more supportive explanation to make more sense .
  8. I think all Sonic games should be available on steam , even Sonic 06 .
  9. How about Knuckles vs Omega , cuz they are both power type , Rouge could find someone else to interact with .
  10. Now I'm remembering my 9 years old self , when I used to be obsessive with Pura , I mained him so hard and used to think he is a female tiger .
  11. Yes , and I like her redesign , it makes her more like female character now .
  12. -I think you referring to Coco , despite her being forced character or not , I consider creating her one of the best decisions in ND era . I see her potential of appealing to little girls , and even I saw guys and girls like her for how cute she is and a good sidekick for crash . I don't think other ND females will ever better than her . - While Tawna meant to be eye candy herself , but developers wanted her to be more than that , she wasn't meant to be entirely fan service . -I agree with with on trophy girls , they are 100% fan service . - Now there is post ND females that I really wish for them to get some love from developers , I want to see Nina Cortex , Pasadena O'possum and Yaya Panda to be in future games . Actually Spyro has females who was handled correctly , Bianca , the sorceress and Sheila . Crash franchise also a female handled correctly , which is Coco .
  13. Indeed ages are irrelevant , Which is why I don't find Cream age's restricted her from fighting or driving a car .
  14. I adore Tails and Rouge cars in this trailer
  15. It would hard be moment for her , but it could drive her to be stronger , so she could save her mom .
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