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  1. https://kotaku.com/we-moved-too-quickly-blizzard-president-apologizes-for-1839540746?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

    J. Allen Brack finally gives an apology to the fans on the Blitzchung controversy, saying that Blizzard acted too fast. There’s just one problem:

    It missed the entire fucking point.

    There was no mention of the Hong Kong protest or free speech or anything else related. People aren’t enraged just because a player got banned; they’re enraged because that players was banned for exercising his free speech.

    This isn’t a genuine apology. Even if it is genuine, it’s too late. The damage has been done, and there’s no fixing it.

  2. I've been playing Grand Theft Auto Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic recently. I have a lot of friends that I play with in GTAO. On the other hand, I found out that SWTOR switched to a free-to-play model. I'm giving it a try and the story has me hooked so far.

  3. Let's be truly honest here. The microtransactions only ruined a small amount of the franchise, and only became an issue when they put weapons into the loot boxes. The removal of features like Spec-Ops, Survival, and especially the Campaign was what really started to kill the franchise for me and why I moved on to Battlefield (and you and I both know how that franchise went to shit as well). If Activision, and that's a really big if, is true to their word, then maybe this will be a game worth getting. Of course, we still have yet to see some more actual gameplay, so I'm gonna hold off on giving any more opinions until then.

  4. Jared has posted his "apology." It looks like he's trying to shift the blame to Heidi.

    Personally, I'm still on Heidi's side since it has taken about a week for Jared to post a statement on the issue. Let's not forget that this post won't put out the fire from his pics being sent to minors, if the claims are true.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Knight56 said:

    Hello, Knight56 here! I've gotten pretty into Sonic the Hedgehog over the past few years, despite being indifferent toward it through most of my childhood. I hope to be a helpful and insightful member here on the forums!

    Also, I am thinking about making some fanfictions based on the games, more specifically retellings to help better explain what I think are misunderstood or poorly portrayed storylines. We'll see how that turns out however!

    Welcome to the stadium, Knight56!

    You write fanfiction too? Have any pointers?

  6. Chapter 1: This isn't Another Dream, is it?




    An adolescent boy slowly opens his eyes, slowly starting to wake up. As he does, he realizes more and more that he is in a place he doesn't recognize. Pine trees can be seen grown high into the sky while tall grass surrounds the boy. Yet, there was something peculiar about the forest.

    The sky wasn't the normal shade of blue that he was used to. Instead, it was colored a dark shade of purple. A rather big contrast to the dim light-blue glow the trees and the grass gave off. This wasn't something the boy was used to.

    What? Where the heck am I? He asked himself as he sat up, taking the time to analyze his environment. Is this a dream? This isn't like the other dreams that I have been having the previous nights. The boy pushed himself off the ground and got on his feet, brushing some strands of his short black hair out of his face's way.

    "Hello? Is anyone out there?" The boy heard, recognizing the male voice.

    "Armando?" He whispered to himself, beginning his way towards the voice. He cautiously approached it, as one would do in an unknown area.

    The boy followed the voice to the edge of the forest, which turned out to be an island suspended in the air. On closer observation, more floating islands were also visible, albeit far from here. Looking down the edge of the island, the boy saw a swirling vortex far below all of the islands, producing what looked like dark clouds from its bright center.

    "What?" The boy said to himself, somehow vaguely recognizing some of this world he found himself in.

    "Andrew? Is that you?" The voice said again, this time close. The owner of the voice slowly came out from behind one of the trees, revealing another adolescent boy with brown hair and medium skin color.

    The other boy, now known as Andrew, sighed in relief. "Looks like I'm not alone here," he said in reply to Armando's question.

    Soon afterwards, five more people their age came to where they are, attracted by the two boys' voices.

    One boy has neat, short black hair and fair skin color. He also wears eyeglasses.

    Another boy has neat, short brown hair and very fair skin color.

    The third boy has the same hair and skin color as the second boy, but his hair is curly and a bit messier.

    The fourth boy also has black hair combed to the side and fair skin color.

    The only girl out of the seven teenagers has white skin color, green eyes, and blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She also dons eyeglasses.

    Andrew recognized all of them respectively as Jacob, Tynan, Aidan, Christian, and Liliana.

    "Does anyone know where the heck we are?" Tynan asked.

    "No clue," Liliana replied.

    "Actually, I'm not sure why, but I recognize this place," Andrew spoke.

    "So what is this place?" Jacob asked.

    "I'm not entirely sure. I could've sworn that I've seen something like this in a video game or something."

    Suddenly, a new person approached the group from the forest. It was strangely in the shape of a LEGO Minifigure. Its body is light-blue and slightly translucent, giving off the same glow as the trees and the grass. It had no visible mouth, but its eyes were lighter than its body. A circle is shown in the middle of its torso, several smaller circles being seen inside of the bigger circle.

    "This world used to be so beautiful," the Minifigure said with a female voice in a sad tone. It caught attention of the group, the teenagers turning to face it. "That was until everything fell apart."

    "Who are you?" Aidan asked.

    "Wait...are you a Mythran?" Andrew asked.

    "I guess I should've expected you to recognize my kind, since you used to work with us," the Mythran said.

    "So this is supposed to be LEGO Universe?"


    "Why are we here, then?" This time it was Armando's turn to ask.

    "Because all of you are part of something big. Something that will bring the entire multiverse together."

    "Oh God, we became protagonists, didn't we?" Jacob muttered.

    "Apparently," Christian replied.

    "You're joking us, right? We're just a bunch of teens trying to get through life," Andrew pointed out.

    The Mythran sighed. "That's what I'm worried about, yet the prophecy doesn't lie about you,"

    "What prophecy?" Liliana asked.

    "I can go into detail, but it's already nearly time for you to wake up." As if on cue, Andrew's vision started to darken, fast. He he felt his body waver, and he noticed his friends going through the same condition, almost as if they've been drugged into sleeping. "Listen to me, the Maelstrom are at your world, searching for you."

    "You need to survive, please."

    At those words, Andrew's vision fully blacked out, a faint ringing noise reaching his eardrums as he lost consciousness.

    Note: At the beginning of each chapter and throughout some chapters, bold lettering will show who's point of view the story is showing. Keep this in mind.

  7. I haven’t played the game yet, but so far it doesn’t look like my cup of tea for two reasons; It’s a battle royale and it’s a MOBA.

    I am almost never a fan of the two genres. Battle royales for me tend to get repetitive for me fast and I always prefer to play as my own character, an option not present in MOBA’s.

    Maybe I could get a few friends together to fully experience it since it’s free, but right now I’m not convinced enough to play this for a while.

  8. So, welcome to my first fanfic on this site. It explains the origins of my characters and how they joined the Nexus Force. Criticism appreciated.



    The Nexus Force. An organization founded by the explorers who discovered Planet Crux with one goal in mind; to save the remnents of the planet from the chaotic Maelstrom and save Imagination. For two years, Minifigures from many different universes have answered the call to join the organization to combat the Maelstrom to take back Planet Crux. And in those two years, the Nexus Force has made a lot of progress. That all changed in 2012, our time.

    In that year, many members of the Nexus Force suddenly went missing. The organization had no idea why those members disappeared, but one thing was certain; the Nexus Force was left vulnerable. The Maelstrom, who used to only grow stronger and a slow and reasonable pace, suddenly grew stronger at a faster pace and became more aggressive. Many remaining Nexus Force members either became infected by the Maelstrom, forced to join its ranks as Stromlings, or worse, killed. This chaotic force never gave mercy to those defeated in the latter battles.

    Eventually, the Maelstrom has grown so strong that the Nexus Force were left with one option.


    "We don’t have any other options. We must evacuate all of our surviving members from this universe as soon as possible," a Minifigure wearing a white and orange lab coat said, his goggles hiding the dismay in his eyes and claw pack inactive on his back.

    "Doctor, you can't be serious," another Minifigure said back. He wore blue and silver armor, has blonde, neat hair and his sword and shield strapped to his back.

    "Duke, if I was joking then we wouldn't be in this situation right now. We are losing too much members to the Maelstrom. I don't want anymore innocent people losing their lives fighting a war that we are losing," the Minifigure, whose name is Doctor Overbuild, replied.

    "No, we can still win this war. Vanda, did your scientists find anything that suggests why the Maelstrom would suddenly start to behave like this?" the armored minifgure named Duke Exeter asked another Minigifure in red ninja clothing. Her mask lay around her neck and she had black, messy hair with a purple streak. Two purple katanas are strapped behind her back.

    "Nothing. My scientists haven't made any progress in understanding this sudden change," the ninja named Vanda Darkflame replied. "In all honesty, I share Overbuild'ed s perspective on the matter as well."

    "No, we can't lose hope. We can still win this. Hael, back me up please." Duke turned his head to a fourth Minifigure who had long, messy brown hair. He wore a green vest, brown pants, and yellow shoulder tassels. His cutlass is sheathed on his belt.

    "I'm afraid I can't do that. As much as don't want this war to end like this, a pirate must know when we must retreat for the safety of our crew mates." The Minifigure, named Hael Storm, replied.

    "If we must retreat, then how do we stop the Maelstrom from spreading any further?"

    "Well, the Assembly has been working on something. Problem is, it's only a prototype," Dr. Overbuild answered.

    "Well what about the Nexus Tower? What about the last remnants of the Imagination Nexus?"

    "I also may have an idea for that, but I will need everyone's help."


    Almost immediately did the Nexus Force get to work. Weeks preparation passed, and soon the protectors of what remained of the Imagination Nexus was ready. They converted the tower into a spaceship, and used the Assembly's prototype to form a portal to another universe. They left their universe, and the Maelstrom, behind. The Nexus Force believed that the Maelstrom wouldn't be able to leave the universe with the lack of an interuniversal portal system.

    They thought wrong.

    For a year the Maelstrom grew stronger, infecting technology the Nexus Force left behind to use for themselves. Until one day, when they were finally able to reverse-engineer their own portal generator. Almost immediately did the Darkitect send out a fleet of Stromlings out of the universe. For three years, the fleet invaded other universes they came across, but the Maelstrom had another goal besides multiversal domination. For they knew of a prophecy not known by the Nexus Force.

    A group of friends, still very creative and imaginative, would be guided by a Mythran to bring the multiverse together against the Maelstrom. The Darkitect refused to let that happened. He ordered the fleet to find this group of friends and end them before the prophecy could be fulfilled.

    The fleet's search would bring them to Earth, where the group of friends lived. This is where soon-to-be Fireteam Beacon's journey will begin.

    But I must warn you now, dear reader. This story will not be for the faint of heart.


  9. Ever since I joined @Failinhearts and @Crow the BOOLET‘s roleplay, I’ve learned a lot about writing good stories and characters. This year I’m gonna try writing my fanfic again, this time with a better story, better grammar, and a more darker direction. I just hope it actually leaves me satisfied unlike my previous attempts at writing it.

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