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  1. So...I should probably explain what I was doing in the past 12 or so hours since I was absolutely radio-silent on this site.

    1. I went to an amusement park for the entire day. Had fun but avoided all the thrill rides like the devil.

    2. I became addicted to entitled parent stories on Reddit.

    3. I got back into Pokemon Go again because my dad and his friends were also playing it a lot during the entire day (why does everyone around me keep on sucking me back into this game?).

    4. I came back to dad's apartment with a giant gummy cola bottle (score!). Once again, his dog made a mess of the place.

    Yup. Just your typical day to and from the amusement park. Sorry for the inactivity.

    1. Playmaker0122


      Yep, I'm also addicted to entitled parent stories.

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